Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Challenge Time!!!

At Mind Wide Open!! Gail has given us a beautiful picture to start off with. All we have to do is alter is, manipulate it, cut it, glue it, color it, in other words; make it your own! Isn't this the most wonderful image. And the word to use or to think about with this one was "contentment"! I sure hope I did it justice.I first prepared the background and then put the image down. I then cut out the image of the child fairy and layered her over the print. Then I cut out the fairy again, but this time smaller, and put her on top. Too bad the photograph doesn't really show the dimensional quality of this piece. I added ghost leaves and butterflies and a minute and second hand from an old clock. Then I added the texts in white gel pen. I also used alot of stamps that I have in my collection.

Now for the story:-

She is a tiny little thing and so shy. Her name is Fancy! Sitting upon a dandelion puff; she wonders if she should go to the sunflower field today. Miss Spider is there and has been trying to snare Fancy in her web for quite some time! Fancy has been successful in eluding Miss Spider so far. But she so loves sunflower seeds!! If she is really, really careful; she will probably get by Miss Spider again today. Fancy can taste those nutty sunflower seeds right now! Ahhhh! They fill her with such contentment! She must have them!
So off she goes to the sunflower field and sure enough; there is the giant web of Miss Spider! And lo and behold, her friend Griffin is ensnared in the web!!! Oh dear! What is she going to do?
Fancy finds a safe place to sit and contemplate! How can she free her dear friend. Then she remembers there is a rose garden nearby! And off she goes!!!!!

At the rose garden, she breaks off a thorn and flies to Griffin's rescue. Fancy carefully, without moving the web, slices all the sticky strings from Griffin's wings and body. Soon he is free and flying all around Fancy with the biggest grin on his face. "Hoorah!!" He is so happy!!!!
Miss Spider soon realizes what has happened and glares at Fancy. "One of these days, little one, you will be my main course!"
Oh dear! What should she do? Griffin says that she should find another sunflower field to visit. Fancy agrees and off they fly together to find it.
Griffin and Fancy find another sunflower field and they are able to eat their fill. No spiders here. At least, none they could see. This is a happy day for Fancy! She waves goodbye to Griffin and to us as well. She is on her way home for a good nights' rest.
Good Night Fancy! Sleep well!!Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog!! I so appreciate it. It is my hope that the art work and the stories make you smile and fuel your imagination!!
Have a magical and creative day!

PS: Visit Mind Wide Open after the 8th and see all the wonderful art works that will be on display! And vote! If you vote for me...well...all the better!! LOL