Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Tuesday....Wind and Fire!!!

We now have over 7 fires burning all around New Mexico.  Air quality is not that good and the winds are hindering the firefighters' ability to fight these things.  Here are some pics and a short video of some of the fires in progress.

Los Alamos Fire

Los Conchos Fire

So far, the actual town of  Los Alamos has been spared the fire...even though the people are still not allowed back into their homes.  Mostly due to the air quality.  There is also a fire just north of Santa Fe burning in the National Forest!!  Some fires this time of year is to be expected.  But due to the severe drought, record high temperatures and tremendous winds...we have more than we ever had.  It has been awful!  Please continue your prayers and good wishes.  We need rain!!!

My granddaughter Emma, who is almost 18 years old, is now staying with me and we are having a blast.  Shopping and shopping and ,oh, more shopping!! 

Here we are at the mall with Dr. John...

The 29th was my birthday...Woot!!  Woot!!   Another year...thank you Jesus!!!  Emma made me a cake and then Dr. John and Emma sang for me....

Earlier in the week we went to that Japanese Restaurant and had a fabulous dinner...flames and singing and tons of food.  Sigh!!  I ended up taking most of it home.  The name of the restaurant is Azuma and it is located in Albuquerque...great place.  I featured it before!!

This is Emma and Dr. John at the Restaurant!!  Adorable!!!

There has been an interesting moth that has been hanging around our front porch.  Just sits there all day...I think it is waiting for a mate??  Ha!!

Dr. John visited Our Lady of Guadalupe Church...wonderful old adobe structure with a fabulous sculpture of Mary and Jesus in front.

He told me where it was located but I forgot to write it down!  Oops!! 

Dr. John, Emma and I decided to go to Balloon Fiesta Field on the 4th to watch the fireworks...but as we approached the field, we noticed a lot of smoke from the Los Alamos fire settling in and we decided not to risk it and went shopping instead.  Ha!!  Poor Dr. John!!  He doesn't like shopping at all!!  But we got him a Cleveland Indians baseball hat; so, he felt better then and got into the spirit of the afternoon.  Emma and I purchased some cool jewelry and makeup.  I mean, we had to visit Sephora!!!  I mean, seriously!!!!

I was disappointed I missed the fireworks though.  I love fireworks!  So Dr. John took a photo of them off of the TV just for me...

Isn't he sweet!!  I had fallen asleep early.  That smoke just tires me out!!

Early in the morning...some spectacular sunrise pics...

These were taken on our morning walk.  Then we spied these guys...they were at attention and ready for business...ouch!!

The evening ended and Dr. John took this photo from our front patio...

We, I think I have randomized you enough.  Happy 4th everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous cookout and lots of fireworks.  Because of our drought and all the fires...fireworks were not the main feature of the state's celebration this year.  But they did put on some city park ones with the fire department supervising.  All went well.  Whew!!!  Also, I forgot to celebrate my birthday with you; but I just forgot to mention that it was coming up.  So next time we get together, I will have a birthday giveaway for all of you.  I have one more Diane Duda is fabulous!!

Remember to visit Stacy at Stacy UnCorked for your weekly randomness!!  Check out the other Randomizers...always something fun going on around the world!!!  Stacy is still carrying the banner for Random Tuesday, as Keely is still (sigh) on sabbatical!!!  You would think that she would be through with that bottle of wine already...I mean, seriously...Right?!!!!

Go get your Random on now!! 

Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you


Anonymous said...

I love those hibachi restaurants. Dinner and a show and I almost always take about half home. Happy RTT!

ellen abbott said...

those fires are just terrible! We've had some rain but not enough.

Kristine said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sorry I missed it, but sure loved seeing your photos of all your joy!
Sue this is the site that comes up when I come onto your site and it goes on no matter what we try to do, its automatic:
Thank you so much for your loving support. My mum loves the painting and put it on her stairs wall within five minutes of recieving it. Gave me so much pleasure to see her so happy.

Friko said...

Stay safe. Those fires are scary.
Best wishes to all of you.

Hilary said...

Wonderful photos as always. Belated Happy Birthday to you. You share that date with my younger son.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

You always have great images in your posts!

Hoping everyone stays safe and doesn't suffer any loss as the fires continue.

Indrani said...

Belated birthday greetings to you!
Lovely shots.

Brian Miller said...

hey there...sorry been away (still having the hardest time with your site sending me to the art webring) gorgeous pics...and looks lite you are having fun with the little one...happy birthday as well!!!!!

The White Bench said...

Happy belated birthday, dear Sue Ann!! What a yummy cake you had (hope you didn't eat too much!! Hehehe)...
Oh those fires are so scary... hope they can control and stop them soon.
Stay safe, hugs,
Monica xo

SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday! Sorry to be late. You are a great family. I hope those fires die down soon. Your photos are extraordinary.

She Writes said...

What can I say besides HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Betsy said...

Fun, fum times! Well, except for that crazy fire! Scary!

Happy Birthday to you, girl! :) xo