Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Tuesday....On the edge of my seat!!!!

On the edge of my seat for sure...waiting for spring!!!!  And what do I get????

Snow and ice...20 inches of snow!!!  And below freezing temps!!!  High winds!!  Did I say...COLD!!!  Even our State's Gas Company had to turn off the gas on about 20,000 people!!!!  Duh!  It is freezing!  But if they hadn't turned some off; the whole system would have shut down.  Is that bizarre or what??  There are still some people without gas and another storm is blowing in.  The Governor, she is not happy!!  Not to mention the freezing people.  It has been a real mess!!  Luckily, Dr. John and I have propane no worries here!  We are warm and snug!!  Thank you Jesus!!

Random sunsets!!  Awesome aren't they?

Oh and today is Tuesday and you know what that means!?!  Randomize people...randomize!!!  Check out Keely at The UnMom and see what she is up too!!  Heck!  Check out all the randomizers...cools things happening around the country for sure!!

Yesterday, I picked my granddaughter, Cassie, up and we went to get manicures and pedicures.  Ahhhh!  Nothing like hot water bubbling around your toes and feet; warm lotion and very warm towels; not to mention the massage!!!

It definitely helped to take the chill off!  Then we went out to lunch at Chili's!  After that; off to Costco we go!  I was looking for lobster tails.  Cheri and I are putting together our cooking talents for Valentine's Day and are fixing up a feast for the boys!!  Lobster, baked potato, salad, fresh rolls and butter!!  Go to have butter!!  Then for dessert an ice cream cake!  Doesn't that sound yummy?  I am sure we will all enjoy ourselves.
Oh I can taste them now!!  I would invite you all to join us, but I only got four 8 oz. tails.  Huge I say...huge!!

As I told you last week; my son and his wife and three of the grandkids came up to help us move from one storage unit to another.  Wellllll that was a bust!  The weather was so bad we couldn't do it.  High winds and drifting snow made it impossible to see and the freezing temps were all just too much to take.  So we all took naps and then the girls (me included)  watched the Glee marathon.  Dr. John worked on his book.  Lee, our son, worked on his computer and Lee Jr. played on my computer all day!  So we basically lazed around!  Ha!  I don't think they minded that at all!!!!!  They are coming again this Friday evening around 8 or 9 pm and we will try again on Saturday morn!  Here's hoping!!

Here are some collages I have worked on...thought I would share...!!!

The top on is small; about 4 inches by 4 inches.  The second one morphs into the third one.  Thought you would enjoy that process and I am still working on it.  So far, it is kicking my butt!  Ha!

Thunderous applause please!!  I have just past my 300th post and I now have 150 followers!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  This calls for a celebration don't you think?  I believe a giveaway is in order.  How about a print from Diane Duda??  I will pick one out and photograph it and then post it soon.  When I post the pic, all you need to do is leave a comment on that post. 

Well, it is prom dress time.  Emma, number three granddaughter 16 years old going on 29, is now looking.  She finally found one she really, really liked and she sent me a text that said this.  "Grams, I love this dress and it is $400.  Will you split the cost with me?"  After I got through choking on my Diet Mountain Dew, I texted back...NO!!  $400 is way to much for a prom dress; especially a junior prom dress!!!  Mom agrees!  Whew!!  So they are now looking in the $100 to $150 range and she will see what she can find.  What is it with the kids these days?? They have no concept of money whatsoever!!  Sheesh!!!  $400!!!  OMG!!! 

Someone shoot me now!!  It is going to snow tonight and tomorrow!!  Ack!!!!  I have already had my driveway plowed twice!!!  Our driveway is about 150 feet long!  So shoveling is out of the question!!  So Dick Porter is our trusty snow plow driver and boy was I ever glad he was able to plow me out twice within the same week!!  The wind kept the drifts flowing over the driveway!!  He wants to retire soon and is trying to sell his business, which is doing quite well.   He even will sell the any takers just let me know and I will pass it on to Dick!!  wink

Guess I have randomly rambled on for a while now and it is time to wrap it up!!  Remember to stop and visit Keely now!!  May the snow storms pass us all by and allow spring to come early!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Mommyblogger said...

