Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ Ohio or bust!!

Yes...Ohio it was.  Rainy, humid and oh so green.  We loved it!!  Forgot what it was like to take a shower and dry off and a few minutes later, we would be soaking wet!  Ha!!

We stayed at the Radisson Gateway Hotel right smack dab in the middle of downtown Cleveland.  It was fabulous.  Didn't have much of a dining room or bar though.  Just a small cafe....and bar was just a menu with beer and wine.  And that was limited too!  Sigh!  No Martinis!!  Bummer!!

One good thing!!  They had Sleep Number beds!  Woot!!!  So sleeping was a dream!! 

Here are some  pics of downtown..around our hotel!

After a very rainy day, we were able ti get outside and walk.  We went to the Cleveland Tower...a downtown shopping three story mall on the Cuyahoga River.  It was really are some pics!

We also visited the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Saw a wonderful show of 1920's paintings.  And we also got a series of pics of Naguchi's sculpture outside of the museum.  Neat piece!  The museum itself is undergoing a huge construction everywhere.  But we still enjoyed the show and the museum.

Then of course, came the big day!  Watching the Cleveland Indians play the Boston Red Sox!!!  Woot!!

And you might wonder how the game went.....well...the food was excellent and the beer was fabulous.  Fron a liocal micro brewery!  Yum!  And the soft serve ice cream was to die for...frozen custard.  Blliss!  As for the game...well....they...the Indians...sucked!!!  14 to 1...Boston.  It was a horrible game.  Dr. John was so disappointed and me...well...sick to my stomach.  Enough said!!

Listening to the Cleveland network...they are always advertising the Panini Grill.  So we went.  It was down the street from the hotel. 

The sandwich they always raved about!?  Oooo Mmmm Geeee!!!   It was awful!!  Blek!!  Thick slices of bread, a small amount of corned beef, cole slaw and french fries.  Yes...that made up the sandwich.  Yuk!  It was dry and tasteless!!  So all I can say is...we were there.  Would we go back...heck no!!   Ha!!

The flight back home was amazing.  We got to see an awesome sunset...up close and personal.

That's the trip.  We are glad we went.  Had a blast!  And Dr. John needed some time off for sure.

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Have a magical and blessed day!

Hugging you


Brian Miller said...

nice...glad you had fun...some familiar from my own trip back in january....the guitars all through the mall were really cool...have a few pics of them too....sorry about the game, ugh...but i bet he had fun...smiles.