Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Tuesday....Generally speaking!!!

Well, the big holiday is over...Thanksgiving that is!!  And I hope you all had a wonderful celebration???  I sure did!!  It is such a blessing to have a bountiful table and to be surrounded by family!  Praise the Lord for sure!!  The food was so delicious but I forgot to take pics...we all were starving...Ha!   So we dove right in.  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, relish plate, pasta salad, and last but not least...deviled eggs!!  Got to have them!!!  Here are pics of my pride and joy!!

Lee Jr. in college

Emma our cheerleader

Lee Sr., my son

Lisa also in college and my grandpup, Aretha

Georgia, totally adorable

So, I was opening a jar of pickles and it was giving me a tough time.  As I turned it, for the fourth time, my hand slipped and I hit the counter full force with my nails!!!  To say that it really hurt is an understatement. I snapped off one nail to the quick, cracked another right through the middle and last but not least, cracked my thumb nail on the side.  Talk about pain!!  Owie for sure!!!!  And it still hurts. 

I went into town yesterday and it was snowing...well, it was trying too.  Kind of spitting flakes all around me.  I was nervous because I have to drive through the mountain pass to get to Albuquerque.  And it can get pretty tricky when it snows.  If it gets too bad, they will shut the freeway down!!!!!   Anyway, got to the pass and it was just fine...whew!!!

While in town, I had my nails and toes done.  I needed that badly!  Since I had broken some of them...the nails that is.  She did a fabulous job as usual and you can't even tell that they were cracked and broken.  Well done Jessica!!!  Then we had lunch at the Olive Garden...!!!  Yummy!!!  I had stuffed Chicken Marsala...oh my!!   TDF!!!!

Black Friday!!  Oh what fun!  We left Gallup around 4:30AM and arrived in Albuquerque at 7 AM.  Went straight to Macy's and found a parking spot not too far from the entrance.  Went into the store and it was crowded but not crazy.  I needed a coat and a jacket...found them and and the price was fabulous.  Plus I had a coupon for 20% off sale price and a gift card for $25.00!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  I ended up with two coats, two sweaters and a purse (which Dr. John picked out) for the price of one coat!!  Not to shabby!!  Then we went out to breakfast...ahhhhhhhh!!!   What fun!   Arrived home around 10:30AM...and took a nap!!!   Ha!

Would you believe I have gotten all my Christmas shopping done??   True!!!!  Now I am just waiting for it all to arrive.  I did my buying all online.  Great prices and most everything was free shipping!!  Very cool!!  And this year, I have the cutest gift bags for all the no wrapping!!  Yeah!!! 

It has been so cold.....down to 2 degrees!!!  Brrrrrrr!!!!   And windy...which makes it all the colder.  We had snow in Gallup...around 3 inches and it caused icy conditions on all the roads.  Glad we didn't have to drive to far in that!!!  Just from the motel (La Quinta) to their house!  Around 6 miles one way.  Whew!!  So walking has been out of the question.  Darn it!  So I have signed up for a Zumba class!  Sounds like fun.  It happens three days a week.  Just what I needed!!  I will let you know how it goes.  Plus I have some aerobic video tapes that I am going to start using.  I need to lose 30 pounds and I will have reached my goal!!   Woot!!  Woot!!

I have a secret sister to send a gift too and a swap partner.  So I better get cracking and get these things wrapped and into shipping boxes.  I also have two babies to put hair into!!  Sigh!  Need a good movie to watch while I root a couple of heads!  Pay per I come!

That is it from me today!!  Don't forget to stop by Keely's at The UnMom and see what she is up too!  Trouble I am sure!  And visit all the other Randomnizers...what fun!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!!

Hugging you

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Joanie at Joanie's Ramblings shared this video of a group that uses no instruments...only their voices.  They are incredible.  So I had to share them too!!

Aren't they amazing?!!

Have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Silent Saturday ~ Part Forty-Two!!

Thinking of you all today and hoping you have added wonderful memories to your life's memory banks!!  I sure did.!!!

We all need a little structure in our lives!!!  (grin)

May you all have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Tuesday....Totally!!!

I know!  You should be impressed!  I am using the new Random button!  Coolness!!!!  Keely will be impressed!

On Sunday, went to Costco to do Thanksgiving feast shopping.  Took my granddaughter, Cassie with me and we had a blast.  And spent $180.00!!!  Sheesh!!!! And I didn't get everything I needed.  Had to go to Walmart yesterday and finish it off.  Sigh!!!!!  But we got an awesome 24 lb. turkey and 6 layer dip, spinach dip, spicy pickles, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, etc., etc....!!

Lovely Cassie!!

I know!  She is gorgeous and such fun to be with!  She is doing well in college too!  Her major will be Pre-K education with a minor in Fine Art!  Yeppers!  Another teacher in the family!  Woot!!!!

Got home from Las Cruces and found this between my lamp and my house plant (bamboo).

