Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Jewelry, Construction and take me to the Ball Game!!

Stacy Yeah!  Tuesday, June 17th and hot, hot, hot!!  I love it!!  I am such a summer and sun kind of girl.  Far superior to the cold, freezing, yucky winter time.  Which lasted forever and forever!  Whew!  Over now and I am one happy girl!!!!!

Much to share.....first I have a necklace I am working on.  This is related to an online course, Sweet Tweets by Riki Schumacher and sponsored by Artful Gathering 2013.  The classes are on going and they have a second session coming up.  Check it out!!  What fun!  This is the piece so far...

I soldered the bird and the bird's, fun, fun!!  I am trying different beads and charms.  I think I like the bird's nest better than the relates.  But I also want to lighten the beading on the right hand side.  So it is definitely a work in progress.  Riki is an excellent teacher...I have taken a class from her in person in Tucson and now the online course...I am learning so much!!

You know we are moving next year and I have many things to do to the house before we can offer her for sale.  The wood floor for the living room has been chosen and ordered...check.  The new granite countertop for the kitchen has been ordered, final measurements taken and will be here in approximately three weeks...check.

We needed to work outside as well.  Front porch spruced up and furnished...check.  New patio has been established in from of the hot tub patio..check.  Furniture for new patio ordered and is being delivered...check.

Now we need to work on the back patio.  So our son, Lee, to the rescue again.  He removed the rotten back stoop...or porch.... anywho,  it is really small.  When he removed the yucky top boards, he found the frame work was totally rotten.  So now it is better than ever....

We also have a dog run that was open to the back patio.  It was a total eye sore.  The dog run is not in use anymore....she, Eloise, our Great Dane passed over five years ago.  Sigh!  We miss her still.  Anyway, we have done nothing to this back area.  Lee said we needed to extend our fence with a gate and make the back patio more defined that way.  Brilliant!!  So he built a wood wall to extend the original fence and put in a gate.  Beautiful...check!


Painting, I finished yesterday!  Looks fabulous!!  Now to clean up patio itself...add some flowers and in general, clean up planting beds....more to come on this part of the re-do! has been one busy weekend.  I so appreciate my son for coming and spending the weekend to give us a hand.  We all worked as a great team...Lee, Sr., Lee, Jr., Dr. John and myself.  Dream team for sure.

Over the past three weeks I have been taking a online jewelry class and an in person small metals class.  I am so enjoying these classes. 

The small metals class,  was taught by Lauren at Meltdown Studio here in times.  Lauren is a wonderful teacher and I learned how to manipulate brass and copper metals.  I made one ring and three pairs of earrings and a few other pieces of embossed metal.  We sure got a lot done in the 10 to 3 PM class!  Whew!  Thanks so much Lauren!

I already shared with you the online class, work in progress.  Now to decide and finish today!  Then I have one more online class which I will share with you next week!

Never a dull moment the midst of all this working, on Father's Day, I took Dr. John to the local ball game.  The team...the Isotopes!!  What a name...ha!

What a fun time...a green chili cheeseburger we shared and fries.  Then, of course, we had to get some Kettle Corn and Cotton Candy...yum.  The strange creature in orange and blue?  That is Orbit, the team mascot.  She works very hard at entertaining the crowd.  I say she because Dr. John says the Orbit it a girl.  So I am going with it.  Ha!!  Our team won, 12 to 5!!  Woot!

That has been my week!  Whew!  No wonder I am tired.  Oh and I did all the cooking and cleaning over the weekend and Monday too!  Steaks on the grill, Saturday and hot dogs for lunch.  Last night I made a Scallops Parmesan Cream Fettuccine...Yum!  Desert was ice cream with peanuts and chocolate sauce...urp!!  But all in all, everyone was happy.

Thanks to all who made this past week fabulous!!  Oh I almost forgot!!!  I received the most gorgeous bracelet from Cheri in copper.

The crystal was given to me from my grandson, Lee, Jr.  Cheri did such a fabulous job on this bracelet..just had to share!  Thank you Cheri...I love it!!

Make sure and stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and read about all the goings on over there.  Stacy is also getting ready to move...oh so fun!!  Ha!!

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Brian Miller said...

oo i rather like the results of your metals class....we went to quite a few college baseball games but have yet to make it to a minor league game...

Brian Miller said...
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Brian Miller said...

your son did a great job on the fence too...

Martha Kasper said...

I envy those who can make jewelry. I look at all those beautiful beads and "do dads" and get so overwhelmed!

Stopping by from RTT!


Bossy Betty said...

I am always impressed with all you have going on!

VandyJ said...

That cuff bracelet is awesome!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

gal, you leave me in the dust! one of your days is a maybe a month...worth of activity for me. the next owner is gonna love your house. :)