Monday, March 28, 2016

SueAnn, Granddaughter Emma, her Hubby Rami, Great Grandson Angel, my son Lee, Great Grandson Santos

Greatgrandson Angel finding those eggs  

What a wonderful weekend with family..celebrating Easter.  And I have to say..I outdid myself with Easter dinner.  Baked Ham with all the bells and whistles...including upside-down pineapple cake...fabulous!!!  Fun had by all.  I even hid the baskets all throughout the house...haha.  Got them all going.

Hope you all had a fabulous celebration with family and friends..enjoying this Holy of Holiest we remember the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord..amazing!!!

Pain levels were tolerable this past week and therapy was successful.  Can't ask for more than that.

Hope to start water therapy soon and that should bring much more mobility to this poor achy body.

Started three fiber wall sculptures...tada!!!! This is a first in about two years.  For Dr. John's new office.  He moved in about three months ago and it is sparse to say the lease.  I will be posting pics of the upcoming open house.  About three weeks from now!!  Wow....!!!  Do we have some work to do.
Hope my body holds up??!!

Be well my dear friends!

Blessings and Good wishes...

Hugs and Keep moving forward

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Eddie Bluelights said...

So pleased you had a wonderful family get together this Easter and you were well enough to provide a lovely meal and enjoy the festivities.

Hope the therapy goes very well and frees you up some more . . .

Eddie x

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