Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Tuesday....By golly! We did it!!

Christmas has come and now it is gone!  Wow!  On December the 23rd...I got a stomach flu/virus!!  Oh joy!  I almost didn't make it to Gallup to celebrate with the family.  I struggled...but made it through!  Then Dr. John was blessed with this very same virus while we where there!!  Oh dear!  To say we had a time of it is an understatement!  So far, no one in Gallup has received this wonderful occurrence.  Whew!!  
I spite of it all, I had a wonderful time.  I so love my family and being with them is such a blessing to us both.
When I told them I was sick, they were going to pack up Christmas and bring it to me.  Aren't they the sweetest?

Here are some candid shots of the special day....

Emma and her love...the Steelers!!!

Lee Sr., Ginger, Cassie (with boots) and Lee Jr.

gift of the day!!


As you can see, fun was had by all.  But the winner for the largest gift is Lee Jr. and boy was he surprised!!

Gramps and Grams go him a new 24" Mongoose All Terrain Bike!  This is for Christmas and his birthday, which is Jan 13th!!  To say he was excited is an understatement!  Lee Jr. said that Dr. John could use his bike when he visited us!  Too sweet!

Cassie and Emma showing off their new outfits and boots!!

Check out those boots!!

Random sunrise...

Went to Cracker Barrel yesterday and I really couldn't eat.  Still recovering!!  Ha!  But they had a 60% off sale on all their Christmas items........SCORE!!  I was able to pick up several Christmas ornaments and such for next year.  Yes!!!  Gifts for giving!  So I won't show the pics.

My kids gave me three large Alice in Wonderland posters!!  Bliss!!   I loved the movie and the posters are amazing!  Now to frame them and find a place to display.  That is always a problem in an artists' wall space.

Semi-big plans for New Years' Eve.  Going out to Pauls' Monterey for dinner.   Best steak house in Albuquerque!!  Our reservations are early ( 5PM ).  We may all do a movie or go to one of my friends' houses for cocktails and snacks!   Being out on the roads after 11PM is kind of a scary proposition.  So we will probably stay nearer home later in the evening.  What are your plans??  Quiet celebration or a hearty party?

I purchased the most amazing dress to wear for New Years' and for Dr. John's company Christmas/Holiday party.  It is a deep red velvet and it is full length!  It is from a company called, The Pyramid Collection.  The dress is styled in a Victorian/Titanic fashion and I just love it.  I have to hem it up...shorty here!!  But I will take pics when I have it on. 

It is my hope that you all had wonderful Christmas celebrations?!  I sure did!  In spite of the flu!!  Sigh!  The only thing I didn't get to enjoy was the food!!  Really couldn't eat...HA!  'Tis okay!  Lost five pounds!!  Woot!!

Make sure you pop over to Keely's, The UnMom and see what Randomness she has going on.  As well as all the other participants!  It is always a good time!!  

A New Year is coming up...have you thought about any cool resolutions yet?  I sure would like to hear about them.  I am still thinking about mine.  Last year, I was challenged to come up with one word as my resolution for the year.  My word was "TRY"!  And boy did I...but I feel I could have done much better with it.  I wasn't fully committing to it.  Is it cheating to keep the same resolution?  I would like to give it a "try" again.  But I will let you know!  What about you?

Okay...enough rambling randomness from me.  Your turn!!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

Friday, December 24, 2010

Work in Progress....finished!!

The piece looks terrific in the RMC offices.  The lighting is perfect for it....really enhances the colors.

Now we are waiting for Sherry to return and put a "yeah" or "nay" on it.   Bob likes it very much and so does the other partner...oops...I forget his name.  Though it looks great and the colors are perfect; it is similar to the other larger piece.  And this may cause some concern for Sherry.  I am just saying.....????

So anyway!  I took some pics of the piece before it left my studio and I thought I would share those with you.

As you can see...a lot more color in this piece.  Hope you enjoy these pics.  Will keep you posted on the deliberations. 

