Saturday, January 9, 2016

I did open that door in 2015...

            And I found one great grandson and one due anytime now...also a boy
                                         Angel and
Knee replacement surgery in September of 2015 and I am still recovering..seems it hasn't healed right.
The the PT man handled it causing further trauma and now I find myself still dealing with it...sigh...
Aren't you glad I m posting again??? Ha!


Georgia, my granddaughter...John, my cutie pie as the mad hatter and me...

Grandson, Angel as a pirate

My son, Lee Sr. as a flapper...Ha

I thought I lived in Southern New's freezing!!!  Brrrrr


Have a fabulous and warmer day



auntiegwen said...

Happy new year x

Joanna Jenkins said...

SueAnn!!!! Wonderful to see you in Bogland again.
Your family is growing! Congratulations one and all.
So very sorry to hear about your knee surgery. Ugh. I hope you find an easy solution for a full and complete recovery SOON!
Big hugs,
xo jj