Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Indoors, outdoors..all around the town!!

Stacy Random time...and poor Stacy has a terrible cold...make sure and stop by and wish her speedy recovery!!  Stacy at Stacy Uncorked...and see what other Randomness is going on!!

Tuesday found me with my BFF Cheri at the East Mountain Garden Club's tea!  It was a beautiful day and oh my....the food!!  The ladies sure can cook!  Gastronomical feast for sure!  Urp!

Here are some pics of the food and the beautiful ladies in their hats!  And a plate of the luscious food!

And the place we held the tea...oh beautiful.  Nature Pointe in Tijeras, New Mexico.  Here are some of the building and grounds....

On Friday, Dr. John and I went to the Natural History Museum of New Mexico hosted by the JTD Show of 100.3 IHeart Radio.  My fav morning radio show.  We had so much is a glimpse of that day..

donuts for national donut day

JTD...Jackie, Tony and Donnie..the radio hosts and wonderful people for sure...

After the Dino Show, we went to Starbucks for a little refreshment...

My son. Lee, and his wife, Ginger, and my grandson, Lee Jr., came up Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday.  Lee came up to help us do outside work....!!  So appreciated!  I just can't work like that anymore...sigh.  He made a new outside patio for me, cleaned up and mulched my rock garden and fixed up my little front porch with the new patio set I purchased.  It all looks so to furnish and decorate!!  Here is what he did...

front porch

new patio area

front rock garden

He did such a wonderful job!!  Lee Jr. helped grandpa take the trash to the transfer station and Ginger and I went to Costco and shopped and had lunch.  We had a blast!!  Anyway...Lee did a great to get some more mulch and furniture for the new patio.  Woot!!

Saw the oral surgeon on Thursday and the pain in my gums continues....he is stumped now for sure.  So he wants me to see a neurologist...who deals in chronic pain.  Sigh!  While I am waiting to see new doc, the oral surgeon gave me Lyrica to try and see if that will I have been taking it for three change!
Sigh again!!

Took my laptop to doctor ( Computer Corner ) and they were able to clean it up.  It had tons of viruses.  I was mystified!  I had a good virus protector I thought!  So they gave me a new one and now I have puter.  I am going to let Dr. John have this one to use at home and I ordered a new one!  Got a good deal at Costco!  So we will be a two laptop family!  Cool!  Welcome to 2013!

I am recovering my dining room and kitchen next week.  They needed freshening for sure.

Oh and I have a new pet.  My grandson and Dr. John left the back door open the other night and we now are the proud parents of a mouse!!  Yikes!  I have several traps we will see.  So far...nothing!  He has disappeared!  Damn!!

Have a magical and fabulous day!
Hugging you


PS.  A new batch of flowers...



Bossy Betty said...

Lots of wonderful randomness here (well, except for the mouse....)

Brian Miller said...

i hope it works on the gum pain...what an amazing place you had the tea...and the food looks great too...going to take the boys to the museums next week i think...go visit the dinos...smiles.

ellen abbott said...

maybe the mouse decided that the pickings were better outside. but, here's little tip about mousetraps. bait it and put it in a paper bag and place the bag along a baseboard where you saw the mouse. when it sets off the trap all you have to do is pick up the bag and toss it. blood and guts contained.

the tea looked great and was that a tongue in the mouth of one of the wolf skeletons?

The Artful Diva said...

a fun-filled day I see!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the well wishes! :)

That tea looks like so much fun, and the location is gorgeous!!

Princess Nagger would be in seventh heaven visiting all those dinosaur bones! :)

Your son is such a peach helping you out! He did an awesome job! Think he'll want to come give us some help on our outside work? ;)

Glad you got your computer fixed and ordered a new one - being a two laptop family is the way to go! ;)

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Maggie May said...

A very interesting lot of random pictures but the one that really caught my eye was the turquoise table and chair!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Did someone say donut day? And I missed it...darn. As for the house mouse: surest way to see it again is to have guests over. That's when mine appears. So embarrassing.