Have a magical and blessed Christmas eve with your family and friends!!

Hugging you

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A feast for your eyes and ears!!

Came across this video via The Dancing Mango!!  Just had to share this with you as well.  It is really something!
Thought you all would enjoy it!!

Merry Christmas!!

Have a magical and blessed day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Tuesday....Let it snow!!!

Well another Random Tuesday and only four days until Christmas!!!!  Wowzers!!   FOUR DAYS!!!  To those of you running around trying to get everything done...sit down...take a deep breath...and down a Mojito!!  You will feel much better!

Even though snow is yucky...I did get some pretty photos of it!

The red one is the side of our hot tub!!  Needless to say, I didn't go in this day!  Ha!  We ended up with 21 inches of snow on Wednesday.  And our plow man didn't show up until Saturday around 10PM!!  Ack!
This was after my son, who was visiting, got stuck in the driveway for about 30 minutes!!  Took some doing to get him out.  Whew!  We did though!  Guess I am going to need a new plow guy!  Three days is entirely too long to wait up here.  Dr. John needs to get into town everyday!  Sigh!

There were some benefits though...a beautiful sunrise for instance..

My son and his wife and Cassie (my UNM student granddaughter) where here Friday night, all day Saturday and half of Sunday.  Lee (son) installed the rest of my outdoor lights so that I match all the way around the house now.  So Cool!!!!!  Woot!  Woot!!  They went into town on Saturday and shopped....we met them at the Olive Garden for dinner around 5 PM.  Great dinner and wonderful company!  We had a blast.
Until we got home and Lee got stuck trying to get up the driveway!!  Ack!!

The prototype piece is being delivered on Wed.  We are not sure yet if it is going into the lawyers office (Bob) or the Counselor's office (Christine)!  They will decide when they see it.   I will take pics when it gets installed so you can see it in it's new space.  This means that I have one more large piece to work on since they both want one for their offices.  So that is cool!!  I will keep you posted.

Thursday we are going to see the play A Christmas Tale at Popejoy Hall near campus in Albuquerque.  Looking forward to that.  I know it is a well worn story but to see it in person with live action is always a treat!!  Brings such depth to the characters and the story!  Wish I could take pics of the performance for you but that is a big no-no!  Sorry!!

With the snow and the weather the way it has been over the last couple of weeks, I have been unable to walk.  So I have been searching for a good exercise DVD or tape to use in lieu of.  Any suggestions?  A good 20 or 30 minute one to start would be good.  I thought I would do that Zumba class but that never worked out.  The times just didn't work with my schedule.  Sigh!!  Bummer!!  So I have been walking when I can.  Oh!  I tried the snowshoes...OMG!!!  Thought I was going to die!  I fell twice and got tangled more times than I care to mention.  Ha!  I ended up walking in my boots to get my hair done.  About a 10 minute walk one way.  I just couldn't get the snowshoes to work.  I need much more practice!!

So, my house is decorated...well as much as I am going to do anyway...and all my shopping is done!  I have everything in gifts bags and only one present is back ordered.   Which is a bummer because it is one of Cassie's.  I even finished Dr. John's gift...I...I just need to frame it and wrap it.  This is the one where he ruined the surprise!!  Ha!   All that is left to do is the food shopping for the big day.  Dr. John got a honey baked ham from the company which is cool.  But the kids still want turkey too.  So I am going to get a 15 pounder.  That should do it.  Hopefully we can get all of the shopping done at Costco.  That would be cheaper and so much easier.

I get to play Mrs. Claus this week.  Delivering presents to various people.  Our good friends, Paul and Cheri; our house cleaner, Alice and my nail tech, Jessica!!  So this will be fun.  And then we travel to Gallup to spend a few days with all of them.  Where we will open presents, sing Christmas carols, eat, watch movies, eat and then eat some more.  Urp!!!!  Ha!

