Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Nails, toes and BQ ribs!


Had a fabulous weekend and Easter dinner turned out fantastic. I tried new recipes and they all worked!! Usually when you try new ones, they can be iffy but this time they all cooperated. The menu was... Spiral cut ham with a honey mustard glaze. I basted the ham with honey, butter, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and ground thyme. Yum....
For a salad I made  crunchy pear and celery. Also yum....pears, cheddar cheese, pecans, celery and Granny Smith Apples. The dressing consisted of raspberry vinegar, honey. Fresh and crunchy!

 To go with the ham, I made a nectarine chutney. Honey, nectarines, celery, ground ginger, orange juice, and corn starch. This was a nice addition to the dinner.

I also made scalloped potatoes.  Traditional...potatoes thin sliced, onions, butter, flour and milk.  

For dessert, a caramel apple cheesecake pie! OMGeeeee! To die for! Apple pie filling, cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, eggs, caramel ice cream topping and toasted pecans. I made a butter nut crust and it really added to this cheesecake. I have the recipes if anyone is interested...just drop me an email and I will get it off to you.

While cooking dinner, the power kicked off for a minute or so and it turned off my oven.  I was baking the cheesecake at the time.  I kept waiting for my pie to cook and it just sat there...not setting up!  Ha!  Never occurred to me that it took the oven out.  Ha!  I just assumed it turned back on when power returned...NOT!!  Duh!!

Saturday, Cheri and I got our nails and toes done.  It was so relaxing but boy was the place crowded!  We tried a new design....what do you think?

 Fun, huh?

I am currently reading Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon,  Kind of a futuristic kick butt story about a princess that assassins are trying to kill.  Her father hires some bad ass assassins of his own to protect her and of course they are gorgeous hunks!!  Action, adventure story with plenty of action.  As you can see, I like action adventure movies and stories.  Ha!!

Movie wise, I have been watching Breaking Dawn, Part Two; Casino Royale with the newer bond guy; and Romancing the oldy but goodie!

I finished reading The Legend of Holly Claus written by Brittney Ryan.  Such a wonderful, uplifting story.  Definitely a good read.  Oh and by the way...there is some action adventure in this one too.  Ha!  Holly is Santa Claus's only daughter and an evil soccerer is out to take her life and take over Christmas land at the North Pole.  Tale is woven well and I enjoyed it.

I started a new diet on Monday and boy am I hungry!  LOL!!  But I will tell you that I am determined to lose 40 pounds this year!  I am walking again and have progressed up to five miles!  I am walking with sure makes it easier to have a walking partner!  Whew!  When we can't walk, I ride my exercise bike and try to get 5 or 6 miles on it.  So I will keep you posted on the weight loss progress.  It has been frustrating as I have stayed the same for over two years!!!  Sheesh!  Time to COMPLETE this thing!  Remember, Complete is my New Year's Resolution.

I purchased some new walking shoes to my new walking adventures!  New Balance in black and stripped with neon pink and yellow!!  Fun and so comfy!  So far so good with them.

On Saturday, after our nails and toes, Cheri and I met Dr. John at BJ's for lunch/dinner!!  BJ's is a fairly new restaurant in the Uptown shopping district of Albuquerque.  Wonderful eatery and the food is very good. 
They specialize in BQ ribs and Wings and beers on tap...custom brewed!

This past week has been pretty uneventful.  I have just been chillin' at home...I haven't even worked in my studio!  It needs cleaning and organizing so badly...I am not sure where to start!?  So I just walk through and look at it and so it goes.

That's it for me on the Random front!  If you have any Random news and views, make sure and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and join in.  You never know where others might take you!  But I am sure you have some Random things to share.

Be well and be safe!

Have a creative and magical day!
Hugging you



Brian Miller said...

nice...i need to watch romancing the stone again...ha...they were good movies...and your salad sounds absolutely wonderful...mmmm bbq are all about making me hungry today...smiles.

Michele said...

I haven't been able to get into my studio this week either. Just too much to do. *sigh*

Congrats on the walking progress. I'd like to be more consistent with my exercise but at least I'm doing something. Compared to 3 months ago when I did nothing.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Oh wow! The salad and dessert sound absolutely delicious! And now I'm hungry! :)

LOVE the nails! Perfect for Easter! :)

That restaurant sounds yummy, too!

Good job on the walking progress - you'll be saying goodbye to that 40 lbs for sure! :)

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Magaly Guerrero said...

One day, someone has to write the tale of your fingernails ;-)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Your Easter dinner sounded sooooo delicious!! Now I'm hungry!

I hope you can face your studio'll feel better once you do! And then you can back to creating!

Have a great week!

The Artful Diva said...

ooh la la - I have never seen such colorful nails before - fun!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

I am swooning over your Easter recipes. And I thought you never got those nails dirty in the kitchen! I must read the Princess book; thanks for recommendtion. Losing weight is SO hard. I am encouraging you every pound. Dang...why is it so hard?! Even with healthy eating and exercise. I tell myself that in any other nation our "traditional size" would be ideal. HA! Hugs, Doll. Charlotte