Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Tuesday....Hang on to your hats!!!

OMG!!  The winds!!!  The winds!!!  Driving us all crazy and stoking the fires!  We now have a large fire just north of Santa Fe and another fast moving fire near Los Alamos!!!  I tell isn't pretty around here!  Smokey and hot and windy...all great ingredients for forest fires.  Over 30 homes have been destroyed in the Los Alamos fire and over 50,000 acres!!  The entire town has been evacuated!  We need your prayers and good thoughts for rain and the end of these howling winds!!

My grandson, Lee Jr., had his play on Saturday night.  The kids wrote their own play and it was full of action.  In fact, it was hard to photograph!  So much going on and so much movement!!  Yikes!!  It was about a Princess, a Dragon and a Monkey!  My grandson was the monkey!  He did a great job.  First, he came out as a monkey and then, due to a magical necklace, he was able to stand and talk and help the prince save the princess from the Dragon!  Quite the adventure I do say!!!!  Here are some pics!!

Everybody dance!!

Lee playing guitar

Lee in brown costume

Lee Jr. and Georgia went home on Sunday and their sister, Emma stayed.  The whole family came in on Friday night to see the play!  Had quite the houseful!!  Bodies everywhere!!  Ha!  But so fun to have everyone together!  Emma needed a break, so she brought extra clothes and will be staying until July 10th!
Her sister, Lisa (my oldest granddaughter) will be coming on July 5th and staying until the 10th!  We will have a blast.  Here is a pic of Emma!

Isn't she gorgeous?!!  She is 5' 9"!  Quite the striking young lady.  She is a cheerleader and a senior this year.  She is the captain.  Emma is helping me with the painting I have been working on.  She hopes to major in art (sculpture) when she graduates.

Emma and I visited with Cheri and checked out her memorial garden she has started for Paul.  She has some nice plants planted!  But these winds and the high heat are sure taking their toll!!!  Here are some of the plants!

I will be taking more pics of it as it progresses!

I finally finished my rock garden...well the first stages of it and I will be posting pics next week.  Got the last of my plants in yesterday and didn't have a chance to take any photos!!  Again, too hot and windy and the smoke is really knocking me down.  My breathing has diminished quite a bit.  It is affecting Emma too.  She has asthma as well!  So we are both dragging around here, just trying to breathe!!  She is using her nebulizer at night and I am using oxygen and my inhalers!!  Sheesh!  This makes my walking almost impossible.

Today, I see the doctor about my MRI!  I had that done last week on my knees to see what is going on.  My poor knees!!  Can't kneel down at all.  Pain is too much!  So, we will see what he says.  Then Emma and I are going shopping and out to lunch!  We will have long as the air quality is reasonable.  We will see!!
I mean....a girl has to shop...Pier One has a sale!!!   Ha!!

pier one...ahhhh!!!

With all this smoke and haze...the sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous!  Here is a more subtle one.

Now make sure you pop over and visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked!!  And check out the randomness there!!  She has picked up the Random Tuesday banner and carried it forward since Keely of The UnMom is on a hiatus!!  So join in!!  Love to hear your random musings for sure!!

It was so nice of you to visit.  Your presence here and your comments make my day!!
Have a magical and blessed day! 
Hugging you


Diandra said...

Looks as if the kids (and the rest of your family) had fun! ^^

Sometimes, by the way, when I try to visit your blog using my blogger reading list, it does something strange, directing me all over the web until I find you... is it supposed to be like that?

Brian Miller said...

hope all goes well with the MRI today...and sounds like you have been in good company as well..smiles...

i ditto diandra...i get sent to hub pages all the time and have to follow the links to get back...does not happen all the time by more than not...

auntiegwen said...

Hello me dear, I will pray for rain for you, we have had 2 days of blazing sunshine here in England and today are bracing ourselves for flash floods.

Enjoy your grandbabies xxx

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

The fires are terrible and I will pray....Kids look so cute!

beth said...

our winds here are atrocious too.....but thank god we don't have the fires and the smoke.....

and your 5'9" (was that your granddaughter} is beautiful !!

Judy said...

..but are the beautiful sunsets worth all the smoke and debris floating around in the air...not to mention the damage to everything by the scary...take care...

Play looks like it went well and was fun...

Friko said...

A fine mixture.

I Hope the fires will soon abate and that you get some rain.

Enjoy the family visit.

Maggie May said...

Love your basket chair & the lovely colours inside.
Hope you scan results are fine.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

She Writes said...

The fires and wind mixed sound like a nightmare... UGH!

Enjoy those loved ones! EEEk, let us know how the MRI went.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I pray for rain and less wind...

Quite the artistic family; wow! The play does sound like a colorful blast. And Emma is precious!

Anonymous said...

Sueann, the redirecting happens to me also. Soon as I go into your blog page it flicks onto another site. I'll try and do this again to see what site it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sueann, its not doing it now, typical hey,lol! If it happens again I'll let you know which sites.
I thought it was something to do with my link to yours.
You all look so beautiful!

SandyCarlson said...

The fires are getting the best of al of us. I love the way life goes on, though. Fun and loving stuff.