Monday, December 31, 2012

Season's Greetings!!

Happy New Years!!!

May joy and blessings be with you as you travel this new year - 2013!

Have a creative and imaginative day!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nature Footsteps ~ Abstract

This week...the challenge is to use Christmas Decoration as your source.  Fun challenge!!  Here are my responses...

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!! 

Make sure and stop by Nature Footstep and see the other entries into this festive challenge!!

Have a magical and creative day!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012



 May your day be merry and bright!

Love and hugs


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nature Footsteps ~ Abstract

The challenge this week is to present a photo that is Abstract Christmas!  Here is my response...\


Everyone stop by Nature Footstep and see the other answers to this challenge.  Very cool photos!!

Have a magical and creative day!
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Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ Not even a mouse...


 Twas the night before Christmas...and all through the house...not a creature was stirring......!!!

Today is the 18th of December!  Seven days until Christmas!!  Wow!  Just a note...I will be taking the rest of the year off..pretty much.  Company coming this coming Friday and then we will be joining them for Christmas.  Company consists of my son and his wife and two of the five kids.  Ha!!  We are going to have so much fun!

It has been snowing this past weekend and more is coming on Wednesday!!  Have I told you that I HATE snow...well...I HATE snow.  Sure it is pretty and everything looks like a Christmas Card...but...No One can drive in it!!!!!!!  Suckers driving at 80 MPH on icy roads...Seriously???

I is pretty!  A Christmas card moment...okay that is over now and we are back too  reality.  Driving in it...scrapping the the sidewalks and porches...crazy people driving!!  Need I say more?  Ha!!

Still getting ready for Christmas day....packing and wrapping.  Can't wait to see the kids faces on Christmas morn.  Love, love, love that.  Then the family prayer!!  Then dinner!!  Woot!!  Woot!!

I have found the coolest things on line this year!  Totally awesome wall decals...large ones...for the kids'
rooms.  They will love them.  And they are they can decorate their walls/rooms and have a blast.  For Lee, Jr., I purchased some large dancing stick figures...and a monkey that goes around the switchplate.  Too cool!!

As I said before..the kids are coming Friday night and we will do some pizzas for dinner!!  Yum!  We always get out pizzas from The Pizza Barn!  Best ever and so many choices!  Then on Saturday night will be a ham dinner.  The ham I will cook in the crock pot (my new best friend in the kitchen) and scalloped potatoes and corn.  For the ham, I will add brown sugar and apple juice and some cloves.  Then some pineapple slices when almost done.  (about two hours before)  Friday night I will mix up and fill the crock pot with an breakfast casserole!  Mix your ingredients, including the eggs and cook over night.  So cool and so yummy!!
So menu for the weekend is complete and Sunday we will be going to Gallup.  Woot!

My stockings are filled and over flowing!!  I need a sock to attach to the stocking!!  Ha!  Dollar Store and Avon....enough said!!

Have been doing Pay per View...Direct TV!  Watched The Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy.  Both on the dark side and action packed.  I would say they are both "B" movies!  In the Bourne Legacy, they introduce a new "super" spy and we enjoyed watching all the action.  The Dark Knight Rises, Michael Caine is still doing his part...loved him.  But his character was a bit shallow.   Anyway, if you like action movies...give them a look-see!!!

This Saturday, Dr. John and I are going to see the Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise.  I have read most of the Jack Reacher novels and have always enjoyed them.  So am curious as to how they treat this character.  And I have always imagined Reacher as over 6'6" and over 240 lbs.  Sure isn't Tom this will be interesting.

Saturday morning, getting a manicure and Dr. John...well...I scheduled him for a pedicure!!  He will love it.  I have a  particular design I want...kind of like this...

Cool!!!  This will cover Christmas and New Year's Eve!  What do you think?  Will Dr. John look good in this????  Just kidding!!!  Ha!!

All of you have a safe and Merry Christmas!!  I will see you after on hand!!
And make sure you stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and see what other Randomness is going on!!

