Saturday, November 8, 2008

I entered an online competition

Please go visit Mind Wide Open. Mind Wide Open is having an open competition. We all had to use a vintage print of a lady peering through a window. The different applications are amazing!! You just have to see!!

I chose to do an assemblage using the vintage print. I added beads, ghost leaves, glitter, wings, porcelain Kewpie doll, vintage glass bottle and the vintage print.
I love the way she is peering through the window and through the door opening too. As if she is yearning for a time past and her Beloved!! She remembers the way it used to be. Her beloved is gone and she awaits his return.
Beloved is the name of the vintage print. Enjoy!!
And have a wonderful creative week!!

This is my entry!! Voting is open for all!! Come on by and vote!

Hugs SueAnn


ArtSnark said...

Hi SueAnn. Just saw your great piece on MWO. Wonderful! Absolutely love the case - the color & shape are just fabulous & so eyecatching :)


PCarriker said...

Very, very cool Sue Ann! I just love all of the pretties you used inside the case.

nightowl said...

Love the detail on your piece. I thought the story behind it was just as you described!

Sanja said...

what a great idea!
gorgeous work!:0)

Glycérine said...

Saw your piece on MWO and I loved it at first sight...

All your other creations are also gorgious..

I'm fan



Anni's Art said...

Wow - wonderful work love all the little details inside the case.

Lucy Edson said...

Great idea to use the image for an assemblage! Love the brilliant colors!

Joy said...

Your piece is intriguing and I love all the different textures and elements that you included.

Loudlife said...

Hi SueAnn!

I came over to thank you for the fabulous Haiku. I had already posted for last week so I will add it to next week's poems, if that's okay with you. It's so fun to open up my email and see Haiku!

Also, I was (still am) going to tell you that I saw your piece on Chel's blog and that it is fabulous - and there it was when your blog opened up. I love it! Really great work!

And - long comment, isn't it? - imagine my surprise when I saw the big, generous link-with-a-picture to my blog! Wow! Thank you! I have been so behind in blog visiting lately that I didn't know you had it there. You really made my day.

I look forward to seeing some more of your Haiku. Thanks again!


PCarriker said...

Just dropping by with the pumpkin bread and some coffee:-)