Tuesday, January 26, 2016

PAIN!!!..There's that word......PAIN!!!....It changes one.....

                                           It has given me a broken heart...

                                                         I'm broken!!!!!

I have left......................and who has returned...............who is this that has returned????????????????

                                                I have never met her

She is kind of rough around the edges........very sad....and so lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun is shining today and yet I am so cold....freezing!!!

                                                           Back to bed !!!!!!!!!!!!


pchickki said...

SueAnn I am so sorry for your pain.
My husband had shingles in march of last year and the pain still remains. Doctors have tried everything and still he is in pain. I know what you are saying when you ask how is this person. The pain has changed my husband so much. He is cranky all the time and sometimes just sits and stares or sleeps a lot and I can't even touch him anymore. He is depressed and feels hopeless.
He refuses to take any narcotic drugs because he was on one back in June after he was hospitalized for encephalitis caused by the shingles which put him on life support for three weeks. He was on Gabapentin and fell asleep and it was a miracle he walked away from that accident.
I pray that God will take away your pain as well as my husbands.
It is a horrible thing to endure.
God Bless You