Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My "words" of inspiration! Day of Sharing

You hear a melody drifting slowly towards you. The sound is unique; you have never heard it before. The music causes you to weep; and yet, the tears surprise you. If you could only make out the words!

You have awakened early to catch the sunrise. The warmth surrounds you; yet, there is still a chill in the air. As the light hits the world around you, the colors take your breath away. You've never seen a red so red, a blue so intense, a yellow so vibrant. If you could only take this palette of colors home with you!

You stay up late to catch the moon as it melts across the sky. The size of it amazes you; and it has a brightness that almost blinds. All things familiar become surreal, bathed in that silver spray. You've never seen the world like this, full of mystery and suspense. If only you could capture this on canvas or in wood!

The wind, it sculpts; the rain, it cleanses; the dark clouds intensify the colors. The hail carves; and the lightening excites and burns. The snow softens; and the thunder crashes and shakes. There is just no end to the changes that He makes. My work is to learn, to listen, and to see, hear, and feel. Simply be the person He created me to be. Then, I take a small portion of all of the above; mix it with prayer and rejoicing, and attempt to share it with you.

written by SueAnn


Getting in the mood!!!

Just wanted to start getting in the mood for Christmas. Can't believe it is almost here. I know!! I should keep it quiet. LOL But I had to do a painting that is simply to bring a smile to your face. It has been a long, harsh year. And things have been looking pretty bleak to alot of us. So I hope she makes you grin and feel positive about the new year fast approaching.
God bless and hugs

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I entered an online competition

Please go visit Mind Wide Open. Mind Wide Open is having an open competition. We all had to use a vintage print of a lady peering through a window. The different applications are amazing!! You just have to see!!

I chose to do an assemblage using the vintage print. I added beads, ghost leaves, glitter, wings, porcelain Kewpie doll, vintage glass bottle and the vintage print.
I love the way she is peering through the window and through the door opening too. As if she is yearning for a time past and her Beloved!! She remembers the way it used to be. Her beloved is gone and she awaits his return.
Beloved is the name of the vintage print. Enjoy!!
And have a wonderful creative week!!

This is my entry!! Voting is open for all!! Come on by and vote!

Hugs SueAnn