Saturday, March 31, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ GIVEAWAY!!!

Welcome to a special edition of Silent Saturday.  In case you have missed it...I did my 100th post two weeks ago!!  Woot!!  Woo!!

So in celebration of that; I am hosting a giveway!!  It is one of my own creations...a smaller collage.  Usually I do huge ones.....Ha!  This one is 9" x 12".   Here are some pics...

As you can see...the main color of this piece is green.  Also it is 3-D.  Ha!!  The butterflies, the angel and the clock hands all protrude from the surface.  So I would say it is about 2 inches deep.  The sides of the canvas are made of wood so no frame is needed.  It is ready to hang!

The title of this piece is "Tracing Time - a Short Story".

It is composed with handmade and scrapbook papers.  The leaves are actual ghost leaves dyed green.  The clock hands are metal...and the angel is card stock!!  The butterflies are card stock as well.  Enjoy!!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and be a follower!  That is it!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!
Have a magical and blessed day!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Art Friday!! Following along...alone!!

Photo Art Friday

Hosted by Pixel Dust Photo Art...Bonnie!!  The challenge this week was a photo you liked or a picture of a road less traveled.

Last week I did the road less traveled by I am doing that again this week.  But with a different spin on it.

Here is my offering....

This was found at the end of a fence line....stacked up and no way to continue through it, without unstacking it.  Thought it made an interesting composition just like it was.  So this is an abstract notion of a road less traveled.  Ha!!


Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you

Self-Portrait ~ Study in black and white!

In The Picture

Hosted by Urban Muser...self portrait study in black and white...Here are my offerings!!

All using different is a couple more!!

Then using a different filter...

Stop by Urban Muser and see all the wonderful photos!!  So exciting!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Work in Progress....ReCap!!

The piece is finished!!  Woot!!  And I am still out of town!  Ha!  So pictures of the finished piece will be posted next Thursday.  Sorry about that....just teasing you for now!!

Remember this coming Saturday is the giveaway make sure and visit and get your name into the hat!  Spread the word too!!  Thanks

Have a magical and blessed day.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Texture Tuesday...Study in Pink!!


The challenge from Kim Klassen this week is to use on of her textures and include the color pink.

Here is the photo that I am using...

Here is photo with the Be Still texture and pink..

Here is image with three filters applied...

With three filters and pink...

What a great challenge Kim...thanks!!  Go on over to Kim's blog and see what the other Texturizers are doing.

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Random Tuesday....Overcast, windy...WTH???? heard me right!!  I go all the way to California and find rain and clouds and wind....WIND!!  I just left the damn wind.  Sheesh!!  It was so beautiful when we flew in...sunny and cool.  Perfect!  What the heck happened??  Oh are some pics of our flight!!!

empty plane...bliss!!!

Had to take a cab from the airport to shuttle!!  Bummer!!  Or I could have taken a shuttle, to the train to the bus and walk to hotel...NOT!!  So cab it was....and the cabby drove like a New York cabby so we got here in record time and the price was $27.00 .  So not too too bad!

The hotel is nice...newly remodeled!!  But what is this?  No Room Service???  WTH??!!!!  They have a little mini shop with pop and such.  And a cafe that is open for breakfast only.  Good news though...across the street is the mother ship.  Ha!  They have a lounge and a restaurant.  Also, there is a company that you can use to deliver food from any number of local restaurants.  So cool!  We had pizza one night from California Pizza....yum!!  And last night, we had food from India!!  Gotta love it.

Yesterday I did a walkabout...and discovered we are in the middle of a Asian community.  Very cool!!  And lots of old victorian buildings.  Also cool!!  Here are some pics...

Anywho...neat area and the weather held out so I could walk.  Did about two hours.  Stopped for coffee and then back to base camp.  Tada!!!!

Before we left, my son and DIL came and stayed Friday and Saturday night.  They brought the two youngest g'kids...Georgia and Lee, Jr.  It was fun to see them and we got caught up with all that is going on.  Lee Jr. loves to use our hot we fired up the temp and away he went.  Here he is making sure there are no leaves and such in the water.  Ha!!

We love our hot tub!  Especially during the winter...we brave the snow and hop in.  The steam turns to ice on the top and back of our heads!!  Ha!  But talk about luxury...ahhhhhh!!

I am sitting here drinking the "made in the room coffee"....bleek!!!  But it is hot and has caffeine so it will do.

We get home on Thursday and we have Alice watching the house and my outdoor cat.  Ha!!  He is the neighborhood stray and we feed him too.  He is one big cat...I am thinking about catching him and bringing him in.  He lived under the hot tub during the cold, cold winter.  I really felt so bad for him but he was happy and warm.  Sooooo!!!  We keep the hot tub temp at 85 degrees F. all the time.  When we want to use it, we fire it up to 102 degrees F.  Ahhhh!  He loved that too!  Ha!!

In case you missed it.  I have done 100 Silent Saturday posts and will be having a giveaway.  Starts this coming Saturday.  I am giving one of my collage paintings..a small one...but cool!  Pics on Saturday!!  Just saying!!

Well that is it for me today!!  I Randomized my heart out.  Now it is up to you to join in or at least go and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked.  And see what other Randomizers are doing.  She decided that it had been on year since Keely at The UnMom has posted as our fearless Random Stacy will now be the new official host!!  Congrats Stacy and thanks for keeping this going!!

Be well everyone!  I am donning my rain gear and hitting the streets again today...oh wait...I didn't bring rain gear!!  Sheesh!  Guess I run in between the drops today!!  Ha!  Or stay warm and dry and read my book!!  I think that makes more sense and it is a good book.  Starting the Hunger Games!! 

Have a magical and blessed day.
Hugging you

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's all in the toes!!!

Yessirree!!  All about the toes and getting pedicures.  Ahhh!  Bliss!!

I love getting relaxing.  The only problem I have with it is that I am so darn ticklish!!  Ha!!
This time I picked spring blue for my color and she put one flower on my big toe.  I love it!!

My dream?  To walk on new mown Kentucky Blue grass in my bare feet.  A martini in one hand and a large juicy olive in the other.  Feet are happy and so am I!!

Pedicure party hosted by My Five Men...what a nice way to start out spring!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ One Hundred!!

Happy Silent Saturday!!  Can you believe it!!??  Post 100!!!  What a milestone!!  But DUH!  I forgot to take a picture of the giveaway!!  Remember that party I am having!!??  100 Silent Saturdays!!   Woot!!
I am now throwing confetti in the air!!  Dancing around.....woohoo!!!!

So I will take the pic next week and we will have the giveaway then.  So sorry!!!  I got involved with my painting and then company came.  Those are my excuses!  Are they good ones??  Ha!!

This Saturday is all about "seeing" and texture!!  Enjoy!!

Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Art Friday!! The Road less traveled!!

Photo Art Friday

The challenge this week is...

1.  any piece of photo ART that pleases you

2.  a piece of photo ART that incorporates the element of a path or a road (in whatever way you may want to interpret that ...)

I choose the road less traveled!!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you