Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WIP ~ Day Seven ~ Fiber Piece

Well I accomplished quite a bit yesterday with this piece and I am pleased with how it is coming out.  Still need some finishing touches but this is what I have so far.

The first pic is before I added more texture, which you will see in the second piece.

Enjoy and thanks ever so much for visiting!!  I so appreciate all your comments and feedback!!  They totally make my day !!!

Hoping you have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WIP ~ Day Six ~ Fiber Piece!

Well I have assembled the fiber piece onto the canvas. So all the main parts are there. But I need to do the finishing touches. Still adding more material and handmade paper. I hope to have this prototype done by Friday so I can show Bob and Sherri! Here are a couple of pics!

Will post pics over the next couple of days as I progress.  Thanks for viewing!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Random Tuesday....Not spring yet!!

So I took pictures at the 90th birthday party.  Everyone was there and we had a blast.  Then I came home and looked at the pictures then deleted them.  Yep!  You heard me correctly.  Deleted them!  I thought I had downloaded them already.  NOT!!!!  Sigh!

Wanted to take pictures of our trip camera battery needed charging.  What a good camera operator I am...I brought the charger!!   Woot!!  Plugged in the camera battery and went to sleep.  Got up and put battery in camera and went back to the birthday girls' house and wanted to take more pics.  Camera said, "Battery exhausted" and shut down.  WTH!!??!!  The charger didn't work.  Tried to charge it in the car and it still didn't work!!  Got home, thinking I would have to get new battery or new charger; I tried one more time and it worked!!  Yippee!!!  So why the hell didn't it work before!?

The last couple of days the weather has been very spring-like.  Birds singing; sun shining; blue skies...loving it!  Coming....SNOW on Friday!!!   ##@@@**##

Getting manicure and pedicure today!!  I love it...a pamper day.  The day I had yesterday, I need a pamper day!!  Working on that fiber piece and it kicked my butt!!  More on that later!

Finally did it!!  I exercised yesterday...belly danced to video. is low-impact aerobics!!  And I had a blast.  But I sure didn't move like those girls did on the video.  There hips must be filled with WD-40!!  Darn!  But I will keep at it..ya never know.  I may get those gliding hips too!!

Going to see Cirque Du Soleil in June...hence the promo in my sidebar!!  I have seen them once before and they blew my socks off.  I am so looking forward to seeing them again.  We are taking my son and his wife too.  Then we will go out to dinner.  It will be a fun afternoon!!  Sadly, can't take pics during show.  So I can't share it visually with you.  But I can get the music and that I can share!

I am still all about Alice in Wonderland!!  I am seeing it again and I can't wait.  And the music rocks!!  Every song is amazing!!  If you haven't seen it must go!!  And see it on the IMAX screen in 3D---OMG!!  It will blow you away!!

Well I think I have been random enough for this Tuesday!  Have a magical and blessed day!  Will post tomorrow of my work in progress piece!  So stay tuned!
Hugging you

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silent Saturday !! Part Eight!!

Almost April!!  Wow!! 

My Easter Tree!!

Self Portrait I painted in 1986!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
Have a magical and blessed one!
Hugging you

Friday, March 26, 2010

WIP ~ Day Five ~ Fiber Piece!!

Well, I am back into the saddle again!  I began working on the fiber piece and I am so glad I take pics along the way!  Here is the recent overall pic.

And I notice right away that I need some breathing room in between  the top two layers.  Now I get to work on adding places for the eye to rest as well.  Here are some close ups!!

My intention is to weave that diagonal piece through the layers.  These layers protrude about 3 to 4 inches.  Very cool!!   I am using buckram as a form and it works perfectly.  A product named "Stiffy" is what I will use to attach the fabric to the tubes.  At least, that is my plan.  LOL!!  If that doesn't work (and it should) I will stitch them on.  I sure hope the Stiffy works.  That would be a lot of stitching.

I hoping to finish this piece this weekend so I can call Bob and set up a time to show them the prototype piece.

Hope you are enjoying the process.  I sure am learning  from "seeing" the piece like this.  It helps me with overall design and color!

Have a magical and blessed day!!

Hugging you

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still recovering!!!!!!

