Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is....!!!!!

We have a winner for the Diane Duda print!! 

Using the random number generator.....
                                          the number is......

And number 9 is...............
                                                      And her blog is  "In the Gutter"

So I am contacting her today and letting her know of her prize winnings!!  Thanks to all who entered and helped me celebrate my 300th post and my 150 followers!!  Woot!!  Woot!!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silent Saturday ~ Part Fifty-Four!!!

A little know place, south of Albuquerque is Elephant Butte, New Mexico.  A beautiful place for sure.  This is one of the reservoirs in the state.  The dam itself is a wonderful enjoy the tour!!!

A wonderful place to go year around and in the spring through the fall...boating!!  Fun times!!

Have a magical and blessed weekend!!
Hugging you

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Tuesday....Come on spring!!!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Jillsy of Jillsy Girl Studios...shared about a photographer that has heretofore been unrecognized.  She is an unknown and extraordinarily talented!!  Her name is Vivian Maier and definitely a name to be remembered.  Here is a video of some of her work and her life...

Isn't she amazing???

Cheri and I took the boys out for their birthdays' on Saturday night!  We went to Pappadeux's and had a great time.  Cheri and I toasted them with our drinks...Swamp Things!!  OooLaLa!!!

And they are so yummy!!

Cheri looked awesome in her red velvet dress!!

And the boys' cleaned up well too!!

Happy Birthday to Paul and to John!!  We had a wonderful time and dinner was excellent as usual.  They have a wonderful menu and the food is extraordinary!!

The moon was amazing on Saturday night.  I tried to get my camera to cooperate...but the flash would not turn off.  Here is the best that I got!!  Sigh!!

Sad I know...I will try again tonight with my other camera!  The moon has been awesome!!

Have been working on my living room and re did the celebration Christmas tree!!  It is now decked out for Mardi Gras!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!

I will tell you!!!  Moving a full sized leather couch around over carpeting is tough!!  Ha!  I couldn't find my sliders...SIGH!!!  But I got 'er done!!  I will take pics for later and show you all. I forgot to take before!!  Must be some old timers happening!  I keep forgetting to take pics!! 

Don't forget to stop over at Keely's and see what she is up too!!  I am curious myself.  At The UnMom you just never know what to expect!!  And not to mention all the other Randomizers there.  Such fun!!!! 

Well that is it for today...not much Randomizing going on over here!!  How about you?

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silent Saturday ~ Part Fifty-Three!!!

Sunrise....spectacular show....

Moon rise...this was all within the same day!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday....Ramblin' on random!!

Smack me now!!!  We had a beautiful dinner on Friday night!  Lobster tails (10 ounces at least), baked potato with sour cream, tossed salad and a gorgeous ice cream cake and I didn't take one picture.  We all cleaned up good too!!!!  We looked fabulous!!  Dinner was fantastic!  And I had four mojito's!!!  Ha!  I know!  I know!   How could I remember what I ate?  Good question!  Both Dr. John and I were feeling pretty good!!  Paul and Cheri had to supervise.  Would you believe I had to take most of my dinner home!!  Those tails were HUGE!!  Anyway...sorry about no pics!!  Sheesh!!

I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day!!  Dr. John is so sweet!!!  I got him some handmade candy and a new pair of flannel pajamas!  He is going to be styling at bedtime now!!!  Ha!!  Here is the flowers!

Aren't they gorgeous!!  He is such a romantic!!  We finished off the lobster for dinner and it was still delicious!!

Would you believe I have been watching the Twilight series??  For one week now...whenever I have some free time...I pop in one of the Twilight movies and enjoy!  I must have watched them six times already!!  That's all three of them!!!  Shoot me now!!

Can't wait until the fourth movie comes out.  I am dying to see how they handle the fourth book!!??!!  Well, I told you to shoot me!!!!!

Nothing exciting planned this week.  I have been working on income tax!!  Woot!  Yes you can shoot me again...PLEASE!!  Everything is sorted and now I had to add each section up.  So I am making good progress.  Then I have to catch up on my State Income Tax.  Whoops!!  So if I don't post next week, I will be in jail!!  Failure to file!!!   Ha!  J/K!!

Hey!  We got the old storage unit unloaded and everything was put into the new storage unit!!  Number One!!  How's that for a unit number!?  Number one!!  Ha!  Anyway, all organized and clean now.  Feels so good.  And a big thank you to my son, Lee Sr. and our grandson, Lee Jr.!!!  Without them, Dr. John and I would still be unloading!!  And pics!!  Sheesh!!

Oh and don't forget to go back and leave a comment on "Let's Celebrate"  !!  For the print by Diane Duda!!  You have until the comment away please!!

Today I find out if I will be doing another large painting!  I will be visiting with Christina and see if I can do one for her.  She has the perfect spot in her office!!  So fingers are crossed!  And prayers are being said!
I will let you know!!

Don't forget to visit The UnMom and see what Keely is up too!  I am sure no good!!  And of course, all the other Randomizers!  It is always a lot of fun to see what is going on in Blogland!!  So get on over there!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silent Saturday ~ Part Fifty-two!!!

Winters' last hoorah....sunrise!!!

Ice and snow....


This is my tribute to the ice and snow of 2010/2011!  I gave it a spot to beat it!  Time for you to go!  You are holding spring up!!  Sigh!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you