Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Tuesday....Healing, Hungry and Senditary!!

Two weeks since surgery and feeling great!  Still haven't started walking yet though.  Mostly due to the weather.  It is so windy and cold...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! 

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day...but that wind.  Sheesh!!  It is bone chilling for sure.
How has your weather been?

 My thoughts and prayers are for all the families that have and are suffering with the current violent storms!  Mother nature is sure pissed!  The devastation and loss has been so awful.

And yet, I have been blessed with more fabulous sunrises...

 Dr. John went to Las Cruces last Cheri and I went out to dinner Friday nite.  Went to the local ribs restaurant and had ribs and martinis.  Yum!!  When we left for dinner it was 20 degrees!!!  Amazing!  Where oh where is spring?  Ha!

I think I told you that Cheri came over last week and brought me tulips and lunch!!  How cool is that!  But I forgot to take pics...sorry!  The tulips where red and gorgeous...perfect for my garden next spring!!  Then Alice, my friend and housekeeper, brought me roses!!  

What have I been doing?  Well, working on my painting...and it is looking good....recovering....eating!  This is not a good combination...I have to get active and out and about.  So recovery is biting me in the butt!  Ha!!  But I am doing well and I will be out and about before we know it.

I have been shopping at cool.  You become a member (free) and you can shop each day their daily specials.  Clothes, shoes, handbags and home furnishings.  I purchased some really cool under the bed storage boxes...the colors were amazing!! place to go and shop.  Great prices and the deals only last one day.

Also visited a fabric store...on line...Contemporary Cloth  OMGeeeeeee!!!  Unusual and rich fabrics for sale and the prices are fabulous.  I spent a few dollars there but for my collages, I couldn't resist.  Some of the fabric is patterned after handmade paper!!  Can't wait to see that!  I will take pics when I get them.

Also ordered some fabric from  Black and white...different patterns and designs but all black and white.  I have an old ottoman that is leather and is in need of a makeover.  This fabric would be perfect!  I am just waiting on the other fabric order...because I need a touch of red!!  Pics will follow!

I can't wait to show you the pics of my newest painting.  It is really working well...I am totally enjoying the process.  I will show you on Thursday!

My craving these past few months has been sourdough pretzels!!  Just saying...!!

Showed off my portfolio st the plastic surgeons office and it was received very well.  So who knows?!  They all loved the one I just finished.  I told them it was available....Ha!!  So we will see!  I go back in about one month.

Can you tell I am struggling here?  Recovering is boring!!!!  Can't really go anywhere and do much of anything.  Sigh!!  My big trip is coming up though.  We are going to Oakland, CA.  Dr. John has a conference.  I think I told you this already?  Anywho...that is what I am looking forward too!!

A couple of trips to Walmart....out to dinner and lunch with Cheri....and a trip to Sonic for a Chicago Dog!! 
Oh!  And how could I forget!!  I broke a part of my back molar off!!  So now I have a temporary...waiting for the permanent crown!!  Just under $600.00!!!  Wow!  That is after insurance payment.  Thank the good Lord for insurance!!

I think I have tired you out with my activity!!  Ha!  So I will close for now!  Now don't forget to go and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and see all the Randomizers musings!!  Always fun to read for sure.  Then stop by Keely at The UnMom and encourage her to retake up the banner for Random Tuesday.  She is missed terribly.

Have a blessed and magical day!
Hugging you

PS.  Crazy blogger...published before I was ready.  Just saying...!


Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm glad you're healing nicely!

Mother Nature's been a real biyatch this year for sure...

Always love your sunrise pictures, so breathtakingly beautiful!

Can't wait to see the painting you're working on! :)

Being Warrior Cat Scourge, Diamond Candle Obsession, Wine-Opoly and Chocolate Fun

Brian Miller said...

recovery is boring...ugh...yeah it can be...glad you are healing well though...that white sun rise is awesome ...cant wait to see your painting...

I am Harriet said...

I've been enjoying the sunrise around here too. I'm kind of bummed to lose it when the clocks change.

Have a great Tuesday!

Jenny Woolf said...

Hope you're out and about soon! That feeling is called cabin fever here in the UK.

Saunar Buboy said...

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