Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Movies, Nails, and lots of Garden Blooms!!

Stacy   June???  You have to be kidding me!!!!  What happened to Spring?  Didn't really have one, did you?  So.......Tuesday, June 4th and it is Random Tuesday!!

Make sure and stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and see all the wonderful adventures being had by oh so many others this day!!  Always exciting!!

I have jumped into the, "get the house ready to sell" mode...I am getting our kitchen counter replaced with a beautiful granite.  I was going to get Silestone, but the granite was a better price and will look so much nicer than the mis-aligned laminate we have now in a greyish pink!  I know...why didn't we get this done sooner??  Just never got around to it.  Ha!  You know how that goes!

And now we have had the living room and long hallway measured for a new flooring treatment!  Couldn't decided on what to get for awhile...but will be wood!  And very nice scrapped oak!  And not a laminate...wood!  That will look so much better than the grey-ish fluffy carpet we have now.  This carpet was never what we wanted, and now we get the wood floor!  Sigh!  Don't ask!

What is left is some gardening and planting.  Stucco patching which Dr. John will least attempt it.  And some irrigation work.  Stuff like that!  I will take pics along the way.  This is going to be exciting to see the transformation.  Why is Dr. John looking at me that way???   Ha!!

On Thursday, I spent the day with Dr. John at his office.  I just moved in....bag and baggage!   Had to move some rather large stacks of paper and files and took over his second work space.  He spends most of his time in meetings, so I was never in the way.  I just computed all day and even watched the "Star Trek"  movie on it!  It was so did I miss the Star Trek before this one?  I will never know!

The reason for the "take over" of his office?  Well, his company mates were hosting a crawfish boil at 4 PM and it was just easier for me to spend the day.  We really only have one car that can reasonably make the journey into town...sooooo...all day was the ticket.  The old truck can make it downhill , no problem....just over heats coming back home...Ha!

So the "boil" commenced at 4:30 PM and it started out being windy, but settled down as the party got under way.  Was able to meet many of Dr. John's clients and was fun.  And boy did they have crawfish..tons of them!!  And lots of potatoes and corn on the cob and for those, faint of heart like me, chicken!  But I did try the crawfish and I did like them...but they sure are messy...

And I didn't get one picture...forgot and left my camera in John's office when I went outside and he had locked it...sigh!

On Thursday, I met my second oldest granddaughter, Cassie and I took her to a job interview.  She has been trying to live here in Albuquerque for about a year now...she finally got her feet wet and scheduled a job interview with EcoDesign...a political survey group near campus.  She was so excited.  So off we went and she did well....she got the job!!!  And she started this past Monday.  She was going to stay here with us but traveling to town was difficult, especially since she doesn't have a car as of yet.  So she will be living with her long time friend, Hannah!  A very nice condo with three bedrooms and she can  keep her dog!

We went out to lunch after the interview and Hannah met the Route 66 diner.  Fun place and of course, I had to have one of their famous hamburgers...!!!

 Yum!  Here is Hannah and Cassie...

Can you tell she is excited?  Ha!  Great that she will be living in town!  I will be able to see her more often.  She will work M - F, 1PM to 8 PM.  Perfect hours for her, as she really isn't fully awake until noon anyway!  Ha!!

Saturday was work in the garden day and do some errands.  Here are some garden pics..



russian olive tree


We have so many wildflowers...they are gorgeous and I have never been able to find out their names. 

On Sunday, it was movie day...Fast and Furious..and what fun!  It was action from the time we sat down and even as we thought the movie was continued after some of the credits ran!  Ha!  Definitely a must see for those who like action and adventure...

Then we went to Famous Nails and got pedicures and nails...well I got the nails and Dr. John and I both received pedicures.  So relaxing!

Erin did a fabulous as usual...don't you think?  I love them!

The fires are near...just north of Santa Fe and you can see the smoke all around us.  Makes for some beautiful skies!

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers...from me!!  Ha!

Just had to treat myself....needed some color!!  LOL!!  Dr. John was with me though and was all for it.
Didn't want to take away from him...he is such a sweetie and extraordinarily generous when it comes to me.  I love it!

Today I am going to the Garden Club Tea with Cheri..that will be fun.  Dresses and hats required!  Ha!
I will take my camera and use it...LOL!

Have a magical and  blessed day!
Hugging you,


Tabor said...

You are so busy. What energy you have, but you are loving it all and that is the point is it not? Congrats to the lovely lady on getting the job she wanted!

Brian Miller said...

oo i like your nails...and good on her for getting the job...a crawfish boil sounds tasty as well...

Friko said...

Those nails, fantastic.
Can you work in them?

Lovely pictures of the garden, your lunch, the pretty girls, not so lovely the threatening fire clouds.

Clever to treat yourself to a lovely bunch of flowers, we should all do that sort of thing more often.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Will you be doing before and after shots of the stuff you're doing to get the house ready for sale? Isn't it funny how we finally get around to getting the things done as we get our houses ready to sell that we wanted to do over the years, but never got around to it. :)

Crawfish boils are so much fun! And yes, messy! :) Cool you hung out in Dr. John's office so you could go and enjoy yourself. :)

LOVE your garden, and LOVE your nails! :)

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ellen abbott said...

the pink wildflower is verbena. don't know what the yellow is. crayfish is one of those things I'm not even tempted to try.

Sandy Carlson said...

You are a great lady the way you take care of your family.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like the flowers and fingernails! Pretty girls and hamburger too

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

You are just the best gramma, and wife, and friend. Looking forward to pics of the renovations.