Thursday, September 29, 2011

Work in Progress ~ Week 8!!

Last time it looked like this

Thought I would share the latest pics of my WIP!  Here is where I am at now....

And some close up pics...

before detail (close up)


I still have to add more reeds and then I plan on doing some stitching!  So there you have it!

I am also working on some items for my art/craft show which is coming up in November!  The 5th!
So...more pics coming!

Thanks for peeking!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Tuesday....My green thumb and a trip to the NM State Fair!!

4:15 A.M. and I have been editing photos since 3!!!  Yikes!!  Ha!!  Actually, this is my normal schedule...the 3 A.M. part!!   I love getting up early!  Gives me time to do household chores so that my day is free to do art!!  In case you are wondering?  I go to bed around 8:30 P.M.!!  So I get plenty of fav thing to do!! 

I spent time in the field on Cheri's property and walked with horses!  What an awesome morning!  Here are some pics!!




Beautiful, huh???  I was a bit nervous but Pie and Cookie were so sweet and definitely curious as to what I had in my hand,  Ha!  They liked to pose for me!  And they loved their ginger snap cookies that Cheri was giving to them!  Great way to spend a morning!  Oh!  By the way...Pie and Cookie are not mother and daughter!  Just saying!!!!!!!

The trees are all planted now on the property.  Whew!  Joey did a great job!  But it takes 2 hours to water them every day!  Sheesh!  We are working on adding to our irrigation system to take care of this precious resource!  Here are some pics...

view looking up towards our house

These are so little right now but will soon be showing signs of their awesome beautificousness!!  Bristle cone Pine....drought and heat resistant!  Love it!!

Yes boys and girls!  It is that time again.  Fair time in New Mexico!  We took our second oldest granddaughter, Cassie...


Dr. John and Cassie

And we just have to have some pics of the sights seen at that fair!!!!

Dr. John

We had a great time!  And of course, we ate our way through the fair...I mean...that is required!!  And I brought home some yummy Kettle Corn!  Sigh!  I love Kettle Corn!  If you haven't had are missing a great treat!  Best if fresh!

It is nearing my favorite time of year...Halloween!!!  I love decorating for it!  Here is my tree...mantle is being worked well as the rest of the house.  I want to get that done before surgery...yikes....Oct. 5th is soon to be here!!!

And of course, we have to post these pics........

Whew...a busy packed week for sure!

It is that time to remind you to go and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and see what Randomness is happening there!!  It is always fun to see where the week has taken everyone in such a random fashion.  Also, give a nod to The UnMom.  She was our fearless leader and is now on an hiatus....sigh!!!  Come back Keely...we miss you.

Thank you for spending time with me this morning...hope you had fun and enjoyed seeing my nook of the woods.

Have a magical and blessed week!
Hugging you

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Silent Saturday ~ Part Seventy-nine!!


Welcome to another addition of Silent Saturday!  Relax...sit back...and have a cup of coffee!!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

Fall...a magical time of year.  Some rains have come and wild flowers have burst forward!

And the sunrises do not disappointed..!!!

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you