Friday, March 30, 2012

Self-Portrait ~ Study in black and white!

In The Picture

Hosted by Urban Muser...self portrait study in black and white...Here are my offerings!!

All using different is a couple more!!

Then using a different filter...

Stop by Urban Muser and see all the wonderful photos!!  So exciting!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you


Sandra said...

What a wonderful way to show off your lovely white hair! I love the last shot because it looks as if it's snowing!
Somebody recently told me that women don't go grey anymore, they go blonde! Well, not all over them as I am going silver grey too and I love it! I love that I don't have to pretend that I'm younger than I am. Isn't it wonderful to be free?!
Have a beautiful weekend!
Warm wishes

urban muser said...

looks like you had fun with the editing, great shots! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

SandyCarlson said...

Amazing. Each permutation opens up a new universe.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

The image with stars surrounding your head is the most life-like. No? Hugs...Charlotte