Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blessings and Surprises

Great Grandsons...Angel and Santos

  Aren't they precious?  Of course, I am a bit prejudice...ha!
Angel is just shy of two years and Santos is one month old.  I am still amazed that I am a 
great grandmother.  Wow!

These past two weeks have been a continued struggle for me.  The knee has improved, which is
terrific...the hips are still questionable and I am in therapy for both the right knee and hips.
We shall see.  

The new item to rear it's ugly head is bronchitis/asthma!  It's like walking down a hallway...tripping and falling into a puddle of water...someone holding your head down into the can't breath...your struggle and struggle.  You are able to gulp some air here and there...but they keep pushing your head down.  this struggle continues day after day after day...medicine is little relief.  You have to rest in a sitting position.  It is awful and scary and all you can do it wait it out and hope they finally let you up to breath.  I can breath now!!!  What a I am dealing with the bronchitis!!  Sigh!!!

I am doing my best to prepare for Easter and my granchildren to fill my house.  Eggs to be hidden and baskets to be filled...not to mention the feast that will ensue!!  Ahhh yes!!!  Ham baking in the oven and upside down pineapple cake..yummy!!

The weather here in Las Cruces,  New Mexico has been awesome!!!  80 degrees and sunny....perfect blue skies and we love swimming pool fund is growing by leaps and bounds!!  Yes I can feel that blue water now! 

Have and fabulous and blessed day

Hugging you


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Eddie Bluelights said...

They are wonderful great grand children ~ you must be very thrilled . . . :)
So sorry about the health issues and I hope and pray things improve . . .
Big hugs
Eddie x

Maggie May said...

You must be thrilled with your great grandsons. They are gorgeous.
Its not good this raging thing, is it. We just have to plod on with our ailments (which at times seem to be continual). It's painful to walk far, I find.
At least you have good weather!
Maggie x