Thursday, September 8, 2011

Work in Progress ~ Week 6 !!!

Gosh have I missed all of you!!!  Sorry I have been absent but it couldn't be helped.  I was unable to connect to the internet for the past 5 days!!!  Ouch!!  I don't like being cut off at all.  Had to pay a visit to the local Verizon store and have them reset my Hotspot!  It worked!!!  Woot!!

Before I left on vacation, I was able to get some more work done on my newest painting.  Here are some pics!!

closer look at some of the handmade paper

Here are some close ups...

here you can get an idea of all the textures in this piece

close up of the tile work-I used 11mm royal blue seed beads as grout

I used red glass tiles here with 11mm yellow seed beads as grout

The tiles with the tiny blue seed beads are ceramic plates broken up into shards.  Here are some more pics...

close up of handmade paper and brass wire

close up pierced ribbon and vintage wrapping papers

close up pierced paper and brass wired ribbon

Then I began placement of some nature inspired elements...

elements being attached

As you can see, the blue tape is holding these new elements.  Kind of like place holders.  I am liking these new pieces and have more I want to add to give some 3D qualities.  Stay tuned!!

Thanks for popping by!  I will do my best to visit all of you as I am still on vacation with my family in Ohio.

Have a magical and blessed day.
Hugging you


Magaly Guerrero said...

I've missed you! Thanks for that sunrise, I needed it today; it has been raining for three days in NYC.

I'm loving where your new work of delightful art is going. It is starting to look like a dreamy sky of multiple suns over an amazingly layered ground.

Friko said...

you are certainly using your time well and productively.
Very interesting work.

Brian Miller said...

oh this is very the celestial bodies in the suns or planets and comets...really neat stuff sueann

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh SueAnn what a BEAUTIFUL sunrise....THANKS for sharing....!!

I hope you're having a WONDERFUL visit with your Family....Speaking of which....THANK YOU for popping by....It ALWAYS makes me SMILE OUT LOUD when I see you....!!!!!

The textures & layers in this piece are INTRIGUING....I must admit....I just wouldn't have the patience to attempt something as adventurous as this my Friend....CLEVER YOU....!!!

I hope you have an EXTRAORDINARY weekend when it rolls around to your side....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Suldog said...

I've been derelict in my duty, and haven't stopped by here in a while. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation!

ellen abbott said...

It's really looking good!

She Writes said...

ohhhh ahhhhhh oooooooh :)

Indrani said...

Lovely elements chosen. Looks great.

pchickki said...

It is just breathtaking SueAnn

TechnoBabe said...

I am liking the piece more and more. This is my favorite of all the ones I have seen so far.

Maggie May said...

5 days without the internet is a very long time to go. Glad you got it sorted.

The project is coming along beautifully and the photo is beautiful.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

SandyCarlson said...

It sure is coming along!