Monday, April 20, 2009

Fresh from the oven!!

Another new baby has been created and I just had to share! Her name is Adrianne and she is for sale! $225.00 plus shipping will bring this sweet baby to your home!Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Resurrection

It was night.........
It was day............
Therefore, the sky was filled
With the sun, moon and stars.

The Word of God
The Perfect atonement
A tree clothes in purple;
Capped with a golden crown.

Carried the worst of man,
Jeered by the best of Satan.
The agony so deep;
The sacrifice so complete.

The tree split........
The red thorns pierced........
The blood gushed towards hell;
Crushing death, disease...despair.

Jeweled covered Angels,
Sun, melting the sky.
Shirring the cloth-bound Holy of Holies;
Piercing the flowery traditions of man.

Death has no power........
Sin has no hold........
The earth could not contain;
He who framed it's very life.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mind Wide Open Challenge - April

What a wonderful challenge Gail presented to us this time around. A terrific photo print and the prompt work was "moments". To cast your vote, go to Mind Wide Open .
Here is my entry.
The print I used is here.

She walked on the beach. Just like they used to do. The sand felt so cool and the waves crashing brought her back to those moments. Walking hand in hand...together. Sharing the stillness of the early evening; sharing secrets...kissing. Oh these moments were so precious to her and now they are gone. She looks out on the water and remembers those moments. There is such a void in her life right now. Shedding a tear, she heads back to her car. Leaving the beach to it's memories.

Please go vote ! You can also leave your comments here as well. But that doesn't count.
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