Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ It is sweeter the third time around!

Yes, three times is definitely the charm.  Cheri and I took our friend, Alice, out for her birthday!  We went to the Mariott Inn in Albuquerque, out to dinner st Bravo and they next day...the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly Pavillion and the Aquarium.  What fun!  Cheri and Alice had not been to these fabulous places so I received the honor of tour guide.  Of course, I have some fabulous pictures to share with you all.

The place to dine for sure.  Dinner was incredible.  We got an appetizer and then split a salad and a dinner split three ways.  It was still too much!!  The atmosphere and the waitstaff were charming and elegant.  I am definitely going back and taking Dr. John for sure!!!

Now does that look like trouble or what!!  Ha!!  Alice, myself and Cheri!!

The Botanical Gardens took our breath away..again!!!

female goat keeping an eye on us!

The Butterflies...

The Aquarium...

Whew!!  We had a blast!  Looked until our minds were totally overloaded with visions of such beauty.  Hoped you enjoyed your tour as well.

Saturday, we are flying back to Ohio!!  Ha!  This time we are headed to Lancaster, Ohio which is about one hour south of Columbus.  Going to visit my mama!!  Haven't seen her for about one year.  I am excited.

Then she is flying back with us to visit with us here for one week.  She hasn't been here in over 12 years!!  So much to show little time!!  Ha!

We are even going to Buffalo Thunder, the Hotel/Casino and Spa for a couple of days.  There is going to be an art show and classes.  So I am attending two of the classes and will be putting a piece in the show as well.  Dr, John and Mom will hang out and enjoy the amenities!!

Well, this wasn't very Random but I had fun sharing with you.  For more Randomness, stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and check it out!  Always fun and never boring!!

Stacy Have a magical and blessed day!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ Part 117 !!!

Object d' art

Let the sun shine in...

Have a fabulous, blessed and magical day!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Work in Progress ~ In the middle....

Do you remember this piece? 

This is the one that the pigment lifted in one little spot.  So I put that color patch on it.  Boy!  Did that set up some problems!  Ha!!

Then I progressed to this...

So this is where I started this week and now we have this progression!

So that is where I am.  Now I have to live with it for awhile to see if I am satisfied with all the new elements.  I love those leaves!!!  The beads are jade!  Cool, huh?

Have a magical and blessed day!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nature Footsteps ! ! # 36 ~ Waters!

This weeks meme is anything to do with water, are my selections!!

Visit Natures Footsteps and see the other photos...all about water!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Texture Tuesday ~ Blowing in the wind!!


Kim asked us this week to include her texture, Dream it, into our photo.  That was it!  So any photo is fair game.

The texture is....

The photo I chose is...

After I applied the texture Dream it....'

After I applied the Cross Process filter and the Grunge filter...'

And an additional filter of Underpainting...

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Have a creative and imaginative day!
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Random Tuesday ~ Ohio or bust!!

Yes...Ohio it was.  Rainy, humid and oh so green.  We loved it!!  Forgot what it was like to take a shower and dry off and a few minutes later, we would be soaking wet!  Ha!!

We stayed at the Radisson Gateway Hotel right smack dab in the middle of downtown Cleveland.  It was fabulous.  Didn't have much of a dining room or bar though.  Just a small cafe....and bar was just a menu with beer and wine.  And that was limited too!  Sigh!  No Martinis!!  Bummer!!

One good thing!!  They had Sleep Number beds!  Woot!!!  So sleeping was a dream!! 

Here are some  pics of downtown..around our hotel!

After a very rainy day, we were able ti get outside and walk.  We went to the Cleveland Tower...a downtown shopping three story mall on the Cuyahoga River.  It was really are some pics!

We also visited the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Saw a wonderful show of 1920's paintings.  And we also got a series of pics of Naguchi's sculpture outside of the museum.  Neat piece!  The museum itself is undergoing a huge construction everywhere.  But we still enjoyed the show and the museum.

Then of course, came the big day!  Watching the Cleveland Indians play the Boston Red Sox!!!  Woot!!

And you might wonder how the game went.....well...the food was excellent and the beer was fabulous.  Fron a liocal micro brewery!  Yum!  And the soft serve ice cream was to die for...frozen custard.  Blliss!  As for the game...well....they...the Indians...sucked!!!  14 to 1...Boston.  It was a horrible game.  Dr. John was so disappointed and me...well...sick to my stomach.  Enough said!!

Listening to the Cleveland network...they are always advertising the Panini Grill.  So we went.  It was down the street from the hotel. 

The sandwich they always raved about!?  Oooo Mmmm Geeee!!!   It was awful!!  Blek!!  Thick slices of bread, a small amount of corned beef, cole slaw and french fries.  Yes...that made up the sandwich.  Yuk!  It was dry and tasteless!!  So all I can say is...we were there.  Would we go back...heck no!!   Ha!!

The flight back home was amazing.  We got to see an awesome sunset...up close and personal.

That's the trip.  We are glad we went.  Had a blast!  And Dr. John needed some time off for sure.

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Have a magical and blessed day!

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