Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work in Progress ~ Week 5

I am not sure if this is week 5 or week 6?  Ha!  I am on my laptop so timing is off for me.  I am traveling to Ohio to see my mom; but I wanted to share my progress.  I had a good week....except for the other night when I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain.  I am okay now...just a little bleary eyed!!!  No reason found for the severe pain though!  So have to see regular doc when I get back home.

So here are some overall pics of piece so far...

Now for some close ups and details...

copper wire with beads, circular organic shapes, vintage buttons, light blue vintage flocked ribbon

laser cut line green paper,  paper napkins,  blue beads and grommet ribbon

More details...

some close ups of tiled area

close up of tiled area
I used a lot of vintage ribbons and papers on this one.  I think I mentioned before that I was very happy to find these papers in my stash.  Nice to be able to match them up!!  Whew!!

Now some extreme close ups of the tiled areas.  I used ceramic pieces and glass tiles and my grout is 11mm yellow and blue iridescent seed beads.

Close up of some of the papers...

I hope you enjoyed my latest pics of the piece.  I am almost done.  I was hoping to finish before I leave but guess it will have to wait on me to return. 

My housekeeper is watching my house for me so that is a worry taken off my mind.  Plus, the bonus is that it will be cleaned and sparkling when I return!!!  I love it!  A win win for sure!!

Going to see my 83 year old mama!!  I am so excited and so is she.  It has been one year!!

Have a blessed and magical day!
Hugging you


Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

Sue Ann, I love this! It's interesting to look at the overall picture and not realize the details, and then see them jump off the canvas one at a time as you explain what you used to create it. Makes you look at again in a whole new light.

The color choices are fantastic, and so vibrant.

I've been MIA, so didn't know you were feeling bad. I'll put you on my prayer list.

Have a safe trip.

ellen abbott said...

It's looking really good.

Slamdunk said...

Safe travels and sorry to hear about your ER stop--those are never fun.

Brian Miller said...

oh the WIP looks incredible...loving all the color and texture...ugh on the ab pain...hope they can manage it...and travel light...

Indrani said...

Amazing work!
Have a great time with your mama. Mamas are precious! :)

SandyCarlson said...

This is my favorite yet! I love the colors and the textures.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you and your mother have a wonderful visit!! I haven't seen my oldest daughter in a year (and three days!) either and I miss her bunches!!!!

Sorry you had an ER visit. I hope you will be OK and pain-free now!! How weird that they couldn't find anything. Where's Dr. House when you need him?? LOL!

Very pretty and interesting art! Looking forward to seeing the finished work!

Cinner said...

It is looking really nice. I see a lady lying on the ground with butterfly swirling around her...Do have a wonderful visit with your Mom. I know your excitement. We are moving Mom next weekend. When you get back drop by to enter my giveaway. will be thinking of you, sorry to hear about being in the ER. Hopefully nothing too serious. hugs dear friend.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

"No reason found..." That always sends me to my font of all knowledge Google. Seriously, I hope you are OK and this was just a 1 time weird occurance. Clearly it isn't keeping you down.

Denise said...

Your piece is looking beautiful! Love all of the elements and textures that you are using. Have a fun trip with your MaMa!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi SueAnn, I'm heading to Ohio on Tuesday to see my mom too! Safe travels and have a great time.

I'm loving the colors and textures in this piece. It's happy and gorgeous!

Hope your stomach is still okay. Feel good.

xo jj

Magaly Guerrero said...

Enjoy your visit with that lovely young lady ;-) And wow! The new piece is looking precious.

Kim Mailhot said...

I hope the abdominal stuff stays away !
Your new piece is wonderful. Such details !
I hope you have a superb trip to visit your Mom ! Pics please !
Happy Labor Day Weekedn !

Maggie May said...

Love those colours It is very encouraging to see this work growing.
Enjoy your time away.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

I am drawn to the colors in this piece. Really nice.
Enjoy your time with your mother.