Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to the Tea Party!!!! So much to see!! Hope you enjoy your visit! We have many guests and all are welcome.
I am also having a give-a-way! All you have to do is leave a comment about the wonderful Tea Party that is in progress and what you think of it. Click on the above Tea Party Logo and it will take you to Vanessa's celebration and you will experience wonderful eye-candy!!!

Above is the pictures of my give away!! It is a book assemblage collage! Some title huh?? LOL! I hope you enjoy it and some lucky winner will be receiving this collage. I will pick a name from those who leave a comment. The drawing will take place on July 11th!! Please make sure I can somehow contact you when you leave your wonderful comments!!Don't you just love bumble bees and honey bees?? Honey bees have been stricken with a serious virus and have been disappearing from our gardens and fields. Please plant beautiful flowers and bee-loving plants to help their return! Celebrate the bees!!
Some eye candy!! Enjoy the flowers of my garden! Celebrate this wonderful day and the joy found in it!!

Enjoy the tea party!!!! Make sure and visit Vanessa's Celebration. On her page are the many blogs that are celebrating with her. So much to see and so little time. Try your best dear ones!!
By the way, Monday is my birthday!! So another reason to have this give-away!!
God bless you, each and everyone!
Have a magical and special day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Newest liitle one!!!

Here is my newest little one. I just finished her and she is on eBay. Click here to view auction!

I hope you enjoy looking at her. She is so precious!! Her name is Annie!!
Have a magical day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Time for MWO again ~ It's JUNE!!!

I am still in shock that it is June!! Not only is it tea party month; it is also my birthday! WooHoo!! And it is a big one for me and I am proud of it. I will be 60 years old on the 29th!! Isn't that wonderful! I have so much to do yet; I am excited. So remember, I will be having a giveaway this month. I will post a picture on the day of the Tea Party (the 27th). So keep checking back!
Now on to the competition.
The picture for inspiration is this and the key word is "Wish"!
I took this image and I printed it out on a piece of organza. Makes it look like a transfer. I love it. Then I took a very old hanging clock and began to work. Sanding and gessoeing; painting and gluing...I have come up with this! The red "fabric" is crepe paper! The doll head is a "found" porcelain head...isn't she gorgeous. I hope you enjoy her as much as I did working on it.
Now for the story.

"She wandered through her secret garden and wished for a better life. One filled with excitement and adventure!! Megan loved the theater and so hoped to be an actress someday. But alas, all she could do was wish!"
"The lights on Broadway attracted her and the Cabrera show caught her fancy more than she could put into words."
"The women were so beautiful; all made up, under the lights. Glitter in their hair; long dangling earrings and rhinestones hanging all over their bodies. They glistened as they danced and moved upon the stage. Oh how she wanted to feel the costumes on her body and the glitter in her hair! Sigh!"
"Megan knew she was still too young and her harsh life would soon pass and she would be free to make her own decisions. And she knew what she would be doing. Dancing under the lights!! Singing to a room full of people and bowing to the thunderous applause! Yes! Megan will be in the lights one day and this life will fade to nothing and become but a dim memory."

Hope you enjoyed Megan's story. Such a beautiful little girl. So full of hopes and dreams. I think we can all relate to her. Let us begin to live life with enthusiasm and joy!! Time is rushing on!

Make sure you stop by Mind Wide Open and cast your vote on June 8th!! If you cast one for me, that would be terrific!!

Have a wonderful magical day and thank you so much for visiting me. I love the company!