Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Tuesday....Overcast, windy...WTH???? heard me right!!  I go all the way to California and find rain and clouds and wind....WIND!!  I just left the damn wind.  Sheesh!!  It was so beautiful when we flew in...sunny and cool.  Perfect!  What the heck happened??  Oh are some pics of our flight!!!

empty plane...bliss!!!

Had to take a cab from the airport to shuttle!!  Bummer!!  Or I could have taken a shuttle, to the train to the bus and walk to hotel...NOT!!  So cab it was....and the cabby drove like a New York cabby so we got here in record time and the price was $27.00 .  So not too too bad!

The hotel is nice...newly remodeled!!  But what is this?  No Room Service???  WTH??!!!!  They have a little mini shop with pop and such.  And a cafe that is open for breakfast only.  Good news though...across the street is the mother ship.  Ha!  They have a lounge and a restaurant.  Also, there is a company that you can use to deliver food from any number of local restaurants.  So cool!  We had pizza one night from California Pizza....yum!!  And last night, we had food from India!!  Gotta love it.

Yesterday I did a walkabout...and discovered we are in the middle of a Asian community.  Very cool!!  And lots of old victorian buildings.  Also cool!!  Here are some pics...

Anywho...neat area and the weather held out so I could walk.  Did about two hours.  Stopped for coffee and then back to base camp.  Tada!!!!

Before we left, my son and DIL came and stayed Friday and Saturday night.  They brought the two youngest g'kids...Georgia and Lee, Jr.  It was fun to see them and we got caught up with all that is going on.  Lee Jr. loves to use our hot we fired up the temp and away he went.  Here he is making sure there are no leaves and such in the water.  Ha!!

We love our hot tub!  Especially during the winter...we brave the snow and hop in.  The steam turns to ice on the top and back of our heads!!  Ha!  But talk about luxury...ahhhhhh!!

I am sitting here drinking the "made in the room coffee"....bleek!!!  But it is hot and has caffeine so it will do.

We get home on Thursday and we have Alice watching the house and my outdoor cat.  Ha!!  He is the neighborhood stray and we feed him too.  He is one big cat...I am thinking about catching him and bringing him in.  He lived under the hot tub during the cold, cold winter.  I really felt so bad for him but he was happy and warm.  Sooooo!!!  We keep the hot tub temp at 85 degrees F. all the time.  When we want to use it, we fire it up to 102 degrees F.  Ahhhh!  He loved that too!  Ha!!

In case you missed it.  I have done 100 Silent Saturday posts and will be having a giveaway.  Starts this coming Saturday.  I am giving one of my collage paintings..a small one...but cool!  Pics on Saturday!!  Just saying!!

Well that is it for me today!!  I Randomized my heart out.  Now it is up to you to join in or at least go and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked.  And see what other Randomizers are doing.  She decided that it had been on year since Keely at The UnMom has posted as our fearless Random Stacy will now be the new official host!!  Congrats Stacy and thanks for keeping this going!!

Be well everyone!  I am donning my rain gear and hitting the streets again today...oh wait...I didn't bring rain gear!!  Sheesh!  Guess I run in between the drops today!!  Ha!  Or stay warm and dry and read my book!!  I think that makes more sense and it is a good book.  Starting the Hunger Games!! 

Have a magical and blessed day.
Hugging you


Brian Miller said...

some really cool architecture in your pics....california pizza, yum...and love all the food when we travel as well...hope the wind dies a was really windy here yesterday when we hiked up the mountain...

pinkglitterfae said...

lots of random fun, lol! Well, we've been getting crazy winds here too, go figure, lol!
glad you had fun there,and how awesome to have a cat living under your hot tub, haha! at least it keeps him warm :-)

Nadine Hightower said...

I've tried to talk the hub into a hottub... I will not give up!!

Michele said...

I have refined the art of calling local restaurants to deliver to my hotel room. I find they are usually faster and tastier than hotel room service also.