Well, this is enough Randomness from me!  Don't forget to journey over to The UnMom and visit with Keely.  Who knows what she is up too.  Maybe even some Zombie killing.  You just never know with her.  And visit with all the other Randomnizers...that makes this fun!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Silent Saturday ~ Part Forty-Five!!!

Another glorious sunrise here in New Mexico!  The sky appears to be on fire!  I just love it.

Then, a mere two days later, we were greeted with this.....

As the snow covers the ground....a hush fills the air.  The only sound is the birds chirping excitedly over a new found berry bush!  Even they knew, this state needed the moisture this is a welcomed sight.

Then we were blessed with a fabulous sunset....

Hope you enjoyed this restive and meditative journey with me.

Have a blessed and magical day.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Tuesday....Eleven days??? OMG!!!

It is next weekend!!!  Christmas!!!  Wow! Has time flown by!  I was going to show you pics of my Christmas tree...but the server rejected them.  Seems they think I don't have permission to use these pictures.  Sheesh!!  My granddaughter, Cassie, came over and we did the tree.  Had a blast and the tree turned out beautifully.  I will retake some pics and try again next week.  What a bummer!!

Can't stop my online URL's!!!  Ha!!  I win!!


The sunrise yesterday morning was spectacular!!  Dr. John and I watched in amazement as the colors turned so dramatically!!   Here are some pictures....well!!!  Now I can't show those either!  This has been rejected!
My Random post is turning out suckie for sure!!!

Ha!  Two can play at this game.  I saved the pictures on my online storage and posted my URL's.  Ha!  Works now!!

Well, now that I fixed that dilemma...I am pooped!  Ha!  Let's see...what else has happened.  Ah yes...we went out to dinner at Papeudeux's in Albuquerque and it was fabulous!  Dr. John, Paul and Cheri got the fried oysters and they said they were the best they ever had!  I had the shrimp and it was terrific.  Also sampled some from their dessert menu.  Bread pudding was to die for!!  Thin sliced apples, raisins and walnuts.  Oh my!!  Bliss!!!  Sorry!!  Didn't take pics this evening!

Oh!  Exciting news!!  I sold another big painting!!  Woot!!  I called Bob (the Lawyer who purchased the large piece from me earlier this year) and told him the prototype was still available.  I wondered if he was interested.  He called later in the week and said yes!! 

Blogger is getting on my last nerve!!!  Grrrrr!!!! are a couple of pics of the piece. I am still working on this one and I will show finished pics when I have completed the additions!!  Ha!

The weather here has been amazing!!  Blue skies and sunny...temps. ranging from 20 degrees F. in the morning to 60's during the day!  Wowzers!!  Sorry to those who are getting hammered by the snow and ice.  That really sucks.  They showed pics of the Cleveland, Ohio area and it brought back old memories...or should I say nightmares.  We used to live in Willoughby, Ohio which is a suburb of Cleveland and right on Lake Erie.  We always got the Lake effect snows.  They were terrifying to say the least.  Many feet of snow would dump on us during the winter season.  They used front end loaders to remove the snow into dump truck and take it out on the lake and dump it!!  Seriously!  Bad, bad snows!!  Don't miss that at all!!  Not at all!!!

Back into my routine of walking again!!  Took long enough.  It is so cold in the mornings, I only walk about 2.5 miles now.  The wind cuts right through you!  I know...why don't I walk later in the day?  I just get so busy during the day that I don't have time.  And I like to get it over early morning it is! 

If we do get snow...I purchased snow shoes for myself and Cheri (for her birthday) so we could still walk during the day!  Ha!  If that happens, I will have to take a short video of us trying to maneuver over the snow.  Ought to be a scream!!

Today is girls day out!  First stop, get Cassie and then go to lunch!  Then off to get our nails and toes done.  This time I will take my camera and get some shots!!  Cheri will join us at the nail salon!  I love girl's day out.  So relaxing!!  Nice to be pampered.

Enough randomness from me!!  How about you?  Stop over at The UnMom and visit Keely and post your link to your own random thoughts.  And go see what others' are jabbering about.  Always interesting for sure!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you