Ewwwww!  And not one...but two!  One in the living room and one in my bedroom.  We are only gone for three days and they move in!!!!  Took my duster and captured them and put them outside where they belong.  Watch them move back in again!!  Ha!!!

On Saturday night, our nephew, Mike came to visit.  He is involved with a sport called Ultimate Freesbie and he plays all over the west.  This match was going to be in Albuquerque, so he needed a place to crash.  This Ultimate is something else I guess.  Quite vigorous and they play tournaments.  He said they lost in the semi-finals.  But he said it was an awesome match, even with the high winds.  Made it more challenging.  Good times was had by all!!!

The video shows you a tournament in progress.  Thought you would enjoy it!!

Well, I broke down and started my .........  Christmas ........  shopping!  I can't believe it is just over 30 some days until the big day!  I have to say.....I love shopping for my grandkids!!  I totally get carried away.  This year, though, I have to be good.  Since my surgery is coming up in May (hopefully), I need money!!!!!!!!!  So sorry kids!  This year, Grams comes first!!  Ha!!

Thanksgiving is almost here!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  I am so excited!  Got all the fixin's and I am ready to eat!!  I love this holiday!  Getting together with family and watching the Macy's Parade.  Seeing Santa cool!  Laying around and talking with bloated bellies!!  Ha!  Who has more fun????!!!!!

Dr. John woke up at 2AM with a terrible migraine.  Yes, he gets them too!!  Nothing like migraine pain to pull a family together.  Ha!!  Anyway, I drugged him up and he is sleeping now.  Poor guy!  He will stay home today.  Needs the sleep and needs to recover.  Say a little prayer for him, will ya?  Thanks!!!

Back to walking again...finally!!!!  Feels good but boy is it ever cold!!  And windy!!!  Have to really bundle up...ear muffs...two coats...gloves...gotta stay warm, don't cha know!!!  But it is also so beautiful and sunny and the blue skies knock your socks off!!

Gorgeous!!! Takes your breath away for sure!!  These were taken at 4th of July Canyon as we hiked up the mountains.  So fabulous!!  Remember, if you click on the photos, they will be brighter.  Still haven't fixed my blog "haze" dilemma!!  Need to contact the blog designer to see if she can fix it.

I have been getting Electrolysis for my facial hair for the past year!  Why is it??  You turn 40 and hairs sprout all over your face and disappear from your legs??  Is this a joke??  Anyway, I have been doing battle now with Jodi, my technician.  Elite Electrolysis!!  Permanent hair removal!!  And it is too!  It just takes time!  Plus, we get those nasty white hairs as well.  Woot!!  Woot!!  Laser can't do white ones and they come back with that treatment, so I chose this procedure.  She does laser too!  Starting in February, 2011!  She is the coolest lady...I just love her.  So funny and she is a total Broncos' fan.  Poor girl.  Just as sad as I am as a Cleveland Browns' fan!!  Ha!!

Well that is it for this girl!!  Everything else is really terrific!  Haven't listed my babies yet.  Been too busy!  Hope to get to it this afternoon.

Don't forget to visit Keely, The UnMom and see what is going on.  You just never know with her.  And all the other randomnessers!  Now how's that for a word?  Ha! 

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oops!!! Would you believe Silent Sunday???

Sorry!!  I was traveling and out of town and missed Silent Saturday!  My bad!  I didn't have time to schedule one.  Ha!  We went to Las Cruces, New Mexico....our future home spot!!!  Thought I would share some pics of our stay!!

For three wonderful days, we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn!!  Ahhh, bliss!!!

our select comfort bed!!!!

Even the elevator area was beautiful!!!

The lobby and dining area was magnificent!!

Then there was the amazing views of the mountains...the Oregon Mountains!!

Then, sadly our visit was over...but we still had wonderful scenic views to see on our way out of town!!

We listened to a book on tape, Fallen...(I forget the author right now).  Anyway, made the trip seem so much shorter!! 

Dr. John was interviewing, with other professors, a new candidate for a position at New Mexico State University!!  Dr. John is part of the steering committee.  He really enjoyed himself.  We hope that when we move down there;  Dr. John will be teaching at NMSU!!  That will be so cool!

When we get settled, I hope to work on my Masters' Degree in Art and then I want to teach as well.  College level!  These are our "retirement" plans.  Ha!!  No retiring for us!  Just a change of careers of sorts!! 

So anyway!  We had a fabulous time and it was warm and sunny for the entire stay.  Go up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit!  Ahhhhhh!!!   I needed that!!

Hope you all have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Tuesday....Time for a smile!!!

Yes!  It is that time again!  Boy!  No dust gathering here.  Time is rushing by so quickly, I barely can catch my breath.  Next week is Thanksgiving!!!!!!!  Wow!!  What happened to summer???  I'm just sayin'!!!

