Friday, October 16, 2009


Twas a dark and chilly night and she secretly hoped that Mr. Moon would shine his bright light! She was nervous and all alone. Betty was chilled to the bone!!
Out came the moon with a light rather eerie!! Now she was more afraid than ever. Betty hoped that her friend Hilda would be there. So Betty continued on her journey.
She came upon an ancient cypress tree and it was so heavily covered in moss, it looked like a ghost in the dark. Oh my!! She was shaking now.She soon found herself near the grave yard. Was that a sound she heard?? Sounded like scrapping. It was so close to her. Yikes! Betty was ready to run but she steeled herself against her fear and continued on.
Betty knew she was almost there. The special place that Hilda said she would be at! But......she wasn't there yet. Oh dear!! Betty felt she was perfectly attired for this Halloween celebration/ritual that she and Hilda had planned.

She sat down and soon felt something around her head. What was that? It was soft, like cloth? Betty was afraid to turn her head. Afraid of what she would see!!!! But turn her head, she did!
AAIiiiiiiiieeeeeeee! She screamed!! A ghoul!! Oh my gosh...she just had to run. Then she heard Hilda cry out to her..."Don't run Betty!" " He is with me!"
Betty, terrified, turned her head and saw Betty standing in the cemetery! Oh! What a relief! But this ghoul was almost more than she could stand. He looked so menacing...and that moaning! Yikes!! Betty shivered!
Hilda had brought some rather large candles and they were lit. So it was lighter, but eerily so! But Betty was ever so glad to see Hilda...,ghoul or not! Hilda spoke very quietly and said, "Let us begin!" Hilda stood up tall! Well as tall as two feet can be! And said, " Mr. Moon! Thank you for your light. It is a beautiful sight. Betty, my dear, you are a vision to behold. And coming here by yourself was and is so bold! Now we begin! Thank you Mr. Tree for branches so strong. Thank you candles for coming along! We all appreciate what you both do. And celebrate the uniqueness that is only you! Mr. Ghoul, you are the best! You are more unusual than the rest. We appreciate how hard your job must be! Flying there and haunting this cemetary! And now the stars and the moon. Come out at night and make people swoon. We celebrate the Creator of these wonderful beings. His name is above all these niceties and things." And with a swish of her broom, Hilda was off into the night sky. Leaving Betty bewildered and beginning to cry. But Mr. Ghoul hovered near and made her feel welcomed. And Mr. Moon shone his light so that she could see. Immediately she felt better and began her trek home.
So by the light of the moon, Betty walked home. Stopping by the pumpkin patch on the way. She just had to say hello to Mr. Scarecrow and Miss Pumpkin. They would be upset if she didn't.
After a short visit, she nodded and waved as she continued on her way home. She thought about all she had seen and experienced. Betty felt so proud of herself! She had gone there on her own and even when afraid, she did not run. Of course, she had been praying the whole way there and felt His courage filling the air. That night, as she lay in her bed, she thanked the Creator for all that He has done.
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