Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texture Tuesday...Happy Heart!!


This weeks' texture from Kim is "happy heart"....

Here are two photos that I added just that texture to it....

Here are the same two photos with that texture and altered as well with several other filters....

Hope you enjoyed the process.  I sure did.  Thanks Kim!!  Go a visit and check out some other photos!!  Some great pieces of art for sure.

Have a magical and blessed day
Hugging you

Random Tuesday...Recovery...Tulips...Traveling!!

I survived the third surgery!!!   I had to be awake during the whole thing!!  Yikes!  They couldn't get my veins  to cooperate for an IV so they numbed the area and gave me some happy pills!!  Ha!  It was a bit unnerving...but I survived.  I talked to the doc about buying one of my art pieces.  Might as well...couldn't do anything else!  Ha!!  Anyway, sore but happy and recovering.  Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.

Lisa and Emma came back this weekend to finish up their shopping.  They had some money left over from prom dress shopping, so they wanted to pic up some accessories. Emma got the cutest undies and Lisa got another gorgeous top.  They had fun...I stayed home.  I behaved.  Sigh!!

My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families in Chardon, Ohio after another senseless shooting!!!  This is so sad!

More beautiful sunrises....

Dr, John will be going to Alabama to visit his old friend, Carol old sculpture April.  Carl is so talented.  It will be fun to see what his house and gardens look like now and his new art pieces.  Dr. John will take plenty of pics.

Also, Dr. John and I are going to Oakland, Ca. soon.  He has a conference to attend and I will don my walking shoes and take along my trusty camera!  It will be a fun few days and hopefully warm and sunny.

My eldest granddaughter is looking to get out of Gallup for the summer this year and needs a summer job or apprenticeship somewhere.  She loves Louisiana and Washington DC.  If any of you have some leads, we sure would appreciate your letting us know.  Thanks!

Yawn....recovering from surgery is boring!  My friend Cheri came to visit a few days ago and brought me some tulips and a beautiful salad.!!  Yum!!  The tulips were beautiful but are now faded away.  And I forgot to take pics.  Sorry....thanks Cheri!!

Received my copy of the movie, Breaking Dawn, Part One and I love it!  Have watched it three times already!!

Go forth now and Randomize!!  Visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and Keely of The UnMom.  Stacy hosts Random Tuesday and Keely used too and stepped aside to take a break.  Make sure and tell her that her break is over!!  Ha!!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

A road traveled before....

On my other blog, I took the photo and used it as a foil for some poetry.  On this blog, I played with the photo using textures to tell a visual story.....

Magpie Tales...

original photo of Andy Warhol shopping.  

Have a magical and blessed day
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ Ninety-Six!!!

Welcome to another edition of Silent Saturday!!  I hope your visit here fills your mind with inspiration and creativity!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo Art Friday!!

Photo Art Friday

Pixel Dust Photo Art put forth a challenge to use one of her textures with a not so good photo and see what you can come up with.  I chose this photo...

With this texture...

Here is my finished piece...

This was fun.  Thanks Bonnie!!!  For the challenge...!!!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you'

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Texture Tuesday....Shine!!

Texture Tuesday

Today I used Kim Klassen's texture...Shine!!

I also used Befunky's Grunge filter on my still life and I came up with this...

With shine layer

with shine layer and grunge layer


Have a magical, creative and blessed day
Hugging you

Romance, Relax, Fun Times and Prom Dresses!!!

Welcome to another excerpt of Random Tuesday!! Hang on...I have lots to share!!  Ha!!

Got my mani and pedi this past week.  So relaxing!!  I went for Mardi Gras as far as design went.  So I am all green and sparkly...will work for St. Patty's Day as well!!  My regular nail tech is still on maternity leave so had a fill in tech.  Don!  He did an excellent job!  I tell you...there is nothing more relaxing than a pedicure.  Ahhhhhh!!  Hot, soapy, swirling water on your good!!

So pretty and festive!!!

My granddaughters (two of them) and myself went Prom dress shopping.  This is Emma's last prom.  She is a senior this year!!  Sigh!!  She is number three of my grands...she is 18 years old.  Lisa is her older sister and she was buying the dress for Emma.  Isn't that amazing!!  We had a blast!!

This is the winning dress!

We went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and Lisa, who is 22 yrs. old, had her first Asian Plum Martini.  She loved it.  Since I was driving...Iced Tea for me!! 

Lisa also tried on some new tops.  She is a teaching assistant and wanted a fresh spring look for the classroom.  She got two new tops!!

relaxing after shopping trip!!

Had some fabulous sunrises this past week.  Thought I would share....

Took Dr. John to Buffalo Thunder resort and spa for his birthday/Valentine's Day celebration.  We were hoping for a couple's massage...but I couldn't get a good deal!!  $130 per person was a little steep for my pocketbook.  Ha!  But we enjoyed lazing around and had a great dinner.  Cheri and her boyfriend, Butch,  joined us for dinner and we had a blast and several martini's!!  Ha!

Buffalo Thunder is such a pretty is a Hilton Inn!  They has some fabulous Indian art....thought I would share some...

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics....had to use phone because I forgot my camera.  Sigh!!  Anywho..some cool pieces of art.  Here is our room...

Dr. John, ready to relax!

Dinner and drinks!!

Sorry...such bad reflections and the camera operator was feeling no pain!!  Ha!!

Whew....I don't know about you but I am pooped.  What an action packed week!! 

Wednesday I will be having some touch up surgery on my abdomen.  Sigh!  Still an area that I am not happy a cutting we will go.  Third time is a charm...right??  Will let you know how it goes!!  Think of me Wednesday morning at 8AM!!

Dr. John received his copy of his book!!  So exciting!!  It is also available on Amazon for pre-order.  Amazing!!  We are so excited!  The title of his book is Geotechnical Problem Solving by John C. Lommler, Phd.  Check it out!!

It has finally come to this...the end of my Randomizing!!  Time for you to visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and see what she and other Randomizers are up too!!  You really should join in...I would love to hear what awesome Randomizing you have to share!!  And don't forget about Keely...we are still waiting for her to re-take up her banner and point the way!!  She is The UnMom!!

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