Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Botantical Gardens, Totaled car and a new Puppy!

Stacy  Wow!  End of June!!!  Amazing!

Super Moon....we took a shot at her too!  What a sight to behold!

Dr. John and I sat in our new patio the other night and it was awesome!  Finally have the outside patio in front that I have been wanting...just in time to move!  Ha!  I captured a fabulous sunset!!

Thursday, went to lunch with my granddaughter, Cassie...Great lunch!  Shrimp Tacos...yum!  At Chilis!!
We were planning our birthday celebrations...hers is Thursday, the 28th and mine is the 29th!!  She is so excited....she is turning 21!!!  We will celebrate her birthday on Sunday with blue Margaritas!!!  Woot!!!
Me, Dr; John is taking me to The Melting Pot...a  fondue restaurant.  Fun times!

Cassie birthday!!! I will be 64!!  That has me amazed for sure!!  I should celebrate in some fashion with all of you and not sure how I want to do that.  Let me think about it!  Ha!!

Dr. John and I went to the Botanical Garden on Friday and it was fabulous!  I was hosted by Jackie, Tony and Donnie of 100.3 FM, I-Heart Radio.  We are becoming fast new friends.  Ha!

Some pics of the day!!

Jackie and Tony..Donnie is on break!

On Saturday, I received a text from two of my granddaughters, Lisa and Emma, showing off their new nails and toes.  Two minutes later, a car ran a stop sign and plowed into them...totaling the car.  Emma hit her head on the dash and the roof of the car...serious pain and a trip to the hospital!  Ct Scan showed all clear...whew!  She is home and in pain but recovering nicely but boy is she bummed.  She just got the car in her name from her parents!!  Only had it for two days!  Now, no car and she is not 21 so she cannot get a rental.  The to get to work!!??  She is upset for sure.

My granddaughter, Lisa is doing fine.  Serious whiplash but no trip to hospital.  She called me from accident scene..wondering what to do!  Sigh!  And I could not be there!  Frustrating for sure.  Her mom showed up two minutes later and then then they both went to hospital to check on Emma.  All her x-rays came out clear!

The next day found them both in lots of pain but angry that this had happened.  Everyone is still wondering how to get Emma to work, when she is able.  She needs her job!  Ahhh...such is life...full of impossibilities!  But prayer works, and I am doing that!!



Found out yesterday, Cassie cannot keep her dog, Otis!  Her roommate doesn't want the dog around!  I guess Otis barks all day, wanting his mommy...and roomy can't sleep.  She works nights!!  Ahhh the joys of sharing space.  So, we are getting a pup!!  A small, fluffy mix...weighing less than 1 lb.  So fun times for us.  It needs some training!  Sigh!!

Cassie and Otis

I will keep you posted!  I have no dog stuff and I pick him up today.  This ought to be interesting.  Cassie says she has stuff...good!!  I will need it.?

Party!!??  Yes we do need to celebrate, don't we?  As I mix up a batch of about a giveaway??  A $25.00 gift card to  That ought to blow your skirts and shirts up??  So that is what we will do....two weeks from today....I will draw a name from the lucky person who leaves a comment on this blog.   So if you have been is the time to speak up!!  Leave your comments..and your name goes into the proverbial hat!!  Ha!!  Good luck!

That's it for me!  I don't know about you...but I am exhausted!!  Whew!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!

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Hugging you,



Brian Miller said...

oh goodness...i am glad they are ok...and hopefully the pain will go away and this wreck will be behind them...that is rather scary....

smiles on your upcoming birthday and great shots of the moon sue ann

Diandra said...

Glad to hear the girls are okay. How about the other person's insurance? That should help her get a new car.

Indrani said...

glad they are fine. :)
Happy times with your new member.

ellen abbott said...

I'm glad the girls are OK. We had some small dogs, chihuahua and chihuahua mixes show up here several days ago. somebody dumped them on the county road and my neighbor has been taking care of them. they think it is great fun to escape the pen and romp all around. I'm surprised they haven't been hit by a car speeding down the county road.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhhh! I'm so glad the girls are OK! Sucks about the car - I'm with Diandra, the person at fault's insurance sure better get her a car! And they should rent one for her since it was all their fault.

I totally spaced and didn't get a shot of the Super Moon - so glad you did so I could enjoy them through you! :)

LOVE the pics of the sunset, and all the other amazing shots! :)

WooHoo! PARTY!! :)

Otis is a CUTIE!! So sweet of you to take him in - plus I bet Cassie will be relieved that she'll get to have visitation rights and see him often. And I bet she's relieved he'll be well taken care of (and spoiled rotten, of course). :)

Smiles and Grins with 10 Things to Smile About June Edition by way of RTT Rebel

khess136 said...

WOWZA! Oh, my much news! First, let me offer prayers and healing for those beautiful grands. Been there with our #2 and it's frightening. Hopefully, they're making good progress now.

Again, Happy Birthday! Look at it this way (as I did 2 years ago) you're on the doorstep of Medicare!

Loved all your pix and your new addition is SO cute. Photos are beyond "beautiful," and sending you hugs for a most lovely week. xoxo Karen

Steven Keltsch said...

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