Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random Tuesday ~ It is sweeter the third time around!

Yes, three times is definitely the charm.  Cheri and I took our friend, Alice, out for her birthday!  We went to the Mariott Inn in Albuquerque, out to dinner st Bravo and they next day...the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly Pavillion and the Aquarium.  What fun!  Cheri and Alice had not been to these fabulous places so I received the honor of tour guide.  Of course, I have some fabulous pictures to share with you all.

The place to dine for sure.  Dinner was incredible.  We got an appetizer and then split a salad and a dinner split three ways.  It was still too much!!  The atmosphere and the waitstaff were charming and elegant.  I am definitely going back and taking Dr. John for sure!!!

Now does that look like trouble or what!!  Ha!!  Alice, myself and Cheri!!

The Botanical Gardens took our breath away..again!!!

female goat keeping an eye on us!

The Butterflies...

The Aquarium...

Whew!!  We had a blast!  Looked until our minds were totally overloaded with visions of such beauty.  Hoped you enjoyed your tour as well.

Saturday, we are flying back to Ohio!!  Ha!  This time we are headed to Lancaster, Ohio which is about one hour south of Columbus.  Going to visit my mama!!  Haven't seen her for about one year.  I am excited.

Then she is flying back with us to visit with us here for one week.  She hasn't been here in over 12 years!!  So much to show little time!!  Ha!

We are even going to Buffalo Thunder, the Hotel/Casino and Spa for a couple of days.  There is going to be an art show and classes.  So I am attending two of the classes and will be putting a piece in the show as well.  Dr, John and Mom will hang out and enjoy the amenities!!

Well, this wasn't very Random but I had fun sharing with you.  For more Randomness, stop by Stacy's at Stacy Uncorked and check it out!  Always fun and never boring!!

Stacy Have a magical and blessed day!
Hugging you



ellen abbott said...

What a great bunch of pictures. I like the prickly pear and the rose and the sky looks like water behind the windmill. What a fun outing.

Brian Miller said...

try to come back from the casino a winner...smiles.....looks like you have been having fun....surely trouble.....ha...that is a really cool affect on the it looks like a vine?

Magaly Guerrero said...

What a blast! I'm quite enchanted by all the specimens, specially the trio of human with the million watts smiles ;-) Oh, and that picture of the jelly fish is perfect. It looks like a sunflower under water!

Hilary said...

It sure sounds and looks like you're having a wonderful time. Love that goat's eye.. and those drinks look yummy. And you... marvelous!

Tabor said...

that looks like a really charming place to eat. Wish I had places like that nearby. You have exhausted me and I hope your survive all this fun.

gretchen said...

The pictures of the botanical garden and aquarium are excellent! And you can't beat $5 cocktails!

Maggie May said...

Love your random things.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Stacy Uncorked said...

You always have the BEST fun going on! :) LOVE all the botanical garden shots!! :)

Principal's Office, Foxy Meltdown in the Dentist Chair, Crustache Sandwich Disguise and a Hunger Games Lunch - RTT Rebel

Suldog said...

You're the second person in my acquaintance who has posted cactus pear photos in this past week. I'm not quite sure what that means in the bigger picture, but I like them. They're a real treat once you get past the spikes.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

You've been busy in the best way...Mom, girlfriends, travel, and fun SueAnn style. Your photos are lovely. Hugs, doll. Charlotte