From my trip!!  Boy, that was a lot of driving!!  Whew!  One thing I enjoy about driving though is that you can take as much luggage as you want and you can stop where and when you want too!!  I love that!  No matter where we stopped to eat or gas up; we met the friendliest people.  Fellow travelers and wonderful!  And I already told you how great our motels stays were.  Super time!!  But still trying to get my "sea legs" back. 

Wanted to share my Easter still life with you.  I just love this bunny.  So sweet and the flowers were a gift from Dr. John.  He is so sweet!

The glass cloche and the tall glass cake stand where my great finds at Hobby Lobby.  Don't you just love them??  I have my felted desserts inside of them. 

These are two chairs (out of six) that I painted and recovered in vintage fabric.  I love how they turned out.  The vintage fabric I waterproofed so they would be durable as dining room chair covers.  The wooden chairs themselves came from a shop that imports from Mexico.  I got them for a song!!  Sanded them and painted them!  What do you think?  I love how they brighten my dining room.  And boy are they comfortable.  Here are a couple of close ups!

Hope you enjoyed my Thursday interlude.  I just needed to post some spring!!  After driving through a blizzard yesterday; I needed it bad!  Luckily, the snow didn't stick around.  But still....give me spring already!!

Have a blessed and magical day!!
Hugging you

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So special!!

Look what I received from Magaly at Touched by Pagan Culture  !!!   Isn't she the sweetest ever?  She gave me the Blogger Buddy award!  I am so "touched"!!!  If you have never visited must go and check her out.  She is a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor.  Thank you Magaly.

There are rules with this and I will do my best to follow them this time.  Hehehehehe!  Well, sort of!!!    I have to pass this award to 10 Blogger Buddy's that have made a mark in your life through their blogs. 
Let's see.....

Alix at Casa Hice
Diane Duda at Duda Haze
Diane of GoodMorning Glory
Julie-Ann of Heavenleigh Art and GoodYou Dolls
LaDonna of LaDonna Welter Papercutting
Gail of Mind Wide Open
Pam of Art at the Speed of Life
Charolette at SeaHorse Ranch Life
Sharon at Sharon's Cottage Quilts
Joanna at The Fifty Factor

Gosh, there are so many more but that is ten!  All wonderful buddies and fabulous blogs!!  Visit them and see for yourself!!

I was going to post some pics too but I will wait until tomorrow.  They are just some still life's that I did.  Camera wise!!!
Have a blessed and magical day!!
Hugging you

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday...Happy Spring!

I am home from our trip to Illinois and I am moving slow!  2200 miles!!  That is a long time in the car!!!  My butt is still numb.  The trip home was marred by two things.  One, I couldn't get my camera battery charged and two, we had to travel through freezing rain in Missouri and Illinois...some in Oklahoma too!

Seeing Lorena looking so well at 90!!  Wow!!  Made me realize how important it is to take care of yourself.  She rides a bike every day.  She clocked in over 4000 miles last year!!!  Amazing!!  It is a tricycle and she loves it.  Her youngest son, Gary and his partner Joanna, got her some cool gear for her bike.  A flashing headlight and a flashing tail light.  So cool!  She is stylin' now!!  Here is a pic of all of us!!

In the back is Gary, myself and Dr. John.  In the front is Joanna, Lorena (our birthday girl), Karen and Bob.

Some more pics of our trip! 

John playing with fake gas pump!  Then Joanna and Gary posing for me at the Portrait Studio.  Last but not least, Joanna and Dr. John, loving on each other!!  LOL!!

When we got home, our neighbor informed us that we had received 16 inches of snow while we were gone!  Glad I missed that!  It was pretty much all melted by the time we pulled up into our driveway.  Cool!!  But we did have snow and freezing rain on our drive so I guess I am even with Mother Nature!!  Drats!

My daughter-in-law is going to be going to Las Cruces to pick up her oldest daughter from college.  She wanted to come home for spring is getting her.  They are going to swing by here on the way home and spend the night.  So I will be able to visit with them too!  Very cool!  I will take some pics too.

When we got home, the charger for the camera started working again.  Grrrrr!!!!!  Murphy's Law!!

