Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Abstract Wednesday ~ Digital Whispers ~ No place like home!!

At Nature Footstep, she did a doorway and it is so intriguing!  So I thought I would take a note from that and offer some architectural goodies!!  Stop by Nature Footstep and see the fabulous photos!  Amaxi9ng!!

Here we go....



original...central library

altered...many layers

downtown Dallas

I play a lot with layers and then add color tints....I could spend days working on these...I love it so!!
 Ha!  And as a side note....I don't have PhotoShop.  I use Photo Studio and Photo Suite as well as and their filters.  I have yet to tackle PhotoShop.  :( !!!

I am also posting this at Digital Whispers.  They are having a Blog Hop!  Digital Whispers is on the Ning Network and they offer a place for displaying and teaching about altering and manipulating digital photos.  Visit them and those on the Blog Hop.  See the many exciting examples of unique expressions in photography.

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Brian Miller said...

nice...i like the first two...more subtle blend....and i love the vivid colors in the variation...

Kaylene said...

Like your editing and thank you for commenting on my blog. Cheers

Ma said...

Very interesting! I like the library one.

Bill said...

I love your playing with filters and layering and colors. Your first photo is wonderful with the reflection of you in it!

Annemor said...

I like the way you blend your filters.
Great work
Have a nice evening.

Judy said...

Interesting work!!! I especially like the windmill superimposed on the library!!

Indrani said...

'Many layers' that looks superb!

Friko said...

I love the altered skyline, it’s my favourite.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Mesmerizing♫♪ Loved the neon, loved the windmill! loved the wisps♫♪ My abstract:

Debby Van Enkenvoort said...

Hi Sue Ann,great editing. I especially love that last shot! I'll have to check out your !

Mariane said...

Splendid work, I like your Art and the way you have edit your photos. Splendid!

My contribution at:

Have a good week

pchickki said...

These are all so amazing.
Thanks for participating in the hop.
Love to see your work on DW

Carolyn said...

How did I miss these. . . fantastic results, SueAnn. You definitely have your own style that works well and is a treat to view.

Kym Decker said...

Wow SueAnn!!! You really outdid your self today! Your work is extraordinary! I love the great layering you did on each one and the beautiful colors you used to create these amazing art pieces! Awesome work and great post!