Friday, March 26, 2010

WIP ~ Day Five ~ Fiber Piece!!

Well, I am back into the saddle again!  I began working on the fiber piece and I am so glad I take pics along the way!  Here is the recent overall pic.

And I notice right away that I need some breathing room in between  the top two layers.  Now I get to work on adding places for the eye to rest as well.  Here are some close ups!!

My intention is to weave that diagonal piece through the layers.  These layers protrude about 3 to 4 inches.  Very cool!!   I am using buckram as a form and it works perfectly.  A product named "Stiffy" is what I will use to attach the fabric to the tubes.  At least, that is my plan.  LOL!!  If that doesn't work (and it should) I will stitch them on.  I sure hope the Stiffy works.  That would be a lot of stitching.

I hoping to finish this piece this weekend so I can call Bob and set up a time to show them the prototype piece.

Hope you are enjoying the process.  I sure am learning  from "seeing" the piece like this.  It helps me with overall design and color!

Have a magical and blessed day!!

Hugging you


Kim Mailhot said...

Feeling the need to learn something new myself..maybe a Spring Thing ?
Enjoy the fun. Happy Friday !

Hilary said...

Such vibrant colours! Looking forward to seeing the final piece.

ArtSnark said...

looking good,SueAnn!

Question for you: have you ever tried Aves Apoxie sculpt? I heard about it on another blog & saw on the company website that some doll people use it. I'm thinking about trying it out for assemblages & thought I'd see if you had any suggestions

ellen abbott said...

I've missed out on the beginning of this piece. Tubes? Is it going to be three dimensional?

Alix said...

I may just have to commission a piece from you SueAnne... not that I can afford you or anything.

You amaze me.

Brian Miller said...

love the layers of color...great selections...cant wait to see the finished piece!

linda said...

Can't wait to see it!! :)

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Never heard of stiffy. It's coming out great so far.
Love the chairs in the previous post!

She Writes said...

You have me curious!

Riki Schumacher said...

This is great SueAnn. Love to see the design process in action, and steps. Very fun. Can't wait so see the finished product. Hugs, Riki