Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ Wow! Has it been that long?


It has been so long since I have shared a single post...let alone a Random!!  Wow!  Where do I begin?

Let's see....August came and went so quickly...grandkids were still populating our house and keeping me busy night and day!!

September, the beginning of fall and the New Mexico State Fair....I took Emma, 20  years old, and Cassie, 21 years old.  Emma had never been to the State Fair and was so excited to go.  She wanted to "ride the rides"!


As part of the experience, Emma got her face painted....HA!  I think the artist got carried away...all down her chest...can we say PERVERT!!!  Ewww!  But it was funny.

Dr. John went to Illinois and hung out with his family.  Brother Bob, Mom, who is 94 and still riding her bike every day, and his niece, Jennifer.  Jennifer took Dr. John to see the St. Louis Cardinals...he loved it!!

The brother, Bob and Jennifer took him out for a wild game of pool.....oh dear....Jennifer was totally amused by Dr. John's attempts.  Ha!!

I will tell you what...blogger is totally driving me won't let me re-size my photos...I have to know some code to do it manually!!!  And then it gets them wrong too!!  Help!!  I need something else here.....ack!!!

Fire surrounded our state this are some pics of the fire in the clouds!!

Inquiring minds want to know...yes they finally figured out that my right wrist was broken!!  Sheesh!  I told them I was in pain...guess they thought I was a whiner!!  SOB's  Anywho...typing is difficult and I am currently doing physical therapy.  I lost my primary doctor...she I have been searching.  Yikes! Choices are slim...and I have yet to be impressed!
I will close for now...pain rulz!!!!!  Stop by Stacy's and check out the journey's of other Randomizers!!!  See Stacy Uncorked to join in too......lots of fun!!

Have a magical and a pain-free day!!
Hugging you


Brian Miller said...

wow. the fire in the sky shots are cool...i wanna go back to st louis....we were there for a few hours 2 years ago leaving branson...blogger is nuts, gotta love these upgrades that make it 'better' for us....

Judy said...

Goodmorning SueAnn...nice sky photos...

Lynn Blaylock said...

I enjoyed your pics. I've just stopped by for a Random Visit.

Lynn Blaylock said...

I enjoyed your pics. I've just stopped by for a Random Visit.

ellen abbott said...

some good randomosity there. and your sunset...we had a very similar one last night.

Kim Mailhot said...

Looks like some fun happenings down your way !
I hope that the wrist heals well.
Love and light to you !

Tabor said...

Terrific photos even if sized funny. If you can find them in the post when you select can guess at the size you want. But it IS a crap shoot. I swear that photo of the women in the car is spooky as the woman on the far right looks a it like me!! Better complexion, better teeth, but very similar!!

Tabor said...

So now it appears that is YOU!! I do not look like your avatar...but when you drive a car, I look like you!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

It has been too long since I stopped in for a Hello. My old age is slowing me down, or the rest of the world is speeding up? Whatever. I'm thinking of you on thanksgiving eve, sending good wishes and a big hug.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Time can sure get away from a person.