Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Tuesday....A little bit of this...!!!

And a little bit of that!  That's what it's all about!!  A little sunrise to start your day.....

I had two long decorative pillows that didn't quit match the deco anymore!  I liked the shape and the fringe that went around them.  I didn't mind the back side of the pillow was a neutral...taupe!!  So, I got out my trusty Gesso paint and started to work on them.  Yep!  I painted them with the Gesso!!!!  And here is the results!!

Putting on the gesso...!

More before..!

Almost done...!


Done with this one too!!

It just toned it down enough that it now works beautifully with the decor!!  The gesso makes the fabric a little stiffer to the touch but not hard!  And they are decorative pillows!!  Sooooooo.....ta da!!!

A little spring still life...

Well, all last week I worked on my studio!  Whew!  But boy is it looking good!!!  I still have some finishing up to do; but I am now beginning to enjoy the space.  Here are some before and after pics for you...


almost after

almost after

This is what I call the doll making side and I can actually see some of the table now!!  I still need to put some more stuff away and cover the table surface with something more pleasing to the eye.  I will keep you posted.

Now for the sewing side!

almost after

almost after

I can actually get to my machines now!!!  Also need to cover this table and put some more things away.  But we are getting there!!

Here are some still life's in the studio!! 

So as you can see!?  I still have a ways to go but all in all I am pleased with my progress.  Soon I will be blissfully working away.  I just have to remember to put things away as I use them!!!  Sigh!!  More pics to follow....!

I made a couple of Easter/Spring wreaths for our front gate using rusty barrel rings!!


Since I have been reorganizing the living room, I needed a new storage solution for some of my dolls!  So, from Crate and Barrel, I purchased a sofa table and it works perfectly!!

The babies are happy and they are discreetly still on display.  I love it!  Plus this sofa table is beautiful!  So a definite win win here!

This is our 20 year old peach tree!  She gave us hundreds of peaches last year and we gave her a haircut and are ready for some more this year.  One gorgeous tree and soon to be in bloom.  I will share those pics when she shows off her plumage!!

Boy!  Did I random, or what??  Ha!!  And of course, you know the drill.  Go visit Keely at The UnMom and see what she is up too!!  And not only her, but there are many randomizers who post their links there.  So go on...get over there!!

I did have my appointment with the Plastic Surgeon and we are set to have the surgery done in January, 2012.  January 20th is the tentative date!!  Woot!!!  Woo!!!!!  I am so excited!  Gives me time to accumulate more cash and to lose that 30 lbs. I want to lose!!  One happy camper here, for sure!!

And last, but not least, please pray for my good friend Paul and his wife Cheri!!  Paul is in the hospital right now and fighting infections which are complicated by his leukemia!!  He is having a tough battle!  So prayers are really needed here.  Thanks so much!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Friday, March 25, 2011

Silent Saturday ~ Part Fifty-Seven!!!

Before I get to the Silent Saturday spot; I wanted to share a dining room set that I re-did!  It started out as plain Mexican pine.  I had been looking at stained glass earlier in the day and it influenced this piece!!  Enjoy!!

Gold leaf and acrylic paints

It's all about light and how it moves across the surface.  Light spotlights and searches.  Capturing the tiniest of details.  Let your light shine today and everyday!!

Have a magical and blessed weekend!!

Hugging you

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday....It's spring!!!! Woot!!!

Hey!!  It is Random time!!  Woot!  Woot!  Hop on board and share some Random yourself!!  'Tis fun and there are a lot of people on this train who are just as crazy eager to share their randomness with the bloggy world!!  I mean!! Check out Keely at The there is some serious Random!!  Ha!!

So...first let us cover some business here!!  My CSN drawing!! We have a winner!!  Woot!!  Number 14 was the number and that lucky person is Ellen from The Stuff from Ellen's Head!!  That is so cool and congrats Ellen!

I have contacted you sweetie and just waiting for your response so that I can send you your coupon code!  I won a $40.00 CSN coupon/gift certificate myself a couple of weeks back!  How exciting is that!?  Thank you Jill Shepherd!  

I ordered a new coffee table and a rug for my guest bathroom!!  I know...more than the $40.00!!   But I needed it...really!!!  Been looking and looking and found it on CSN!!! 

My pic isn't that good...not enough light...but you get the drift!!

Here is CSN's pic!!!

This is the set...I just purchased the coffee table.  Love it!!  Thanks CSN!!!

Everyone, including Dr. John and I, were excited about the Super Moon!!  We couldn't wait until it arrived...we even took pics the day before...Ha!  Not a one of them turned out!  Just couldn't get the camera's to cooperate!  Sigh!  Here are some of our attempts!!  Don't laugh now...

I know...pathetic!  But you have to admit...very interesting!  I mean...seriously!!

Well, it is officially spring now...whew!!  We made it!!  But I have to say, I am still cold!!!  It has been really windy and that wind is really cold!!!   Anyway, I can unveil my Spring/Easter tree and my Mantel!!   Here they are...trumpets sounding here.....

Along with the coming of spring...I have been spring cleaning/organizing!!  The entire house!!  Bathrooms included!  And all the "stuff" that I didn't want in the house...ended up in my studio!!  Argh!!!  So this week, I have to tackle that!  I have already boxed up and took a truck load to my storage unit last weekend and this is what I have left to do...

I know....anyone want to come and help???  Free coffee and snacks!!  Anyone????  Sigh!!  I will show pics next week of my progress!  That ought to light the fire under my a$$ to get this done!!!

As you know, I just got back from a week in are some more art/sculpture photos!!

Eviva Amore, 2001 by Mark di Syvero

Alexander Calder

Moonbird, 1967 by Joan Miro'

For W. B. Yeatsm 1985-87 by Mark di Suvero

Vertebrae, 1968 (working model for three piece No. 3 by Henry Moore

Bronze Crowd, 1990-91 by Magadalena Abakanowicz

Oh!!!  I purchased a new piece of art...from Julie-Ann Bowden!!  It is so beautiful!  My pics don't do it justice.

Anywho...I love it!!  Nice addition to my ever growing art collection!!  Thanks Julie-Ann

I guess this pretty much covers my Randomness for the week!!  Whew!!  I am pooped!  Remember to visit the other Randomnizers!!!

Have a magical and blessed week!!
Hugging you