Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Tuesday...Alone at last!!

Just had to share this song from Wicked...make sure and hit stop play on my music box!!

Went to the quarry with Emma (my granddaughter) and Cheri (BBF) to pick up some more flagstone.  New Mexico Travertine, Inc.  This quarry is located on 15 acres 30 miles south of Albuquerque.  Their quarries are west of Belen, Albuquerque, NM where they extract the most beautiful Travertine in the world.

We picked out a couple of pallets that would suit our needs and the best fork lift operator came out to load them into our trucks!  And he was the best...a true artist!!

My truck is the red one and boy did it load down when the stone was put in!  Ha!  Then we added stone from Cheri's truck to mine because hers was almost touching the ground!!!  Oh boy!  Do we get into things or what!! 

Oh!  By the way!  I paid $67.50 for my pallet of stone!!  How about that for prices.  We picked from what they call their scrap pallets!!!!!!!!  Amazing!!  This was my third pallet by the way!

And here is what I have done with the flagstone....

Pretty cool, huh?  And of course this path leads to the rock garden out front!!

On Friday, last week, Cheri, Emma and I went to Santa Fe to see what trouble what we would see!!  It was a fun day.  Lots of shopping!  The Square was filled with vendors, people and music.  It is always fun in Santa Fe!!

Emma and Cheri

The square

Emma and me

With all the shopping and placing of flagstone, I haven't had any time to spend on my collage!!  Sigh!  Now that Emma is back home, I must get back to work!!  On the painting that is!!


Just had to add these...I took them last week!!  Fabulous!!

Ha!  While I was placing the flagstone in the patio, my toe caught the edge of one of the stones and down I went.  And guess what I hit?  BOTH KNEES!!  My bad, sore knees!!  Waaaaaa!!!!  And talk about hurt...wowzers!  Did it ever!  Now I have bruises all over my legs and arms.  They are gorgeous shades of purple and green!!  Sigh!

Did I tell you about my doctor visit?  The knee caps are bad!  And they really don't have a surgery to correct that.  I can get them coated on the back side where they are pitted and worn but he said he doesn't have any current data on this new surgery.  If it lasts or not!?!  I could also get two knee replacements or I could wait and for 6 months to a year and he will have more data on the coating surgery.  So I opted to wait!  It only hurts when I kneel on them (excruciating); go up and down stairs and getting up out of chairs.  Things where I have to flex them.  Walking is no problem!!  So that is good!   Won't interfere with my exercise.

A couple of weeks ago, Emma and I visited Dr. John at his office.  There Emma spotted a nice looking young engineer ( Lucas ) and he spotted her!!  They were going to have an office cook out, so we stayed and of course, sat with Lucas and Dr. John!  Lucas is a Princeton graduate!!  Oh my!!

A few days later, we invited Lucas to join us at the Olive Garden for dinner...which he happily agreed to.  We had a wonderful dinner and Lucas and Emma shared a dessert!!  As we were leaving, he obtained Emma's phone number and called her on his way home!!  Asked her out for the Saturday!  Who knows...maybe we have started something here!!  Ha!!  He is a nice young man by the way and cute too!!

Well, I think I have Randomed enough for the day!  Why not join in?  Randomizing is fun!!  And don't forget to check out Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and see what she is up to; as well as the other Randomizers!!  As you know, we are keeping this going in honor of Keely. the UnMom,  who has taken off to fight Zombies or some such thing and is taking a break from hosting Random Tuesday.  We sure do miss her!!


So why don't you jump on in the Random Tuesday pool and keep the party going!!  You can also join me for Silent Saturday where I post photos and poetry...or just photos!!  Also a fun time!!

This has been fun!!  Thanks so much for stopping by and as always, I enjoy and look forward to your comments!!

Have a blessed and magical day!!
Hugging you


Diandra said...

Concerning your knees - maybe you should try fish oil? Or at least talk to your doctor about it. Officially sold for cardiovascular problems, many people have found that Omega 3 fatty acids from fish help with their joint problems. (I am one of them.) From my personal experience, I can say that the vegetarian version works, too, but less well. I had really bad knees and was in lots of pain when climbing stairs - we live on 4th floor! - and it's all gone!

Brian Miller said...

oh i am so sorry on your fall...ack on the knees...the flagstones look cool..whew and your skies are amazing

Michele said...

So jealous of the flagstone. It is beautiful. Sorry you fell while placing it. I started a new painting last weekend of a sunrise for our dark entryway. Can't wait to finish it up.

Tabor said...

Hope you heal sooner than any needed surgery. Pain can create so much fatigue and depression, so keep a good outlook.

Cinner said...

SueAbb, so sorry to hear about your fall, your knees sound bad, glad they don't hurt when your walking though. now for the flagstone, I am so jealous, those prices are amazing...all I know is they are darn expensive here. too much so for this little chickadee....hoping the romance is off to a good start for your grand daughter...wishing all of you well, take care...I would do nothing but take photos of the skies out there, they are so beautiful, each one amazes me. hugs dear friend, no more falling k.

ellen abbott said...

Beautiful sunset pictures. And your flagstones look great. I have some at the city house I want to bring out here. Sorry to hear about your knees. Mine give me trouble sometimes too.

Bossy Betty said...

Love what you did with all that stone! It is beautiful.

I like catching up with your Random Thoughts on Tuesdays!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stone and walkway. LOVE what you did with it.. bet you are loving it too!


Carole said...

Gorgeous stone and THAT PRICE!! I'm jealous!
Take care of those knees girlfriend.

We had HOT temps today you have everyday!


She Writes said...

Wonderwall on your playlist??? LOVE that song. You surprise me in your great music taste :).

I am sorry to hear about your knees. Surgery is one of those things I truly dread. Can't blame you for putting it off.

These are some beautiful, warm shots. Lovely there.

Anonymous said...

Arrgh, young relationships, so cute! Wishing you all the best!
I wonder if you could try what Nanci Danison shares about healing?
Imagine your standing outside your body and sending healing light to heal where you need it. Helped on my jaw.
New kness last about 15 years, so I've been told. Sending lots of love to you!!!!!!!!!! Oh and your flagstones look awesome!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Ouch!! Sorry about your fall too.

Beautiful pictures again and I just love seeing post where you are doing something with one or more of your beautiful grand-daughters! I am so looking forward to those days too... someday! :-)

Hope you're having a beautiful week, SueAnn!!
Coreen XO

Queenie Jeannie said...

So sorry to hear about your knees!! I hope you find a solution soon!

Your yard is looking great! I know that must have been a lot of hard work.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your pictures are always such a feast for the eyes, SueAnn!! :)

So sorry about your fall - and the trouble with your knees - made my knees hurt reading about it! Diandra is on to something the fish oil - you can get the gel caps at Wal*Mart for cheap, and they not only help with joints and such, but they boost your 'good' cholesterol and help the glands that keep your eyes moisturized. My aunt swears by it! :)

LOVE what you've done with the flagstone - I know from personal experience that is really hard work! :)

Look at you go, you matchmaker, you! Looking forward to hearing how Emma's date goes this weekend! :)

Thanks so much for being such a diligent rebeler with me! :)

American Pickers & Motel Fail, Fun Vacation: RTT Rebel

Indrani said...

Truly sorry about your fall. Hope you recover fast.
I like the blooming love story there. :)