Saturday, August 4, 2012

Silent Saturday ~ Part 115 !!!

The taste of quiet

Savor it on your lips,
sweet and salty,
tart and sastisfying

Savor it on your lips,
one ray of light
then another

Savor it on your lips,
embrace the heat,
dance in it,

Savor it on your lips,
gaze lovingly upon it,
as it teases you,

Savor it on your lips,
spin and twirl,
laugh and giggle

Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you



Brian Miller said...

wow. i am savoring...i am tasting....beautiful....the second, fourth and last are my saturday

Tabor said...

AT first I thought it was savor it on you 'hips', but that is just where my mind goes.

Friko said...

There is too much silence in my house at the moment.
I will savour it again when I will have to look for it.

Have a lovely Sunday.

She Writes said...

I am too busy savoring to know what to say other than yum! This was delicious :).

Mark said...

Savoring here, even though on the boat constant noise. Beautiful.

Indrani said...

Whoa! Love this drama with colors!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

These are a beautiful sky...I do like to savor the silence nowadays