Well, the Doll Show came and went!  Wasn't as successful as I hoped.  But I did sell one doll and had tons of visitors.  Lots of "oooing" and "awwing".  So it's all good.  I so enjoyed my granddaughters and grandson helping me out.  We had a blast!  And my son and Dr. John were tons of help.  Without them, set up would have been a real drudgery!! 

When it came time for lunch, my son stepped in and donned his salesman hat and went to work for me.  When I left to go eat, he was telling some ladies to pick up the babies!!!  He was even holding on and patting it's little bottom.  Now how cool is that??  Great lunch by the way...Subway...yum!!!

Enjoy the show....

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Had a girls day out yesterday and it was sooooo needed!!!  Manicure and Pedicure and relaxing in the massaging chair...oh my!!  Bliss!!!  Not to mention that Jessica did a great job with the new design on my nails.  I'm all festive now...ready for Thanksgiving!!

Had a minor relapse with the asthma and ended up with another round of steroids.  Bleh!!  But I think I have finally turned the corner here.  At least, I hope so!!  See my Asthma Doc today and see what he has to say.  He is really ornery but good!  

Hope you all have exciting plans for Thanksgiving!?!  We do!  We are going to Gallup, New Mexico and spending a couple of days with the kids and grand kids!  Woot!!  Dr. John and I are purchasing the turkey and all the trimmings and Ginger and Lee ( DIL and son) are doing the preparations.  I love it!!!  No cooking for me.  Well, not much that is.  I do the sweet potato casserole.  Sweet potatoes, walnuts, brown sugar and pineapple!  Yummy!!

This is also usually the time of year when I start getting the Christmas wish lists too!!  I have already received three...four more to go!!  And they better hurry!  I don't want to be shopping Christmas week, that is for sure.  I am still in shock...Christmas???  How the heck did that happen???

So, I have lost 170 pounds now...35 more to go!!!  WooT!!!  I visited the plastic surgeon and got the low done on what to expect.  Yes!  I will be having surgery to get rid of all this excess skin.  First surgery will be the breast and the stomach.  I am really excited.  Dr. Morehouse went through the entire procedure and told me what to expect. 

I have a big scar on my abdomen from several previous he said that my belly button is probably compromised already so I might lose it.  Lose it???  Now that will be weird!!  No belly button!  I am trying to wrap my head around that one.  Tattoo parlor, here I come!  Great place for a colorful tattoo, don't you think?? 

Anyway, he said surgery will take 5 to 6 hours and then I would be taken by ambulance to Lovelace Women's Hospital where I will spend a couple of days.  Recovery will take about three weeks!  I know pain is involved here.  I am just hoping for really good drugs!!  Copious amounts of them!  I am definitely not into pain.

I am shooting for May, 2011 for this surgery.  I will do my arms and face the following year.  And no, my insurance will not pay for this.  Damnit!!!  I will try but it doesn't look promising!!

My porch light went bad and I ordered new ones.  I needed two!  One for next to the studio door and one for the front door.  So we had these when the kids got here and I smiled and winked at my son!  Ha!  And bless his heart; he installed them for me.  They are gorgeous!!!!  I have such good taste...Ha!!

Now my home is filled with baby dolls!!  Yikes!  I will be listing them on my ETSY store this you know what is just around the corner.  Now is the time to get a loved one a one of a kind baby doll!  (GRIN)!!!  Shameless promotion here!  You will find a link to my ETSY store on my side bar.  Visit when you have a moment to browse.  I will start listing them today and tomorrow!!

Since I have lost all my insulation (170 lbs,) so I am freezing all the time.  I used to overheat!!  HA!  So now I  walk around the house with a sweater and a flannel jacket to keep warm.  This is a good problem to have!! Yes?!!!

I haven't walked for ten days due to my asthma!!  I miss it terribly and will be walking today!!  Just not as far.  It will take awhile to build up my stamina again.  So two miles today!  And boy will I bundle up!!!!!  Ear muffs, two jackets and gloves!!  Today will be cold...possible snow...but sunny!  I can handle that!  All except the snow!  No likey snow!!!!!!!
Beautiful sunrise!!!

Oh!  At the doll show, I found more Kewpie dolls and added some new ones to my collection.  They are so cute.  I will post some pics of my collection next time.  I have several...Ha!!!

Enough random from me...don't forget to check out Keely at The UnMom for more randomness!!  You never know what may be happening over there.  Zombie attack??  Could be!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silent Saturday ~ Part Forty!!!

These sunrise pictures are straight out of the camera!!!!  Just takes my breath away!!  As I watched the golden hue stretch across the earth; it brought tears to my eyes.  So beautiful!!!!

SW country store

The house is quiet and everyone is asleep.  Such a marvelous feeling knowing my grandkids are here; safe in my home!!  We had a beautiful evening together and today is already shaping up to be pretty spectacular.

Tomorrow is the Doll Show and I am all packed and ready to go!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  Thank you all for your well wishes!  I will post pics Monday I hope!!

Enjoy and have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you