Sunday, January 31, 2010

WIP ~ Day Four

My progress has been pretty steady. Here are the most recent pics of my progress.

What is exciting about this? The whole piece will change dramatically when I grout it!! Yes it will! So this is an adventure to me as well!! I love that it is so colorful.
Hope you are enjoying seeing this as much as I am showing you.
Have a magical and blessed day!

Wolf Moon Rising!

Nothing more to say!

Having a magical and blessed day
Hugging you

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silent Saturday!!

I know there is no such thing in blog land...So I made it up!! LOL!!
Have a magical day!
Hugging you

Friday, January 29, 2010

WIP ~ Day Three

This is the beginning of day three! Wanted to show the progression!

It is coming along quite nicely! Now I can't wait to see it grouted. But still have a long way to go!

Have a magical and blessed day!

Work in Progress ~ Day Two

Here are some more pics of the WIP beginning day two!

I am using a combination of glass tiles, glass shapes and porcelain tiles. It is coming along nicely! The grout color will be burgundy!!

Have a magical and special creative day!

Hugging you all,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


First of all, my car is still in the shop. Seems it is so new that bumpers have not been made to replace mine! So now I am without a car. Bummer!!

Second of all, it has been snowing since 5AM and we now have over 12 inches of snow!! Yikes! Who needs a car!!??!! I need a dog sled!! Mush!!

Thirdly, I have been working on the mirror frame and thought I would share some pics of the WIP.

Fourth, it is still snowing!! LOL!! My neighbor had someone over and they got stuck in her driveway. So her husband came because he felt she didn't know how to drive in snow. So he was going to get her out. He is stuck now too!! LOL! So my neighbors' husband decided he could get them all out...and of course...he is now stuck as well!! I guess they are having a party?!
I think I will pass on this one.

Have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you all

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog Images- DO NOT DELETE

Can you believe it!? It is Tuesday already!?! And boy do I feel Random today! LOL!

I told myself that 2010 would be a stronger focus for me on my art. I had no idea how this would pan out. I got a call from a former client the first week of January asking me to mosaic tile a mirror frame. I thought, "No problem!" Then I got the mirror frame! It is 5" wide all the way around. The total width across is 5 feet and it's height is 7 feet!!! Oh my! What a project! So, I have been gathering my tiles and I will take pics as I begin the process. Even though it will be a lot of work, it will be fun to do too! My color palette is royal and dark blues, gold, cranberry, white, and reds predominately. It will be an abstract design with copper wires and beads throughout.

Then this same client called me yesterday and said her hubby's new office has a large conference room and he needs a large tapestry-like hanging to help with deadening the sound and for artistic style as well. I meet with him next Tuesday to view the conference room and get an idea of size and colors. So......2010 is starting out with a bang already.

I also received two doll orders from my tattoo artist, Tammy and her sister Jen! They both want newborn babies. I am working a trade with Tammy. One baby for eyebrow tattoo's. With Jen, we will do some sort of credit plus cash. I will take pics of these babies when they are finished.

This is only January, and already I am swamped! Luckily, there is no deadline on any of these projects. Well, Tammy wants her baby before Feb. 17th! I can do problem. Jen and I have yet to decide on baby style, etc. So I have some time there.

My car is still in the repair shop! It has been there for a week and it will be there for three more. Seems the bumper part has not been manufactured by Toyota yet!?! Can you believe that? Not made yet??? WTH??? They say my car is so new that the part has not been processed yet. So they have to manufacture this part and then ship it to us. Three weeks at least! Sigh!

The rental company, Enterprise, was johnny on the spot at the car repair shop. And they had my SUV. A Chevy Tahoe...a beast!! You need to rappel up into the vehicle to sit down! It has running boards on each side that you have to step on and then swing yourself into the seat!!!!! Skirts need not apply! LOL!! It has taken me all week to get used to it. The good news is that is it four wheel drive and with the snow we have been getting...well, suffice it to say...I needed it. Just getting up my driveway was a trick I will tell ya. Our driveway is 250 feet long and goes up hill. And it is snow packed and icy! The beast crawled up that hill with no problems. Yay!!

Went to my hubby's company party last Saturday and we had great fun. I didn't really take any pics though. The dinner was Mexican and it was delish!!! They had made it a Casino night as well as offering a Karoke machine/D.J. And my sweet hubby just had to perform....THREE TIMES!! Luckily, he can sing! There was also an open bar...oops!! Can we say, "Tipsy?" That would be me!