I feel so blessed this Christmas....we will be all together!  Unlike some who will have presents under the tree that will not be opened.  So heartbreaking!  For those in Ct. and those who have their little ones in the heart and prayers for them.  Lord Jesus, comfort and peace to them all.  Keep them next to your heart.  And give us all wisdom and the spirit of cooperation as we deal with this national problem.

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ Part 131 !!

December 15th...ten days till Christmas!  Wow!

julie-ann bowden

Today's images brought to you from my random inspirations!  Enjoy!

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful day!

Hugging you,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ Shopping, Martinis and Lots of Olives!


Yep!  Martinis with the girls!  Now that is the way to end a long shopping day!  And of course extra olives!  Here's the girls...Cheri of Cheri's Hair Studio and Jodi of Elite Electrolysis!!

That was a Black Raspberry Cosmos...I had two and then took the photo of the girls!  Ha!  So blurry I couldn't use it!!  Sigh!  But the one of Cheri turned out!  Jodi brought us pressies!  A handpainted wine glass...a huge wine glass.  Thanks Jodi!!

I shopped all day, yesterday!  But finally finished up with some miscellaneous gifts.  Fun!  And no crowds.  I had to stop by the perfume counter and check out my favorite scents...better hurry Dr. John...some are getting low in stock on the shelves!!   Sigh!!

Talked to my DIL, Ginger Sunday and they are coming on the 21st to stay with us and shop till you drop!  Then we will all drive back to Gallup on the 23rd and spend Christmas there.  Let us hope the weather holds!!  One never knows at this time of year.  Yikes!  Anyway, I am busy with my slow cooker recipes to find dishes for those two days.  I found a breakfast casserole cool!  I will let you know how it turns out.  Cooks all night on low!!  Also found one for a pineapple glazed that is a yum for sure!!

Got my buffet it is...simple yet effective!!

And look at this sunrise!!!!


Christmas in 14 days!!  I am so excited!  Spending time with family and friends!  Super!  I will be wrapping and stuffing these next few days.  I just love this time of year!  I wear a badge that says, " It is okay to say Merry Christmas...I bring to you glad tidings of great joy".  Lots of smiles and some frowns but heck..,.we say Happy Halloween or Happy geez!!  Just saying.....!

Another morning...another sunrise...WOW!!

 Will the world end soon?  Will they agree on the financial situation in this country?  Will Sandy victims get the help they need in a timely fashion?  Hmmm...Katrina victims are still waiting!  Sheesh!
As for all these other things...who knows!  We have no say and no control.  Very frustrating.  Talking about our lives...not their's!  It does not affect them!  That is just all kinds of wrong!

Just venting!

Merry Christmas....go and hug someone!  And give a buck to the bell ringers!!

Make sure and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked!!  I am sure there is a whole lot of Randomness going on.  Enjoy!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ Part 130 !!

The Christmas Holiday is fast approaching!  Like a freight train at full speed!!  Yikes!  Christmas!!  I love this time of year!!  All the hustle and bustle and the excited!  Yet, sometimes, the Holidays can be overwhelming!  Too much...everything!  Emotions run the gambit...from happy to so sad.  It can be tough!

So it is time to share an extra hug and lend an ear to those having a rough time.  Time to be there!

Time for a lunch or make an extra plate for dinner and share!

Time to make a phone call...just to chat!

Time to get that special present and give!

Time to just sit and about tea or coffee together?

Time for tenderness, comfort and joy!

Time to just be there!

Hope I added some color to your life?  Tis the season!

Have a warm and loving day!

Hugging you,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ Show and Tell!



Unbelievable! December 4th!! The Holiday season has finally arrived...of course most retailers have been celebrating since Halloween. Sheesh!! shopping is done and the stockings are being filled as we speak! Candy, nail polish and many miscellaneous items...aimed to please! Sigh!!

This is what I saw yesterday morning!!

