Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blast from the past

One of my collages..
Now hanging in Dr. John's new office.  Open hose happening April 19th.  You're all invited!1

I"be been thinking..I know...Ha...shouldn't do that....but I digress...thinking.....when you have a long term illness..people in your life slip away!  They tire of hearing of your difficulties.  Of your pain and struggles.

Friends disappear!1

A long term illness becomes very"s lonely.

Am I complaining?  No!  Just stating an observation..and wanting to say that I understand.  I get tired of saying " I hurt" or " I don"t feel well".  It"s boring as hell!

Now as to my latest boring news...arthritis is ravaging all of my joints! Especially now my right hip...SIGH11. So physical therapy will continue to try to save it and keep from having to replace it.  Here"s hoping.

On a new note..I will be flying to Columbus, Ohio and then driving to Lancaster, Ohio to visit with my dear mom.  She is having hip replacement surgery April 19th..I will stay till May 1st.  Boy are we two peas of a pod.  I can see it now!  Two pimped out wheel chairs!1..HaHa!

My granddaughter, Georgia is traveling with me...that will be nice...she has never been to Lancaster and this will be only the 4th time she has been with her great grandmother!  So that is nice and she will be of great help to both of us.



Oh well...Georgia is topsy turvy about the trip..Ha!

May you all have a fabulous day1
Blessings to all