Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Granite Counters, 5 lbs., Ottis rules!!

StacyRandom Tuesday!  And boy do I feel Random today!  Random...scattered...discombobulated.    Yeah..that pretty much covers it.  This puppy exhausts me!!  It is worse than a baby!  Having a heck of a time getting him potty trained!  Peeing we have...pooping...sigh!!  He thinks the living room is the place to go.  Arghhhhhh!  If anyone has any sure fire solutions; please share.

The winner of the Amazon Gift Certificate is......drum roll here.............Brain Miller!!!  Woot!!  Way to go Brian....that is super!!!  Send me your snail mail addy and I will get this off to you!  Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting!! new orchid!!''

Well, the new granite kitchen counter is in!!!!  And it is so beautiful!  Here are some pics.....I didn't get before due to puppy needing constant tending during this time!!  Ha!  He wanted to "see" what was going on.  Crate didn't work so finally set him outside in front patio...he tore up the door and barked for 2.5 hours!!  Another sigh here!

How could all this stuff fit into my kitchen?  Seriously??  Some determined purging to commence!

The 4th of July weekend was wonderful!  Just having Dr. John home was terrific!!  Our cookout consisted of bratwurst and dark beer and baked beans...oh...and macaroni salad!  Yummmmy!!!  Just the two of us and puppy...oh yeah!!  For dessert....Banana splits!!  Did we do it right or what???

Our activity during this time??  Well...puppy-proofing both patios!!  Lengthening gates so he can't get underneath and all around the walls....any little hole....he will try to squeeze through.  See...Ottis is an escape artists.  He once got out in the front yard....and proceeded to run down the driveway and started going up the road,  Can we say.....coyote bait?  Large dog play toy!  These are the thoughts in my head as I, in my sandals, am trying to keep up and entice him to turn around!!!  Ack!!

I started praying for divine intervention and the puppy turned around!!!   Thank you Lord!!!!  I picked him up and determined that given any opportunity...he will take off!  Sheesh!  And I give him good treats too!!  Sigh!

We start leash training this week!  And also crate training!  Wish me luck!

Today the new sink and such is being installed!  Next week...the wood floors!  OMG!  Here we go again.  Where am I going to put all my stuff?  You have heard of 5 lbs. of ##### in a 1 lb. bag??   Well....just saying!

Hopefully, puppy and I will fair better this time.  Once the counter was installed, I felt like someone had hit me in the back of the head.  What with the pup and the noise of cutting granite; the dust and the inconvenience...I was exhausted.   I will say that the men doing the work....fantastic.  True artists and very professional.  They worked hard on controlling the debris and I wore ear plugs when they cut!  At their suggestion by the way,  Albq. STone Masons!  Great guys!  Oh and they cleaned up after themselves as well.  Could hardly tell they cut granite in the house.

Random picture......choya cactus is blooming!!

Yeah!  Finally got my new laptop!  In my spare time, I will be setting this one up and it will take over as my main work horse.  Dr. John will inherit the old one of course!!  Ha!  I have to move all my files!  Whew!  Tons of photos!!  I am very thankful to have this new one...more memory and faster.  Will work well with my photo art projects!

Newest photo this week...well..actually two...Digital Whispers and one for The Mag

digital whispers manipulation with others


original at The Mag

altered original photo

 Make sure and wander over to Stacy Uncorked and say a big hello to Stacy!  She too is getting ready to move and going through the same process I am.  Including doing all the things to the house that we wished to have done over the years!!  Ha!  Just saying!!!!!!!!!

Have a quiet and uneventful week!
Hugging you



Brian Miller said...

ooo i like the new pic with the coke girl...and yay on the countertop! that is awesome looking...ugh though on the exhaustion, i feel you there...and hope you are feeling better now...

woo hoo books!!!!!! smiles. will email you

Anonymous said...

I hope to someday move out west; I love blooming cacti!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That counter top looks AMAZING, SueAnn! We really should probably replace ours - might sell easier if it doesn't have the fugly mustard yellow counter top we currently have (that came with the house and we meant to replace it years ago...heh!) :)

Your piles of stuff from your kitchen look familiar (and make me feel better since I have similar piles going on here) - we must be great at packing things away, since I keep making these huge piles to pack, wondering how it all fit in the first place! LOL!

As far as puppy training, we found those pee pads worked pretty good - put one near the door so you can keep an eye on when he needs to go out (and if he pees or poops on the pad, it's easier clean up (just toss and replace) and at least he's getting closer to the door to connect the dots on going outside). :)

Love love love all the pics!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me - and good luck with all the fun you still have yet to do before your move, too! :)

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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like the orchid and the cactus blooming, beautiful...I have no idea how to train a puppy...I know it is hard though

ellen abbott said...

that's the way we do it at my house too. I get the new computer, he gets my old one. as for the puppy, braver woman than I. I think I'd rather get a grown dog than a puppy. if I ever get another dog.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I've raised three puppies, and oh my, you are such a warrior. My next one will be a grown friend, that way we won't have to argue over who pooped on the rug.

Love the orchid, and wooohooo new kitchen! Yes, lady of mine, you need to say goodbye to some things lol

Queenie Jeannie said...

Puppies, and all babies, are A LOT of work!! Good luck!

Your counters look amazing! So lucky!!! Have fun with your purging, lol!

Have a wonderful day!

Maggie May said...

I particularly like number two!
And the doggie one and the cluttered kitchen one. Very artistic!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

khess136 said...

You will wonder how you ever lived without granite, sweet SueAnn! Enjoy every minute in your "new" kitchen! xoxo

Michigan Stones said...

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