Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Tuesday....Generally speaking!!!

Well, the big holiday is over...Thanksgiving that is!!  And I hope you all had a wonderful celebration???  I sure did!!  It is such a blessing to have a bountiful table and to be surrounded by family!  Praise the Lord for sure!!  The food was so delicious but I forgot to take pics...we all were starving...Ha!   So we dove right in.  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, relish plate, pasta salad, and last but not least...deviled eggs!!  Got to have them!!!  Here are pics of my pride and joy!!

Lee Jr. in college

Emma our cheerleader

Lee Sr., my son

Lisa also in college and my grandpup, Aretha

Georgia, totally adorable

So, I was opening a jar of pickles and it was giving me a tough time.  As I turned it, for the fourth time, my hand slipped and I hit the counter full force with my nails!!!  To say that it really hurt is an understatement. I snapped off one nail to the quick, cracked another right through the middle and last but not least, cracked my thumb nail on the side.  Talk about pain!!  Owie for sure!!!!  And it still hurts. 

I went into town yesterday and it was snowing...well, it was trying too.  Kind of spitting flakes all around me.  I was nervous because I have to drive through the mountain pass to get to Albuquerque.  And it can get pretty tricky when it snows.  If it gets too bad, they will shut the freeway down!!!!!   Anyway, got to the pass and it was just fine...whew!!!

While in town, I had my nails and toes done.  I needed that badly!  Since I had broken some of them...the nails that is.  She did a fabulous job as usual and you can't even tell that they were cracked and broken.  Well done Jessica!!!  Then we had lunch at the Olive Garden...!!!  Yummy!!!  I had stuffed Chicken Marsala...oh my!!   TDF!!!!

Black Friday!!  Oh what fun!  We left Gallup around 4:30AM and arrived in Albuquerque at 7 AM.  Went straight to Macy's and found a parking spot not too far from the entrance.  Went into the store and it was crowded but not crazy.  I needed a coat and a jacket...found them and and the price was fabulous.  Plus I had a coupon for 20% off sale price and a gift card for $25.00!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  I ended up with two coats, two sweaters and a purse (which Dr. John picked out) for the price of one coat!!  Not to shabby!!  Then we went out to breakfast...ahhhhhhhh!!!   What fun!   Arrived home around 10:30AM...and took a nap!!!   Ha!

Would you believe I have gotten all my Christmas shopping done??   True!!!!  Now I am just waiting for it all to arrive.  I did my buying all online.  Great prices and most everything was free shipping!!  Very cool!!  And this year, I have the cutest gift bags for all the no wrapping!!  Yeah!!! 

It has been so cold.....down to 2 degrees!!!  Brrrrrrr!!!!   And windy...which makes it all the colder.  We had snow in Gallup...around 3 inches and it caused icy conditions on all the roads.  Glad we didn't have to drive to far in that!!!  Just from the motel (La Quinta) to their house!  Around 6 miles one way.  Whew!!  So walking has been out of the question.  Darn it!  So I have signed up for a Zumba class!  Sounds like fun.  It happens three days a week.  Just what I needed!!  I will let you know how it goes.  Plus I have some aerobic video tapes that I am going to start using.  I need to lose 30 pounds and I will have reached my goal!!   Woot!!  Woot!!

I have a secret sister to send a gift too and a swap partner.  So I better get cracking and get these things wrapped and into shipping boxes.  I also have two babies to put hair into!!  Sigh!  Need a good movie to watch while I root a couple of heads!  Pay per I come!

That is it from me today!!  Don't forget to stop by Keely's at The UnMom and see what she is up too!  Trouble I am sure!  And visit all the other Randomnizers...what fun!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!!

Hugging you


Sarah Knight said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving (in spite of the fingernail mishap) :D

Dad-thanksgiving & mom-thanksgiving were both good, festive, & delicious (and pink jello salad appeared at both). I did not burn the house down cooking the turkey :D

I'm happy to have finally gotten a human amount of sleep :)

Have fun with your projects!

Snappy Di said...

Very cute family and that Cassie does look like a 'college' girl, doesn't she?

I am, by the way, in love with the name Aretha for a pet.

Rainy here today although it is a touch warmer than yesterday was.


Kim Mailhot said...

You are all done shopping ? How great ! Luckily, my list is small this year as we have decided to limit gifties to the kiddos and just buy nice bottles of wine and good food treats for the family to make it easier for my sister who hostesses the day.
Isn't on-line shopping great ?
Let us know about the Zumba.It looks so fun.
Be safe in your winter wonderland, wonderful Sue-Ann !

Brian Miller said...

you are done?!? way was i going out on black friday...gla dyou had fun...and a great thanksgiving as well!

Joanie M said...

Ouch on the nails!!! Mine are acrylic. I'm a terrible nail biter!

You found great deals!!

I always think of the southwest as warm all year.

I did no shopping on Black Friday. I did,however, wait on a lot of shoppers that day!

Great randomness!

Bossy Betty said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving! Sorry to hear about the nails. Youch! That hurts!

Sally-Sal said...

I love the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack on your sidebar :)

Lori said...

What a beautiful family you have to be so proud of! I am glad Thanksiving was wonderful and that you had a sucessful Black Friday shopping experience. :) All done shopping..luck you and so smart to do it online. Good for you. We are having snow too...schools called off because of it today so I had to miss work to stay home. Lucky me! :) Happy Tuesday!

Kristina P. said...

Your family is beautiful! And I empathize about the cold. Brrrr!

Hilary said...

Wow.. you're so busy .. and those fingernail mishaps sound painful.

What an absolutely beautiful family!

Denise said...

Happy to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sorry to hear about your getting hurt. Ouch, I've broken a nail off in the quick before and it does indeed hurt like crazy.

imbeingheldhostage said...

ooooh, I am cringing at the nails-- owie is and understatement! Glad you were surrounded by loved ones and able to have a nice Thanksgiving. Good luck with the Zumba and 30 pounds-- you can do it!!

Kerri said...

What a beautiful family! Sorry about the accident with the jar .... ouch!

Judy said...

SHOPPING DONE!!?? I've not had time to do any yet...bummer...guess I'm going to have to find time...

SandyCarlson said...

I am glad you had a great holiday and all your shopping is done. Enjoy every beautiful minute of the season!