Friday, January 30, 2009

The Fairy Journal

I have been telling you about my journal class with Paper Cat Designs and I wanted to share my little muse with you. This class is wonderful. It is all about "you". Your dreams and desires and your muse leads the way throughout the journal. But first, you had to create her before the journey could begin.

Then you had to create a pouch for her to rest in while you put aside the journey for another day. The pouch was easier than I thought it would be but it did take some doing. It even has a "see through" window. So your muse can find her way in the dark. She can see at night you know!!
As you can see...she has found a carved cedar root in my dining room and has taken up residence there. She was hiding in my Christmas tree. Come to find out...she loves Christmas. Her name is Christopholi! Of course!!!

So I now have two journal classes going. If this doesn't get me into journaling, then nothing will. But I am confident that Pam and Kellie will encourage me and give me confidence for my journey.

I will share more pics of the journals later next week.

Be well and feel love dear ones! Hugs

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Visual Journalism 101 with Pam Carriker

And what a blast! I have never started a visual journal and wanted to do so; but I didn't know where to start. It looked complicated and time consuming and I just didn't have the time. So I figured if I took a class in making a journal; I would rectify the situation. Ha!! I did it!!! And I love my journal. Now to keep it going and add to it every day!

Here are some examples of my pages! Pam said to be free and let it all go and I did!!! Boy did I!!

What fun!
I hope you enjoy seeing my pages. The last page shown here is the front cover.
To make my life more interesting (as if it already isn't); I added another journal making class to the mix. This one has to do with fantasy and fairies and such. I just started that one with Paper Cat Design with Kellie!! I have my fairy and we are ready to fly!!!!
Hope to see you soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What's love got to do with it?

What does my title have to do with me today? Nothing! LOL! And everything. It says so much. But let us put it in art terms. Get out in that studio and get some work done!! That being said...I thought I would take my own advice and share some special studio moments.
These are ATC's or ACEO's, whichever term you would like to use. All I do know is that I enjoyed working on them. It has been a long time since I have done pieces this size. What fun!! Makes you think, that is for sure!

I appreciate all of you stopping by and visiting is always on!!
Thanks and hugs

PS. Thought for the Day

There was a little town nearby;
it was close to somewhere
and next to nothing.
A place with wind and rain;
clouds and sky!
A place where people live and die.
I used to live in that little town.
It was near my dreams, and entwined with my fantasies.
A place with friends and enemies;
and close blood ties.
A place to grow and touch the sky.
We all live in just such a town.
It offered eternity; but it was despair.
A place with wind and rain; clouds and sky!
A place to escape before we die.

Title: It was Just a Little Town
by: SueAnn Lommler
copyright 2000

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sitting amongst the snow flakes

Happy New Year dear ones! Thank you all for your support this year and encouraging me to keep blogging. It has been an exciting journey for me and an exercise in stick-to-ativity!!
Today I wanted to share my heart....

Sitting amongst the snowflakes
watching the sky turn from blue to gray
moving towards creation
with pencil and pen
color and line
paper and glue.
Sitting amongst the snowflakes
thinking of you...wondering.
Are you moving to?

Blessings to you all