Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Doesn't look real does it?  It isn't snow!  The above picture is white sand......acres and acres of white sand.  All the bushes look as if God came by and sugared each and every bush and shrub.  I spent the afternoon at White Sands National Park just north of Las Cruses, New Mexico.  What a spectacular sight.

                        Sights and the distance I can hear that haunting sound.....
                                       It resonates through the night.....the evening train making it's's way into the night...into the night...into the night...........unseen!

I can feel it's presence....cold and searching...grabbing at my heels....waiting to sap my strength...
steal my very day!   PAIN!!!
Oh how to release it's's's icy cold tendrils from my soul??  Suffocating!!

 NO!!   Go within,...return to the place familiar....welcoming to my place of dreams and ideas...future projects and creations.

Some exciting plans...they really are afoot!!  I tremble.....tendrils have no hold over me.  We play a waiting game, you and I.  Like a strange and seductive dance...well I shall play no more...the music has changed and I follow a different tune...a melody more soothing to my soul...healing and powerful...defying the very effects of gravity itself!!!

                                                   Above it all....I dare to step forward !!!

                                        Move dear ones...

        May His blessings pour forth on your lives,
Hugging you all




Friday, February 12, 2016

                                                  Happy Valentines Day to one and al!

Shall we start at a beginning??


                       My newest great grandson Santos!!!  All 7 Lbs  of him.  Adorable, yes?


         And Angel...big brother...constant guardian and my first great grandson...equally adorable.

These are the beginning for our families...for their lives..for the world!!  Amazing to think of!  Wow!!

Then there the are middles...I have definitely passed that period of productivity/middle earth as I've come to think of it. Traveling with Bilbo.


But I am now dealing with the breathing...talons sharpened and soaring into the sky....  the fun begins......
                                     do I roll over?
                                                            Do I cry UNCLE?


There are so many issues I am having to deal with....I am up seems like such a pleasant thing to do.  Some would say a selfish thing to do.....those who walk here know better.

But I chose to pick up sword and shield...don the helmet (Google) and fight these many issues..I plan to come out on top.  Stronger and to share with others!!

There is a path..a way..I will find it!!


Have a super  fantastic day...
Pick up that banner of healing.
We will ride together.