Saturday, March 20, 2010

Silent Saturday~~Part Eight

The road trip to Illinois!

Sunrise in Oklahoma!

 St. Louis Arch!!

Sculpted mural in Missouri Rest Stop!

The birthday girl!!  Lorena Lommler is 90 years young!  Surrounded by her three sons; Bob in blue, Gary is brown plaid and Dr. John in tan jacket!  Let the party begin!!!

Have a magical and blessed weekend!
Hugging you


Planète said...

What a wonderful sunset and beautiful photographies

Magaly Guerrero said...

Amazing sunrises and just in time for spring! They were almost as bright as the face of the 90 year old beauty.

Happy Vernal Equinox my Wicked Darling!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing photo, I would love to think there is a photo somewhere along the line of my life like this.
Such a dream! So lovely to gaze on their beautiful faces. Happy 90th birthday!

Oh Sueann, you would of loved Renee,
You have so many adventures, and with both your personalities you would of had a good laugh so many times.
Renee loved writing pretend personalities for some of her pictures she'd find. I was totally blonde about it in the begining and we just have such a laugh.
This part reminds me of the way you write about your adventures.

Hope you're having the best weekend!



Kristina P. said...

Lovely pictures! Have a great weekend!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

My gramma was also blessed with 3 sons. The boys were born in Oklahoma but soon moved to CA, during the dust bowl. Those boys loved their momma. She lived to be 91. I have a photo portrait much like this one you've posted. A family treasure.

Brian Miller said...

the sculpture is great...and the sun paints such a pretty sky. hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy 90th Birthday Lorena!

The St Louis Gateway Arch! I visited that when I was 12 years old-- nearly 30 years ago! Thanks for the reminder.

Happy weekend,

sinnlighet said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

Hilary said...

Wonderful photos from start to end. Happy birthday to Lorena. :)

Anonymous said...

Your still looking cute!

TechnoBabe said...

Your pictures make a road trip look like fun. I really like the family photo of the birthday gal with her three sons.

Judy said...

Hope you weekend was great and your trip home was safe...

Jane said...

The birthday girl looks lovely in purple I might add! I love the music on your relaxing!

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hello Ms. SueAnn,

Happy Birthday to Lorena. ;)

Your photos are incredible. The sunset and rises are absolutely stunning. I've never been to St. Louis and am amazed at the monument at a rest stop??? A most unlikely place for one but it is incredible.

Sending your fairy hugs and butterfly kisses for a perfect day ahead.

~Kitty Kellie

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

The photos are silent and peaceful.

And birthday wishes to the young lady. I liked the spirit :)

Wednesday Wallpaper - Abandoned House in Greenery


Joy said...

Beautiful family photo! And that mural is so cool - can't believe it's at a rest stop!