Friday, November 12, 2010

New Babes...ready to go!!

This is my first birthday pic!  Thought I would throw this in here!  Ha!!  I wanted that cake...let me at it!!!

Finished two more little ones for the Doll Show this Sunday.  And boy are they little!  10 inches!!!!  I had to hunt through all my clothes to find something small enough.  Most outfits I have are for newborn or 0 to 3 months size!  Yikes!  But find a couple I did and here the cuties are!!

Told you they were little.  Just a handful of cuteness!!  Anyhow, I am ready to go now.  Got some Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby...for 50% off...WOOT!!!  So my tables will look festive for the show. 

My son has been here for a couple of days and that has been wonderful.  The rest of the family is arriving tonight so that they can all help with the show.  So I will have plenty of helpers!  Whew!!

I will take plenty of pics and share them with you. 

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you


Judy said...

They are sooooo cute!!

Brian Miller said...

awww...i just want to rock them in my arms...but you steal the show with yours. smiles.

Maggie May said...

They are remarkably life like!
Hope you manage to sell at the show.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

ellen abbott said...

10"! You need to put something in the picture to help me visualize that. My brain says they are bigger.

Mimi said...

Oh they're just precious!

Hugs & love,

Riki Schumacher said...

They are so precious SueAnn, good luck with the show! Hope you knock em dead. Hugs, Riki

A Dancing Mango said...

they are precious... and they do look large.. I know it is difficult for some to visualize, but i can.. teeny adorables..!

Cinner said...

They are so beautiful. I love them, they look so real. I hope you saw my message I left for you at my blog today. good luck with the show. have fun with all your helpers. lucky you. hugs.

auntiegwen said...

You were a gorgeous baby and you grew up and you make gorgeous babies. I love the idea of your playlist, I may have to copy it for my blog xxx

SY said...

like porcelain dolls.. very cute