My son and his wife and two of my grandkids came up for the weekend as well. They too went to the party. The snow didn't stop them! Which was great! We all sat at a table together at the party. The two kids stayed home and played on the computers and watched TV. The other two grandkids stayed home in Gallup and I felt pretty sure a party would ensue there. LOL! I would have!! In fact, I did when I was their age. Any excuse to have friends over and party!!!! I haven't heard yet if that in case did happen?! Both of our homes survived the absence of adult supervision. Whew!

I guess this was random enough! As you can see, I am going to be pretty busy the next couple of months. But I am so thankful for the work! It is pretty exciting to be able to stretch my artistic skills like this. I love it!

As I said, I will take pics along the way and post my progress. It should be fun.

Have a magical and blessed day dear ones!


Friday, January 22, 2010

As promised!

Here are the pics of my eyeliner tattoo and my butterfly! My tattoo artist was wondering if I was addicted now? Hmmm! Good question! Notice I said, "My tattoo artist"? LOL!! Her name is Tammy and she is awesome.I threw in the pic of my nails just to show off. This has been pamper week and I love it. They have been predicting a severe winter storm all week and now this is Friday and we had maybe two snow flakes!! Woohoo! So I have been enjoying myself.
Monday, had a manicure and pedicure!! Tuesday, got my butterfly tattoo and a touch up on my eyeliner tattoo as well! Wednesday, went for my electrolysis treatment and got my hair dyed!! Thursday, went into town and got some "snow coming stock the pantry" supplies and napped all day!
So as you can has been an awesome week for me.
The kids are coming Saturday! I am so excited! I hope this "storm" stays away so they can make the trip. We have a party to go to Saturday night and my son and his wife are going as well. It is my honey's company holiday party. They call it a winter party. Whatever! It will be fun. My son works for the same Company...just in a different town. (Gallup, New Mexico) About three hours west of us.
Hope you all have a wonderful, magical day!!
Hugging you

PS I just saw my post and those two eyes (mine) looking out at you is scary!! Sorry about that but you wanted to see!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Blog Award!!

I received a wonderful blog award from Cinner of "Me, My Four Chins and Me". It is called The Happy Blog 101! And you need to share ten things that make you happy!! So, here it goes.....

1. Knowing the Lord makes me happy!! He is always with me and His grace and joy surrounds me. My heart is full of His love.

2. My husband and best friend makes me happy. When I am down, he lifts me up. When I am sad, he makes me smile or laugh right out loud! I love his hair, his smile...I just love him.

3. Sunny days in New Mexico make me happy. Blue skies and sunshine and I feel on top of the world.

4. Chocolate makes me happy. Nowadays it has to be sugar free; but, it still works for me.

5. Sleeping makes me happy. I used to have problems sleeping; but now, with my Select Comfort mattress....sleep no longer eludes me. I love it!!

6. Good friends make me happy. Honest, sincere and loyal friends that is. All others please step aside.

7. Good food makes me happy. I can't eat like I used too. So now, the better the food the more I am satisfied with my little portions. It must be tasty and well prepared as well as look good too. I have become very picky about these things.

8. Books make me happy. I love to read and my library of books is huge. Right now, I have a stack of ten books that I am attempting to get through. Most of the books I like are fiction, thrillers, sci-fi, mysteries, and the like. I just finished Charlaine Harris's books of a girl who can sense and find dead bodies...very cool. I am now reading Stephen King's, The Dome. So far so good with that one. I am always afraid to read Kings' works because his endings usually disappoint me.

9. Blogging makes me happy. I love reading blogs and getting to know other people. And I love writing mine.

10. My grandchildren make me happy. I love them dearly and they always bring a smile to my lips and a put a song in my heart. They make me proud! I just love being a grandparent. It is the best!

So, there are my ten happy thoughts! I am now supposed to pick ten people to give this award too. But I can't pick just ten, or twenty or thirty. So, all of you have happy things in your life and I think you all should take this award and write them down. All ten of them! Happy thoughts that is. And let me know, so I can share your happiness too.

A big thanks to Cinner for picking me. Love you dearest one. Her blog is great fun...go pay her a visit!!

Have a magical and blessed day
Hugging you all