Amazing!!  Very powerful!  Always a special treat..for me and my camera and my cup of coffee!!

I didn't finish the buffet like I said I would...sorry...will finish it up this week and show you next Tuesday!  With another Art Show this past head was elsewhere.  The show was at the Tanoan Country Club.  A beautiful space indeed!  But no traffic to speak of!  Drats!  And no sales!  Double drats!  I think from here on out I will be sticking to juried shows.  A bit more selective and great for my resume'.
Here are some pics from the show...

Cheri, my BFF, and I shared a booth.  Even her jewelry did not sell like it usually does!  And not one person tried on a hat!!!!  That is very unusual!  Ladies..when you see a tower of hats...what do you do?  Well you try one or two or four on, of course!!

Cheri's mom lives with her...and she is now 99 years old!  And gets around amazingly well.  No canes or walkers for sir!!  She came to the art show and walked around the entire space...touching every thing along the way!  Ha!  She is wonderful and gorgeous!!

See!!!!  Gorgeous for sure!   Love you Louise...Happy Birthday!!

Been finishing up shopping for my grandkids...what fun!  I am supposed to have a budget...but golly gee........they are my babies!!  And there is so much cool stuff!  Ha!  Just kidding Dr. John, I have been pretty good...sales galore!  Gotta love Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Super online deals!

I miss my mama!!  Sniff!  She is so far away!  Been thinking of her quite a bit and I wish she would be here for Christmas...but she is one busy lady (84 years young) and has parties and such to attend.  Soooo...I will just send her wonderful gifties and things for her stocking.  No peeking ma....just fill you stocking and check it out Christmas morn!  Miss you!

This time of year I think of my Daddy too! He has been gone since 1986!  I think of how he would have enjoyed all the grandkids, great grandkids and even now, great great!!  Miss you daddy!

But all in all, I love this time of year...for it's sights, sounds and smells!!  Just can't forget those smells.  Turkey roasting, eggnog with a touch or two of brandy!  Yum!  My favorite thing overall is the lights.  I just love all the twinkling lights and a lit Christmas tree can bring me to tears.  And when I come upon a house that has all the lights and sounds synced with music...I cry and cry.  With joy of course!  I love it!!

Suldog has been talking of his love of his Christmas tree...his aluminum tree with color wheel!  Well hun...I love those too.  I remember my family had one of those.  We thought we were so cool!  That color wheel was mesmerizing!  Ha!  A silver tree with red balls!!  Gotta love it...just the best ever!!

Oh and bubbling lights on the traditional tree...wowzers...that was highly prized for sure!!

All week long  it has been sunny and warm!  66 degrees!  That is the average...oh how I love that!  No snow and none expected!  Woot!!  Woot!!  Did I tell you I hate the snow...HATE!!!  Driving in it is the pits and in most places, downright dangerous!  Not because of the snow; but because of the dummies who drive in it.  Anyway, no snow so far and I am relieved.   Yes, relieved I say!  Whew!!  It can snow Christmas eve and melt by Christmas day afternoon!!  Perfect!

I have my gingerbread dough all ready to go!  And of course, I have to make peanut butter mom's specialty and I follow her recipe faithfully!  Melt in your mouth fudge for sure!  What traditional things to you make this time of year?  It has been a long time since I have done gingerbread so this will be fun.  Especially the decorating of the little guys!

Football has been so disappointing lately...all my teams are losing and the games have very rarely been close.  Yawn!  Makes me long for a good baseball game!  Sigh!!

Did I tell you I saw Breaking Dawn, Part 2?  Oh yes I did and it was fab!  If I told you already, sorry!  Ha!  But it was really terrific!!  Best movie of the series.

I need to see it again and of course, can't wait till the movie comes out on DVD!!  I am camping out now so I won't miss it!  Ha!!

Well, off to wrap and stack!  Have fun shopping and baking!  Best time of year!

Don't forget to stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked!  Such Randomness there; ya just never know what might be happening.  Always fun to see!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you