Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Tuesday....A Memorial; A Mountain and a Flower!!

Paul's Memorial was on Saturday, May 28th!  So fitting!  A Military Funeral just a couple of days before Memorial Day!  It was a beautiful ceremony.....

The folding of the flag...

Presenting the flag...

Bye Paul!!  You will be missed for sure...!!!

Saturday...the weather was beautiful; but oh so windy!  I had to lash myself to a tree again whenever I went outside!  Ha!!  But I thought I would share some stunning scenery shots!!

Gorgeous day!!!

Also, on Saturday evening...we had a Memorial Gathering at Cheri's house and so many people showed up to show their love and support!  What a blessing!  Almost everyone brought a plant to Cheri for the Memorial Garden she is starting in honor of Paul.  Cheri has 5 acres here in the mountains and has a perfect spot picked out for his garden.  It is going to be fabulous!  A big thank you to all those who came and brought delicious food and shared their love with Cheri and her son Scott and his wife Ruby!  It was a beautiful time!!

Drove through Madrid, New Mexico and they had some horses and a wagon going through town!  What an authentic sight that was!!

The wildflowers are starting to bloom all over our property!  They are so fabulous!  Thought I would share some with you....

Altered Photo!

Altered photo!!

Altered Photo!!

Yesterday, Cheri and I went shopping at American Home Furniture.  I am looking for an outdoor dining set for my hot tub room.  Right now we have the hot tub, a deck and some ratty chairs and lounges.  Time to re-do that room.  I want to throw a hot tub party for the girls in a few weeks!  Mojitos and hot water....can you spell B...L...I...S....S!!!

Then we had lunch at Pappedeaux's.  Yum!!!  Cheri had shrimp and I had the Mixed Seafood Grill.  Of course, we had to have one of their special drinks!!  Ha!  Me, I had the Mango Margarita!!  Cheri had the Grand Margarita!!  Both so yummy!!

Then we went to see Water for Elephants!!  I know!  My second time; but oh so worth it.  Fabulous movie and Cheri loved it!!

Off we went, after the movie to Sam's luck there really.  Not much in the outdoor furniture department. So we decided to hit Home Depot and WALA!!  I found it.  A beautiful wrought iron set with four rocker-type chairs!!  I could order them online and get free shipping!!  I also purchased some beautiful chair pads at $19.00 a piece...SCORE!!!  So as soon as I got home, I ordered the set.  Should be here by the end of the week!!  Will share pics when I get them!! 

I would say we had a successful day and Cheri needed the down time for sure!!

Started the new piece and will be posting pics as I progress.  Love the process of favorite part!  Also sad when it is finished...sigh!!

Dr. John is still hard at work on his book!!  Looks like mid-July before he will be finished.  He is definitely in that finishing mode!  I am so excited about his book.  Here is the proposed book cover pic...

Imagine it without the face!!  Ha! As you can see, I was altering a bit!!  But I think the soil formations are perfect for his book cover.  I am kind of partial to the face though.  But it would confuse the engineers completely!!  Ha!!  Ha!!  Ha!!

I am still rebelling, along with others via Stacy at Stacy Uncorked with Random Tuesday.  There are many Randomizers spewing their stuff at all hours of the day and night.  We all hope for Keely's return to pick up the gauntlet once again and start Randomizing with us!!  We miss her!!!  So come join us!  The more voices; the better she can hear us shout!!!!  Keely!!  Come Back!!

If you haven't seen it yet...go see Water for Elephants!!  Wonderful movie!!  And James Pattinson does a fabulous job along with Reese Witherspoon!!  Besides, Edward James Pattinson is my man!!!

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you


Kristine said...

Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Looks like a touching ceremony. Great pictures. And I loved Water for Elephants too. Think I would definitely go see it a second time. :)

ellen abbott said...

what an amazing sky out there and a cute little town too.

I loved the book, but wasn't impressed with the movie trailer.

VandyJ said...

Kind of jealous of your clear skies. We had lots and lots of clouds for Memorial Weekend.
Love the photos of the flowers too.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yes it looks so touching pictures of the ceremony. The horse drawn ceremony is not seen often. Nice pics

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your photos are always so breathtaking SueAnn! LOVE them! You definitely live in a gorgeous part of the country! :)

That ceremony looks awesome, too - very nice tribute to a wonderful man. And what an awesome friend you are taking Cheri shopping to give her some down time. I bet she appreciated it very much!

I can't wait to see the hot tub room when you get it redone with the new furniture! :)

Thanks for continuing to rock the random rebellion with me! :)

Heatwave Stuff & Nonsense: RTT Rebel

Indrani said...

Good tribute.
I like your photo creations.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like you have had tons of fun!!

God bless to your friends for their loss.

Christina said...

May God watch over your friend and her family.

i read water for elephants and i loved it. I am so afraid to go see the movie. ; )

SandyCarlson said...

Sad and sobering. I am missing him, too!

Denise said...

Your photos are beautiful. I wish my camera took pics. half as wonderful. Pappadeaux.....yum! We don't have one here. I've eatten there once in Dallas.

IT IS ALLY said...

If in doubt fight a plant, I always say ;)

IT IS ALLY said...

If in doubt fight a plant, I always say ;)

EWian said...

My condolence!

The landscape where you live is so different from where I live.

The cover looks interesting.

Thanks for the film tip.