Saturday, June 29, 2013

Silent Saturday ~ Let's Dance!

We   could waltz...

And glide around the dance floor..together....

Nothing special; just you and me and the music...

Softly playing...lights on  low...

Let the rhythm take hold...nice and slow...

Swaying each others arms...

And, as the music winds down....let's continue this...later!!

I really enjoyed this dance with you!

Have a warm and sensual night!
Hugging you


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Abstract Wednesday ~

Another edition of Abstract Wednesday; hosted by Nature Footstep!!  I always enjoy this fun to alter/manipulate photographs.

I challenged do an alteration yet keep it bright!  This one I added to at Digital Whispers!

This was a joint fellow Digital Round Robin mates.  As you can see...we all had fun.  And we are not done yet!  More will be altered/manipulated!

My dear friend, Patti at Treasure Barn's grandson, Zander, is fighting for his little life!  He is only a few months old!  Please hold his family and Zander up in your prayers and good thoughts!
This pic is for him...angels looking over him.

Be well little are loved!

I have been working on this one....

Have a creative and imaginative day!!
Hugging you


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Botantical Gardens, Totaled car and a new Puppy!

Stacy  Wow!  End of June!!!  Amazing!

Super Moon....we took a shot at her too!  What a sight to behold!

Dr. John and I sat in our new patio the other night and it was awesome!  Finally have the outside patio in front that I have been wanting...just in time to move!  Ha!  I captured a fabulous sunset!!

Thursday, went to lunch with my granddaughter, Cassie...Great lunch!  Shrimp Tacos...yum!  At Chilis!!
We were planning our birthday celebrations...hers is Thursday, the 28th and mine is the 29th!!  She is so excited....she is turning 21!!!  We will celebrate her birthday on Sunday with blue Margaritas!!!  Woot!!!
Me, Dr; John is taking me to The Melting Pot...a  fondue restaurant.  Fun times!

Cassie birthday!!! I will be 64!!  That has me amazed for sure!!  I should celebrate in some fashion with all of you and not sure how I want to do that.  Let me think about it!  Ha!!

Dr. John and I went to the Botanical Garden on Friday and it was fabulous!  I was hosted by Jackie, Tony and Donnie of 100.3 FM, I-Heart Radio.  We are becoming fast new friends.  Ha!

Some pics of the day!!

Jackie and Tony..Donnie is on break!

On Saturday, I received a text from two of my granddaughters, Lisa and Emma, showing off their new nails and toes.  Two minutes later, a car ran a stop sign and plowed into them...totaling the car.  Emma hit her head on the dash and the roof of the car...serious pain and a trip to the hospital!  Ct Scan showed all clear...whew!  She is home and in pain but recovering nicely but boy is she bummed.  She just got the car in her name from her parents!!  Only had it for two days!  Now, no car and she is not 21 so she cannot get a rental.  The to get to work!!??  She is upset for sure.

My granddaughter, Lisa is doing fine.  Serious whiplash but no trip to hospital.  She called me from accident scene..wondering what to do!  Sigh!  And I could not be there!  Frustrating for sure.  Her mom showed up two minutes later and then then they both went to hospital to check on Emma.  All her x-rays came out clear!

The next day found them both in lots of pain but angry that this had happened.  Everyone is still wondering how to get Emma to work, when she is able.  She needs her job!  Ahhh...such is life...full of impossibilities!  But prayer works, and I am doing that!!



Found out yesterday, Cassie cannot keep her dog, Otis!  Her roommate doesn't want the dog around!  I guess Otis barks all day, wanting his mommy...and roomy can't sleep.  She works nights!!  Ahhh the joys of sharing space.  So, we are getting a pup!!  A small, fluffy mix...weighing less than 1 lb.  So fun times for us.  It needs some training!  Sigh!!

Cassie and Otis

I will keep you posted!  I have no dog stuff and I pick him up today.  This ought to be interesting.  Cassie says she has stuff...good!!  I will need it.?

Party!!??  Yes we do need to celebrate, don't we?  As I mix up a batch of about a giveaway??  A $25.00 gift card to  That ought to blow your skirts and shirts up??  So that is what we will do....two weeks from today....I will draw a name from the lucky person who leaves a comment on this blog.   So if you have been is the time to speak up!!  Leave your comments..and your name goes into the proverbial hat!!  Ha!!  Good luck!

That's it for me!  I don't know about you...but I am exhausted!!  Whew!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!

Stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and see the other parties and such going on!!

Hugging you,


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Silent Saturday ~ A Time to Know!!

A time to reflect....

A time to see....

Have a magical and imaginative day!

Hugging you

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blog Hop ~ Digital whispers

The Blog Hop continues for Digital Whispers...what fun this is.

My offerings for today...

Flowers, architecture and a that is what I call layering!  Ha!
Can you see everything in there???  It is like a stew...what fun and tasty too!   Enjoy and use a fork!

Please hop on over to Digital Whispers and see all the other manifestations!  Beautiful!

Have a creative and imaginative day!

Hugging you

Here Is Your Member's list!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Abstract Wednesday ~ Digital Whispers ~ No place like home!!

At Nature Footstep, she did a doorway and it is so intriguing!  So I thought I would take a note from that and offer some architectural goodies!!  Stop by Nature Footstep and see the fabulous photos!  Amaxi9ng!!

Here we go....



original...central library

altered...many layers

downtown Dallas

I play a lot with layers and then add color tints....I could spend days working on these...I love it so!!
 Ha!  And as a side note....I don't have PhotoShop.  I use Photo Studio and Photo Suite as well as and their filters.  I have yet to tackle PhotoShop.  :( !!!

I am also posting this at Digital Whispers.  They are having a Blog Hop!  Digital Whispers is on the Ning Network and they offer a place for displaying and teaching about altering and manipulating digital photos.  Visit them and those on the Blog Hop.  See the many exciting examples of unique expressions in photography.

Here Is Your Member's list!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a magical and creative day!
Hugging you


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog Hop with Digital Whispers

Digital Whispers is a great group, located on the ning network.  They have everything to do with digitally altering/manipulating photographs.

Right now they are doing a blog hop so make sure and visit.

Here are some of the works I have posted on their network....

Thanks for stopping by...

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you