I love this random post. My life is so random that posts like this make so much sense to me. I understand the 400.00 prom dress deal. My girl is in 6th grade and they already do formal dances. Crazy stuff. Schools think us parents are made of gold!

Diane Duda said...

Wow. That was a lot of information. :)
The sunsets and collages are lovely.
Lobster sounds yummy, but we've had our fill of ice cream cakes this week. One for Eli's birthday, one for the Super Bowl. They were 1/2 price last week so why not?!? (BEWARE THE BLACK ICING!)
Glad to hear that you aren't without heat. We lost it for 2 days during last years storm and it wasn't fun.

Have a great!

Brian Miller said...

wow the sky is on fire....snow, i am done with art...all for a contest...and a foot massage, yay! smiles. hope you have a great day!

Joanie said...

Sounds like you're getting our winter.

Love the collages!

Well, you ended up with a nice, leisurely visit this weekend. Glad you enjoyed it.

Joanie said...

Congrats on 300 posts!! I forgot to add that.

Hilary said...

Yum, lobster! Congrats on your 300 milestone. Your photos are beautiful as always. Too bad there so much snow beneath those skies. Fun collages. You sure do pack a lot into a post! :)

ellen abbott said...

congrats on 300 posts and 150 followers (a figure I just recently reached myself). perhaps whatever is wrong is now fixed as I can comment here again today!

I agree, $400 for a junior prom dress she will in all likelihood only wear once! we didn't have junior proms and I made my prom dress.

Judy said...

So much going on...your day of moving that went wrong sounds like a great way to spend the day...

ethelmaepotter! said...

Congratulations on your 300!

We also have snow still on the ground - our forecasted 'dusting' of yesterday left 3" on the ground, with more expected tomorrow. Nothing like what you're having, of course, but still a lot for us Southerners!

Good luck on finding that prom dress. Maybe prom is just a bigger deal down here, but it's really difficult to find anything under $400. I know a lot of women who take their daughters on weekend trips to Atlanta for prom dress shopping, and one who even spent over $1000 for her dress!
Yeah, I think it's crazy, too.

Cinner said...

Oh Dear, that is a huge dump of snow, hopefully it works out with the kids to help on the weekend. Your valentines dinner sounds wonderful. hope you have an awesome week. thanks for your comments SueAnn. big hugs.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Spring is coming!!! (eventually!)

Your Valentine dinner sounds great - what time should I be there???

Loving all the randomness!

auntiegwen said...

Snow!!!!! we had sunshine for the first and hopefully not the last time this year. I love your photos xxx

Suldog said...

That's a heck of a lot of snow for out your way! Buck up, little camper! Spring is just around the corner!

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

I love your random posts and the pictures!!!!!! stay warm!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Friend be safe-be warm!! What weather you've been having~~! I loved reading your post, your family weekend sounds wonderful!!! Hugs~Sharo
P.S. Beautiful Collages-the work o your hands is always unique and beautiful!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

A mani/pedi AND lobster.... Paradise :-)

Your collages are fabulous!

xo jj

VioletSky said...

When it is so cold, how can you think of ice cream cake??

mani-pedi sounds good, think I will make that my priority for today.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Every time I come here to complain about the weather, you have something worse. BooHoo! I guess I won't tell you that I was freezing this morning and that a silly woman tried to cut off a buss driver and her truck skidded on the ice and BHAM! No one was injured, but wow! people can sure curse one another.

Congrats on 150! and I can't wait for the giveaway. I have a tiny one at my Writing blog right now.

I'm glad you didn't give in, $400 is a lot of money for a junior prom dress, can you imagine what you guys would have to get for the actual prom?


Stuff could be worse said...

These are gorgeous pics, with the snow out there. The sky is still beautiful. I know a teenager! Congrats with your blogging also

She Writes said...

Why do I love that hand holding that foot? It just touches my heart. And sunrise Mmmmmmm :):