A little plug for Hampton Inns.  We stayed with them on our trip and they were amazing.  The rooms were spacious and spotless.  Luxurious even!!!  And their "free" breakfast was fabulous!  Eggs and potatoes and fresh fruit; great coffee; etc.  The staff was courteous, friendly and professional.  While staying the one in Springfield, I had forgotten a few things and called the front desk to see if they had a razor and a toothbrush.  They did and they brought it to me!!!!!!  Within 5 minutes too!  I was floored.  Thought I would have to go to the desk myself!!!  WooHoo!!!  The Hampton Inn also includes the Baymont Inn as one of theirs too!  We stayed at both. 

Guess this is enough randomness!!  Hope you all are enjoying spring!!!  When we hit New Mexico, it was 77 degrees!!  Ahhhhh!  Now that is what I am talking about!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Silent Saturday~~Part Eight

The road trip to Illinois!

Sunrise in Oklahoma!

 St. Louis Arch!!

Sculpted mural in Missouri Rest Stop!

The birthday girl!!  Lorena Lommler is 90 years young!  Surrounded by her three sons; Bob in blue, Gary is brown plaid and Dr. John in tan jacket!  Let the party begin!!!

Have a magical and blessed weekend!
Hugging you

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I received two awards!! Woohoo!!

From Touched by Pagan Culture!  The Beautiful Blogger award and The Sunshine Award!  How cool is that?

And the stipulations are pretty easy as Magaly kind of altered them.  LOL!  Must share one lucky fact and three things that brighten up your day!  You are supposed to also pass this onto 13 bloggers!  I will alter this again and say that you, my blogland friends, brighten my day.  Therefore, you all deserve these awards and please post them on your blogs.  Please????  Last time I offered you all an award, I don't think any of you took me up on it.  Sniff!!  You really do deserve them!

One lucky fact:   Having my hubby (Dr. John) around gives me such luck!!  Just knowing him makes me a lucky woman.  He rocks my world!!

Three things that brighten my day:

1.  Reading comments and blogs from all my friends in Blogland!

2.  Seeing sunshine and blue skies brightens my days for sure!

3.  Losing weight has brightened my days and my life!!  Just have to keep losing now!

Thank you all for reading my blog and for brightening my days!

Thanks my dear Magaly!!  I love you sweetie!

May you all have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes it is that time again folks....RTT!!  WooHoo!!  And would you believe I am still battling that damn migraine!  I cut out all dairy and even my diet Mountain Dew and it still is with me!  I am calling the chiropractor today and see if it is just a matter of an adjustment!  I will let you know.

I said I wouldn't do it...but I have no choice.  It snowed again!!!  We ended up with 10 inches!!  Boy I am really hating this stuff now.  I mean, doesn't it have anything better to do.  We have mountains...let it snow there...and only there!  Skiers would be happy.  I would be happy.  But has to snow here too!!  Plow man showed up around 10AM so that we could get out of our driveway.  Oh joy!

Ain't it purdy??  Yuck!

We are leaving on Thursday to travel to Illinois.  Springfield to be exact.  Dr. John's mom is celebrating her 90th birthday!!  And we are going to help her!  His two brothers are joining us.  It will be fun!  90!  Wow!  I can't even imagine and she is still sharp as a tack.  She lives by herself and does a good job taking care of her home and the yard.  I can only hope!

Had that jewelry class last week and we used No. 8 and No. 11 seed beads!  After five hours, my eyes were buggy!!  We were working on a bracelet.  I only managed to get four inches done.  Here is a pic.

Went out last Saturday night to the Olive Garden.  Met with my DIL and two of my granddaughters; Emma and Cassie.  We had a great time.  Food was terrific; even though I only managed to get two bites down.  This is normal for gastric bypass!!  Sometimes the food just won't go down.  Sigh!  And I paid for this!!  LOL!!  Anyway...sat there and told stories and laughed.  Had my camera with me and didn't take one picture!  How dumb is that?  Here are pics of the two girls!

I know!  They are beautiful and I am totally prejudice!  Love my girls!!  Their mom is a beauty too but she doesn't like her picture to be taken.  'Tis a shame too; because she is gorgeous!

I will be getting my nails and feet done today!!  Yeah!!!  Gotta love it!  Meeting my friend Cheri and we will be pampered for today.  After nails we go to lunch!  Then back home to work on my fiber piece.  I was hoping to get it done before we left but it doesn't look promising.   Sorry Bob!!

I think that is enough randomness for today!  You all behave now!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you

WIP ~ Day Four ~ Fiber Piece

Here is my WIP so far!

Thanks for peeking!!

Hugging you